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Mirrors from Bellavista Collection

Mirrors from Bellavista Collection: Designed to Suit any Taste

Nowadays it’s pretty difficult to imagine a home without a mirror. Actually, a typical modern home usually has a few mirrors: a mirror in the hall, one more in the bathroom, probably yet another one in the bedroom. All they are extremely likely to differ in appearance, size and form, because a mirror is an essential element of any interior design.

In Bellavista Collection  mirrors are in home décor section, together with handles, picture frames and cast brass sculptures, i.e. things that add spice to an apartment décor, making any given room special. By the way, in this resource you will find a large selection of Italian luxury furniture as well.

But actually, a mirror is a bit more than just an ordinary décor element. On the one hand, a looking-glass is a utilitarian item we use pretty often, not just a decoration. But on the other hand, when furnishing a home, it’s very important to choose the mirror that will fit perfectly in the interior. Rooms differ, and so do the mirrors that will be the best fit for one or another room. At Bellavista you will find a wide choice of mirrors, from a small wall-mounted frameless looking-glass to a luxurious full-length one with an ornate frame.

A Focal Point of a Room

A mirror can even make a focal point of a room, i.e. be the first item which draws attention of every visitor. Everything depends on the general idea of how your room should look like, so lots of things can serve as a focal point. It could be a fireplace, a window with a gorgeous view of something really beautiful, or a special piece of furniture like a grand antique cupboard or a vanity cabinet with a mirror that might have seen your great-grandma’s young pretty face.

So, choosing the ideal mirror for your room is of no less importance than selecting the set of furniture for it. In Bellavista you will find lovely mirrors for any taste and budget. It is up for you to decide what one to pick.

All Styles, Shapes and Sizes

Need a relatively modest mirror, nice-looking but unpretentious one, which will look great but won’t strike the eye because there is some other attention-grabber nearby in the room? Consider a round one called MARTA, an oval-shaped VANITY, or VASCO, which could be either square or rectangular.  

MARTA is a round mirror 90 centimeters (35.4 inches) in diameter, with a narrow metal frame (antique bronze on cast brass) that will fit into virtually any interior.

VANITY is a mirror which has the form of an elongated ellipse. It is available in two sizes: 122 x 42 sm. (48 x 16.5 in.) and 181 x 63 sm. (71.3 x 24.8 in.). Also, you can choose among three options of the frame color – antique silver, antique bronze or antique brass. VANITY is a bevelled mirror, which means its edge is bevelled (inclined).

As for VASCO, this stylish mirror with smoked (grey) bevelled border is available in two shapes – square and rectangular – and three sizes. Square mirrors are 50 x 50 sm. (19.7 in.) and 100 x 100 sm. (39.4 in.), and the dimensions of the rectangular one are 200 x 80 sm. (78.7 x 31.5 in.) Its elegant frame is made of dark stained walnut wood. VASCO mirror will definitely add touch of elegance to your room.

Or maybe you need something really chic and eye-striking? What about BOHEME, with its startling frame cover of rich black cherry color? Other frame options include gorgeous-looking ebony and grey sukupira wood – hardwood also known as Brazilian wild walnut. This large mirror – 240 x 120 sm. or 94.5 x 47.2 in. – will by all means draw stares.

Or… do you enjoy handcrafted carving? Then you’ll probably like SETTECENTO – a full-length mirror with the frame made of hand carved solid wood. It’s a rather large mirror –235 x 140 sm. (92.5 x 55.1 in.), with as many as five different frames for you to choose and cast brass feet of antique bronze color. The frame is made of oak, natural or stained, with colors varying from champagne to very dark brown.

One more fashionable mirror with an attractive wooden frame is JASMINE. You can choose between magnificent ebony, well-graced grey sukupira, and three shades of walnut, natural and stained.

If you are looking for something extraordinary to add a touch of luxury and glamour to your interior, PASCAL will be a great choice. Just look at its frame with studs – isn’t it an attention-grabber? Sophisticated and stylishly luxurious, this mirror comes in three frame options, so you can choose among a square 120 x 120 sm. (47.2 in.) as well as two rectangular ones: 200 x 115 sm. (78.7 x 45.3) and 295 x 140 sm. (116.14 x 55.1 in.). Also, this bevelled mirror can be either clear or fumé.

But mirror can be used not only for looking at yourself. Pieces of mirror glass make remarkable decorative elements!  A gifted designer can create a masterpiece out of them. For example, take a look at RIFLESSI – a decorative antique bronze frame with clear and smoked mirror insets. The structure is rather big – 110 x 250 sm. (43.3 x 98.4 in.) – and really eye-catching. This impressive item will adorn your room, making it look extraordinary indeed.

Whatever mirror you pick, you can be sure of their top quality: all the items from Bellavista Collection are hand-made. However, it doesn’t mean that they are made in the same way as similar items used to be crafted centuries ago.  Of course, no. The workshop is equipped with modern machines, which ease the master of the most toilsome work.  Craftsmen manage to have it both ways by successfully combining handicraft with use of the newest machines.

And, obviously, much depends on the design itself. Designs of all these beautiful items were created by Attilio Zanni, a well-known talented Italian designer. It is a combination of a beautiful design, the craftsmen’s skill and modern technologies that result in magnificent items everybody will be happy to have at home.

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