New Year, New Colors: Two Pantone Colors of the year 2021 Are Selected

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New Year, New Colors: Two Pantone Colors of the year 2021 Are Selected

Every year, usually in December, Pantone Color Institute names the Color of the Year for the year to come.

Lots of professionals who deal with visual communication, from interior and product designers to advertising gurus, have been looking forward to this occasion ever since 2000, i.e., for more than two decades. Pantone LLC, which is a part of Pantone LLC, developed PMS – Pantone Matching System, which is now a recognized proprietary color space. Although Pantone Color Institute actually is nothing more than a consulting agency, it has become an authoritative source of info on using various colors, tones, and shades. Pantone itself doesn’t set trends, but its comprehensive annual reports reflect existing and emerging tendencies as to the use of colors in a wide variety of industries, from construction to textile production.

Usually, only one color (shade) is declared the Pantone Color of the Year. For example, in 2020 it was Classic Blue (Pantone code 19-4052), and Pantone Color of 2019 was Living Coral (16-1546).

On December 9, 2020, Pantone Institute proclaimed that in 2021 there will be two colors of the year – for the second time since 2000, by the way. These colors are Ultimate Gray (Pantone code 17-5104) and a shade of yellow called Illuminating (13-0647).  

Pantone explains its choice by saying that these colors perfectly complement each other, so they illustrate an idea of unity, agreement and mutual support after the extremely difficult year 2020.

The Illuminating shade feels cheerful and vibrant, while the Ultimate Gray color leaves the impression of being stable and dependable. Their combination represents vigor, cheerfulness, and resilience which we all need after the last year’s challenges, particularly the notorious COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences that badly hit economies of almost any country in the world.

Bellavista Collection brand used these colors along with other shades earlier in 2020 – just look through the new 2020-2021 collection of its Italian luxury furniture. Actually, last year Bellavista Collection brand enriched its color palette with bright and vibrant colors for a reason: it’s clear that these days people are especially hungry for something joyous and optimistic.

If you take a look at the front doors of TREE cabinet or same-named bar unit from the Bellavista’s recent collection, you will surely be impressed by how masterfully natural wood is combined with colorful finishes called Nuances Bellavista Collection. These front doors look like a picture with an outline of a tree trunk (natural wood) against the background (matte lacquer or glossy lacquer Nuances finish). The number of color options available for the finish includes brown (TERRA), one shade of red (CORALLO), two shades of green (OLIVA and PRATO), a shade of blue (OCEANO), and two shades of grey (PEPLA and STONE).

The same finishes are used for the top of the CHAMPIGNON coffee table, which also belongs to the 2020-2021 collection. As the name of this table suggests, it looks pretty much like a mushroom: it has one thick leg and a round or oval top.

Much more color options are available for upholstery. To begin with, all upholstered pieces from Bellavista – armchairs, sofas, chairs, etc. – are available in both fabric and leather. For each of these materials there is a list of color options, which could be pretty long. For example, PYPER (also from the 2020-2021 collection) has thirty options of leather alone! This variety of colors includes golden yellow and a few shades of grey – pretty in line with Pantone’s predictions for 2021.

What is more, this furniture piece is special: PYPER could be an armchair or a loveseat. Both pieces are 69.5 cm (27.3 in.) high and 85 cm (33.5 in.) deep. In fact, they differ only in width – the armchair is 93 centimeters (36.6 inches) wide, and the loveseat is 163 cm (364.2 in.). Both are padded with variable-density polyurethane foam, which means that PYPER is very comfortable to sit on and won’t sag (fire-resistant foam is available as an option).

Laconic and well-thought-out design results in coziness and increasingly elegant looks; top-quality materials and impeccable workmanship ensure that this piece will serve for decades (the same could be said about any item Bellavista, though). That is why, any model of PYPER is a great pick either for a home or a public space – for example, for a luxurious office.

Whatever material and color you choose for the upholstery, it will perfectly harmonize with the base made of moka beechwood, as well as with metal details and feet, made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish.

If you feel like getting such a remarkable piece as PYPER in 2021 – what about picking yellow or grey upholstery? By the way, you can choose both if you wish. The brand is well-known not only for a wide variety of options to choose from, but also for its personalized pieces. Craftsmen from Bellavista Collection are always ready to walk an extra mile for their customers to meet their wishes and make the pieces truly unique. So, feel free to contact the company if you want a particular piece to be made-to-order.  For example, if you like, say, some table or a cabinet, but it turns out to be too large or too small for your room, you may want to have it custom-made. Also, if existing veneering options don’t perfectly suit your needs, you can ask for another one. The set of upholstery colors also is subject to change – it means that it would be reasonable to ask for more detailed info when ordering. What if there are more variants available than you saw on the website?  Also, if you want something special, you are always welcome to contact the company employees and ask a question.

All in all, yellow and grey colors are an excellent choice for furniture, especially this year. So, let’s hope for the best and feel the optimism, which the two colors of 2021 – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating – symbolize, according to Pantone Institute.

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