Magic Curves of Bellavista Collection’s Furniture

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Magic Curves of Bellavista Collection’s Furniture

Designers, and furniture designers, in particular, love curved lines. Attilio Zanni, who has created most of the Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection, makes the most of them, too.

If you browse through the PRODUCTS section of the brand’s website, which actually serves as an online catalog, you’ll see lots of lovely curves.

Round or oval tables and mirrors. Rounded shapes and curved lines of various lighting fixtures, from chandeliers to table lamps. Headboards of sofas and beds, made of bent wood or plywood. Rounded details of chairs and armchairs… Don’t their shapes look pretty?

Well, trends in interior and furniture design are ever-changing: they come and go, but some of them return over and over again. Curved furniture enjoyed the peak of its popularity back in the 60s and 70s, but in a few decades, the trend seems to come back.

However, comfy enveloping armchairs, plump ottomans, and sofas with lovely curved backs never come out of fashion altogether. No wonder: people perceive such furniture as more relaxing, welcoming, and comfortable. That’s what most of us expect from our homes.

What is more, for the last couple of years a good share of people started working from home, due to the notorious pandemic. Although the situation seems to be better now, many business owners and employees got used to the new format of living, merged with work. It means there will be lots of home offices in the future. Creating a home, which will be suitable for both life and work, becomes crucial.

Curved Lines in Bellavista’s Booth at the Latest Salone del Mobile

In June 2022, the long-awaited full edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile finally took place in Milan. The group of items Bellavista showcased there was devoted to celebrating the Beauty of Nature. As you know, Nature often prefers curves to straight lines and angles, so many of the showpieces could boast attractive rounded shapes.

Taking a look at some of them, let’s start with OLIVER dining table with BERTA dining chair.

Both pieces were designed separately in 2020-2021, but they make a perfect match, looking together as if they were planned to be a set. They virtually seem to be made for each other! So, OLIVER table with a few BERTA chairs formed the center of the dining room zone of the brand’s exhibitor booth.

OLIVER is a round table with an optional Lazy Susan – a device, that will come in handy if you love throwing parties. OLIVER’s large tabletop is pretty suitable for parties: it’s 185 centimeters (72.8 inches) in diameter, and the diameter of the Lazy Susan is 105 centimeters (41.3 inches).

The table is made of natural solid wood, with as many as ten veneering options available. It’s no surprise: Bellavista Collection has always strived to give its customers plenty of choices. OLIVER’s tabletop rests on one thick leg, which is also really special. It’s made of three materials: wood (any of the ten species), metal (brass with an antique bronze finish), and gorgeous-looking Botticino marble.

What is also special about this table is a custom-made cast brass detail, placed in the center of the tabletop. It resembles a flower with four curved petals and looks beautiful indeed, serving both as a decoration and for attaching the Lazy Susan.

Now let’s move on to BERTA, the dining chair that turned out to be a perfect match for OLIVER.

Its enveloping shape, with a rounded back and sloping armrests, makes you feel like sitting down. Such chairs are usually known as a ‘shell chair’ – maybe, because their overall shape looks somehow like a sea shell.

STARGATE ceiling lamp concluded the overall design of the dining area. The lampshade of this remarkable lamp consists of four rings. Two of them are wooden, and the other two, like the lamp’s structure, are made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish – Bellavista’s favorite material when it comes to metals.

Compose Sets for Your Rooms in Bellavista Style

As you remember, since 2012, Bellavista Collection’s exhibitor booth at iSaloni resembles a luxuriously furnished apartment. Each year, the brand showcases complete interiors rather than separate pieces, showing not only how splendidly these items look, but also how they combine with one another. So, why not compose such a set for your own home?

What about a living room in Bellavista style, furnished with items with lovely curved lines and shapes?

ZIA MARIA sofa will surely become the key piece in such a room. The elegant rounded back and armrests make it look somehow feminine and even coquettish. By the way, ‘Zia’ means ‘auntie’ in Italian.

As to coffee tables, you have plenty of choices. If you want something special, you can opt for BATISTA. This round coffee table is made entirely of metal, with a few finishes to choose from. Or would you prefer FRANCIS, a round or oval coffee table with a metal structure with thirteen grand-looking options for its tabletop?

No living room can do without armchairs. Take a look at the charming MINNIE, with a curved back with funny ‘ears’ on it. If you love classic style, you’ll definitely like GRACE, with its elegant lines. And, if you are looking for something rather compact yet comfortable, MIRO armchair will be an excellent choice.

Of course, no room will feel complete without lamps. ISABELLA floor lamp is well worth your attention. Its beautiful lampshade, placed on the end of the arched top of its metal structure, resembles a wilted flower. The nicely curved structure of DALIA table lamp also looks like a peculiar plant, flower petals, or even mangrove roots.

In fact, on Bellavista’s website, you can find everything you need to furnish any room. For example, VENICE and NISHA with bent headboards can become a part of the coziest bedroom you’ve ever had. Whatever you need, you are welcome to browse through the PRODUCTS section of the brand’s website. Even if you have just a vague idea of what you want, you’ll certainly find something to your liking there.