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How to Make Customers Happy: Bellavista Collection’s Special Recipe

Successful businesses are sometimes believed to have some secret recipe for success. Bellavista Collection, a renowned Italian brand, which has been successfully selling Italian luxury furniture for eight years already, does have one. But Bellavista’s recipe is far from being top secret. Here it is:

“Take a cherry-picked selection of Italian luxury furniture. Add very special relationship with customers. Mix well and serve daily. “

The recipe is simple but it works. But what does the mysterious ingredient called ‘very special relationship with customers’ consist of?  Bellavista collection’s team makes no secret of it, too. Here is a short list of the components that make up the very special attitude towards customers, which they appreciate greatly. As a result, customers tend to return and recommend the company to other people so actively that Bellavista Collection doesn’t need such thing as advertising campaigns. Well, let’s take a look at what’s on the list.

  1. Helpfulness: Every Customer Gets an Own Helping Hand

Probably everybody has had an experience like this one.  You contact some company, and a friendly staff member talks to you. All is fine and dandy, but your issue happens to take more than one day to fix. You contact the company the next time… only to find out that you are talking to another person who knows nothing about your problem. Nobody remembers who talked to you before. You have to explain everything from the very beginning.  Do you remember how irritating it is?

At Bellavista Collection such a situation is impossible.  You will have your own sales representative who will be dealing with you from the beginning to the end. This person will answer your questions, provide all necessary info, deal with craftsmen, inform you about the process of production, take care of delivery, et cetera, et cetera.

And it will be one and the same person. Always. You will know each other by name and he or she will remember your needs, wishes, preferences, and all your previous orders. For you, communicating with Bellavista’s manager will be like talking to an old friend who has known you for ages.

  1. Empathy: Your Project is Our Project

Imagine you are working on an interior design project.  In most of other firms, a customer studies what’s on offer, then selects and buys the items that fit in the project. That’s all.

You love some particular bed, an armchair, or a sideboard but it’s too big for your room? It’s a pity. Want the same one but a bit smaller? Alas, in most cases only standard options are available. If the size or the material it is made of doesn’t suit you, you will just have to search for something else. Too bad, but that’s that.

At Bellavista you will never hear anything like this. Not only will we customize every item you choose if necessary, but also will offer you everything you may need for your project. Lighting fixtures and mirrors, floors and wall panelling, decorative fittings, fixed furniture, and much more – in other words, whatever you may need for your interior design project. We care for your project as if we were furnishing our own homes.

But it doesn’t mean that our tastes and preferences matter here. Not a bit. It’s your project – and your future home. We can tell you about the available options, we can recommend something, but you have the final say.

Empathetic Bellavista’s managers will walk in your shoes. What is more, they are always ready to walk an extra mile if necessary.


  1. Attentiveness: You Name it, We Have Got it – or Will Make it for You

Many companies enlist what they offer in their catalogues, and that’s all.  What their customers can do is either select and buy something or go somewhere else. If a customer is in doubt, he or she is left alone.

Unlike our competitors, in Bellavista staff welcomes customers who are in doubt – and even those who don’t know exactly what they want. They love helping people to make up their minds. They love turning customers’ vague ideas into special interiors, eye-pleasing and incredibly comfortable to live in.

To reach such a goal, Bellavista’s professionals do their best. First, most of furniture items at Bellavista are initially available in a number of options. Many of the tables, armchairs, sideboards, sofas, and beds have two or more variants that differ in size. So, for example, if your living-room is rather small, you can still have a grand-looking sofa in it. Or pick a dining table according to the size of your dining-room or dining area, if you live in an open-floor plan apartment.

The choice of materials is much bigger. Some of the wooden models allow for a dozen of wood options, and even more. These options vary greatly in colors and looks – from elegant natural oak and walnut to glamorous ebony and rosewood, not to mention a wide range of stained woods. Also, there are lots of additional details which you can have if you wish – for example, your table can be made with or without a marble inset. If you choose to have one, you will be given additional options as to the kind of marble you like best.

But that is not all. Here at Bellavista customer can request finishes or materials, which aren’t on the list. Want a particular kind of wood? Want a glossy finish on top of it? No problem. Want differently shaped handles for your cabinet? Here you are. Want that pretty cast brass figurine as it is, without any finish? You will have it. Because Bellavista Collection wants you to be satisfied and will do its best to ensure you are.

It all seems pretty simple and straightforward, but it works. This approach has been making customers happy ever since Bellavista Collection came to existence, and it’s going to remain the same forever. There are no other secrets. Really.

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