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Luxury Italian Casegoods from Bellavista

Not Just for Keeping Stuff in: Luxury Italian Casegoods from Bellavista

No dwelling can do without such pieces of furniture as bookshelves, chests, cupboards, chests of drawers, cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, etc. These items are conventionally called casegoods. Generally speaking, casegoods, or case furniture, include the items that have sufficient interior space to store various belongings. Also, furniture traders sometimes call ‘casegoods’ all the furniture items that aren’t upholstered.

At Bellavista Collection website – the resource well-known for its Italian luxury furniture, including high-end wooden cabinetry – there is a section named ‘Casegoods,’which is divided into three sub-sections, namely: ‘bar and media units’, ‘bookcases’, and ‘credenzas’.

As for wardrobes, dressers and night stands, you can find these pieces in the same-named sub-sections of the ‘Night’ section, together with beds and a make up station.

Why Buy Italian Designer Casegoods from Bellavista Collection?

When you browse through the wide selection of luxury Italian furniture at this resource, you will notice at once that in spite of being really diverse, there are certain characteristics that all these items have in common. In short, they all are made of the highest quality materials by great craftsmen according to the designs created by an outstanding designer.

The Best Materials

The first common feature is that only high-quality materials are used when manufacturing all these pieces. If an item is called wooden, it is wooden indeed. No plywood or particleboard covered with veneer – only high-class solid wood. What is more, almost each wooden piece comes in a number of options. For example, look at the gorgeous-looking bar unit named BELLAVISTA. Its base, handles and details are made of antique bronze, and the inner back is decorated with a bevelled mirror mosaic. As for the wood, you can choose out of as many as twelve wood options!

Magnificent ebony, elegant American walnut, noble oak, fancifully-looking grey sukupira – these woods are among the favorites with the masters who create furniture for Bellavista. In addition, they make the best of these woods by applying staining and get dozens of differently-looking woods as a result.

For example, BELLAVISTA bar unit could be made of two kinds of ebony, three kinds of walnut, five kinds of oak, and two kinds of sukupira. All in all, whatever wood you choose, you can be sure that it will be of the top quality. All these woods are.

Non-wood materials, such as metals, glass, and marble, also are of the prime quality. If you look through the casegoods at the website, you will see that masters pretty often use materials other than wood when making casegoods for Bellavista. For example, the attractive rounded pattern of LUIS is made of antique bronze. The top inset of LYDIE is made of marble; customers can choose among three kinds of this lovely-looking stone. CHANEL is decorated with hammered antique bronze and its optional top inset can be made of four kinds of marble.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

The finest material isn’t enough to produce a superb item – to do this, you need proficient craftsmen as well. That’s exactly the case here: all the cabinet makers who create Italian luxury furniture for Bellavista are talented, highly skilled, and experienced. That is why this collection is so impressive.

Sophisticated Design

However, applying quality materials and employing remarkable craftsmen still isn’t enough to guarantee the excellent look of a furniture piece. There is one more thing that is indispensable indeed: the design. Only a talented designer can create remarkable designs, and Bellavista is a great example of a furniture collection created by one.

Most of the Bellavista Collection items were designed by Attilio Zanni, a well-known contemporary Italian designer. Although sometimes he co-operates with other award-winning professionals, Bellavista Collection is his brainchild for the most part. Being an excellent all-round designer, who is an artist rather than just a white-collar worker, signor Zanni always adds his own personal touch to everything he creates.

Just open, say, ‘credenzas’ section and compare such pieces as PHILIPPE, TOKYO, MONTMARTRE, ARBAT, MADIA, CHANEL, LONDON, and LYDIE. Their designs are dissimilar indeed but perfect balance of proportions suggests that each of these items was created by a really brilliant designer.

Creating an Ensemble of Designer Furniture

One more advantage of Bellavista is that it enables you to create ensembles of furniture by Attilio Zanni. Each of these pieces looks attractively on its own, but it also can become a part of a beautiful ensemble that will make your room special. Sometimes even the names of items suggest that they will go well together. For example, compare items called HIM and HER, or the I BOOK and I BAR. Just a glance on them is enough to make sure that they will be a good combination.

You can furnish your home from scratch using items from Bellavista Collection! It contains everything you need, from prime quality Italian luxury furniture items you can combine freely to create a good deal of ensembles, to such important things as light fixtures, wall paneling, mirrors, decorative elements for interior and so on. Here you can find everything you may need when furnishing your home – all in one place. No wonder: actually, Bellavista is meant to be such a resource.

Lasting for Ages, Always in Fashion

For many people, buying high-end furniture is an investment. Upscale items made of top quality materials will surely last much longer than mass-produced pieces. So, when you are buying a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bed or a sofa from Bellavista, you are getting furniture that will serve you for decades. What is more, these pieces are extremely likely to serve your children and even grandchildren – unlike mass produced ones, which will turn into a wreck in a decade at the most.

Besides, designer furniture from Bellavista will never go out of fashion, because good design and quality materials never do. These items won’t become attic furniture in course of time – they’ll become antique.

Nowadays lots of people invest into antique furniture. But why buy vintage or antique, if a newly made item from Bellavista will definitely turn into one as the years go by?