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Of Artisans and Artists: Pieces from Bellavista Collection as an Example of Beautility

Each talented craftsman is an artist in a way, not to mention designers. If you look at brilliantly designed and well-crafted things, you will surely agree that even a utilitarian item, such as a table or a lamp, can well look like a piece of art. It doesn’t make it less practical, though. The item remains something we use every day, but both looking at it and using it becomes a pleasure. That’s what beautility – a compound word made up out of words “beauty” and “utility” is all about.

Bellavista Collection knows everything about it. This brand, whose Italian luxury furniture pieces, lighting fixtures and elements of home décor are well-known all over the world, has been offering perfect examples of beautility for about a decade.

Every item from Bellavista Collection is a perfect mix of luxury and functionality – maybe, thanks to the art of design and thoroughness of craftsmanship harmoniously blended together.

When it comes to design, Bellavista’s customers can be sure that it will always be no less than perfect. Attilio Zanni, a brilliant all-round designer (and the company’s co-founder, by the way) creates everything from furniture and lamps to boiserie and a variety of decorative pieces.

Bellavista’s selection of craftsmen – cabinet makers, foundry workers and glassmakers – are also very special. Not only they know all the ins and outs of their profession, including numerous tricks of the trade. They enjoy what they are doing. That is why every piece they make becomes special, too.

Sculptures and Pictures

Design of every home, be it a tiny studio or a luxurious villa, needs decorative elements to feel complete. A piece of artwork – say, a lovely sculpture on a shelf or a picture on a wall – will serve as a finishing element of the design, making the room really cozy.

Bellavista Collection understands it well. Being mostly a renowned furniture maker, this brand is also widely known for its decorative items. You will find a great variety of them at the company’s website, in BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category of HOME DÉCOR product category.

Customers appreciate wooden panels that look well like pictures, gorgeous crystal glass lampshades, and, of course, metal sculptures of animals, which are kind of a Bellavista’s calling card.

If you browse Bellavista’s website, you will easily guess what animal is the brand’s favorite. It unquestionably is a hippopotamus.

You can see images of hippos on a number of Bellavista’s items. For example, some cast brass furniture details like handles bear an outline of a hippo on it. As for sculptural images of hippos, there are a few of them, either per se or as a decoration of some piece. For example, of IPPO tray, designed in 2019 and showcased at this year’s edition of Salone del Mobile.  This cast brass tray for candles features charming lifelike statuettes of hippos walking near a shallow pool and wallowing in the water.

After iSaloni ended, IPPO tray became available to all from the brand’s website (as it always happens with Bellavista’s showpieces after trade events) and quickly became very popular with customers. Now it’s a bestseller. So is RINO, a lovely cast brass statuette of a rhinoceros. Its twin brother IPPO – a statuette of a hippopotamus – has been the brand’s mascot for years. These two statuettes of the same size even used to share the same name in the company’s catalog – IPPO E RINO.

By the way, a hippo statuette made of cast brass with antique bronze finish even accompanies Attilio Zanni in his travels all over the world.

Hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses aren’t the only animals whose statuettes you can see at the brand’s site. What about horses and greyhounds? If you like these animals, browse the site for FURIA (that’s how the cast brass horse is named in the catalog) and GREYHOUND.

All statuettes come from Bellavista’s selected foundries, on its exclusive design, and so are all metal parts for Bellavista’s pieces, such as brass handles. Maybe, that’s why some of the handles resemble statuettes – like MAN 07, which is made in the form of a naked woman.

Also, two lightning fixtures designed by Attilio Zanni are decorated with lovely brass figurines, which make these lamps look like works of modern art.  4STAGIONI table lamp depicts four figures of sitting women; as for the figures from PEOPLE chandelier, they are impressive indeed. A young man sitting on the edge, two standing girls, an old man walking with his dog… In spite of being just a decoration of a ceiling lamp, these figures will always attract attention.

If you are looking for something nice to hang on a wall, have a look at panel pictures from Bellavista Collection. Have a weakness for flowers? You will love FLOWER wooden panel, made of moka stained wood, which depicts a couple of branches of a wild rose bush. Or take a glance at ROSE, which turned heads at this year’s iSaloni. ARTDECO, a hand-carved panel picture, also is likely to spark your interest.

If you prefer oil paintings, you are probably in search of a proper frame for them. Take a look at FRAME from Bellavista. Made of natural wood with chrome detail, this frame looks modest but extremely elegant.

Right now, Bellavista Collection sells these frames without pictures. But this might change soon: the brand is planning to start offering a selection of paintings created by Antonio Sgarbossa – a recognized Italian figurative painter with an easily recognizable style.

This talented artist has been known all over the world for a few decades already. His works are very special: the painter’s distinctive manner is somewhere between classic and modern. Thanks to his unmistakable sense of harmony, Antonio Sgarbossa creates paintings that impress at a glance and are extremely difficult to forget.

It should come as no surprise that Antonio Sgarbossa and Attilio Zanni are decades-long friends and soul mates. These people have so much in common: they both create really beautiful things.

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