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Grand-Looking Pictures from Bellavista Collection to Hang on a Wall in Your Perfect Home

Whatever the current trends in interior design may be, a good old-fashioned painting or a panel picture on a wall is always in vogue. So, Bellavista Collection – a brand specializing mostly in producing Italian luxury furniture, offers a cherry-picked selection of panel pictures for its customers to make their homes truly unique.

Each time Bellavista Collection participates in prestigious trade events, such as Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and Maison et Objet in Paris, it displays a number of such pictures.

If you wonder what was hung on the wall in Bellavista’s exhibitor booth this year, just choose Products in the main menu of the company’s website and open WHAT’S NEW product category, you will see it. It’s ROSE – a gorgeous-looking panel picture designed in 2014 and this year reinterpreted with a new wood finish. Structure of this decorative wall panel depicting a rose flower is made of natural solid wood, veneered with either moka stained walnut or carbone larch, that is the new finish 2019. Its rear support is made of plexiglas, and the central detail is in brass with an antique bronze finish.

You can purchase this lovely panel picture from the website at any time, with or without a metal frame with chrome finish. ROSE is of optimal size to suit any interior: 160 x 120 centimeters (63 x 47.2 inches) and 4 cm. (1.6 in.) thick.

One more panel picture, FLOWER, depicts two branches of a wild rose with leaves, buds, and flowers. This panel is about the same size as ROZE: 172 cm (67.7 in.) high, 102 cm (40.2 in.) wide and 4,7 cm (1.9 in.) thick. It’s also wooden (solid wood veneered in moka-stained walnut) with the rear panel in plexiglas.

If dark wood doesn’t fit into the concept of your interior design, take a look at the hand-carved wooden panel named ARTDECO. You will surely love its white matte lacquered surface, which perfectly harmonizes with dark wood frame (moka stained oak) and the insert made of brass with an antique bronze finish. As for dimensions, ARTDECO is 171.5 (67.5 in.) high, 116 cm (45.7 in) wide, and 6.6 (2.6) thick.

If you a fan of traditional-looking and somewhat old-fashioned design, you probably will hang an oil painting in at least one room, and you will be really choosy when picking the artwork. Excellent painting needs an excellent frame, doesn’t it? Bellavista Collection offers such a frame. Called simply FRAME in the company’s product catalog, it’s made of solid wood with metal detail. This picture frame available in three wood options: natural American walnut, moka stained and dark stained American walnut. It will be a great choice for you if you love large paintings because this frame is rather large: 149 x 180 cm (55.1 x 70.9 in.). Currently, this picture frame comes without the image, but Bellavista Collection is planning to fill this gap pretty soon and, as an alternative, you can fill it with a mirror (optional).

Yes, you guessed right – the brand is going to offer paintings as well. Their author, Antonio Sgarbossa, is a prominent contemporary Italian figurative painter, whose easily recognizable style is well-known to art lovers all over the world for decades.

Antonio Sgarbossa and Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s co-founder and brilliant all-round designer, have been good friends for many years. They do so much in common that could well be called soul mates. The famous painter always visits his old friend during Saline Internazionale del Mobile; sometimes visitors can see paintings by Antonio Sgarbossa on the wall in Bellavista’s booth. By the way, two years ago – during iSaloni 2017 – Antonio Sgarbossa painted a picture right in the exhibitor booth, sitting on one of Bellavista Collection’s exhibits – NONNALISA sofa, upholstered in green velvet.

Who is Antonio Sgarbossa, whose brilliant paintings are widely known in Italy and abroad? Currently, he is a recognized painter who is working in the figurative style, but his posters, graphics and ceramic art pieces are also worth mentioning.

Antonio Sgarbossa was born in July 1945 in Fontana Viva, Italy, and showed great skill as an artist pretty early. As a young man, he was fond of ceramics and even had his own ceramic art studio in the mid-1970s.

In 1970s, First Antonio Sgarbossa first stamped himself as an artist; at that time, he lived in Nouchatel, Switzerland. Together with a few other artists he opened an art studio and called it La Soffitta (“an Attic”).

In 1978 Antonio Sgarbossa returned to Italy and displayed a number of paintings at the Galleria del Fiore. The exhibition was a success, and so were a lot of others. After years of ups and downs, Antonio Sgarbossa managed to find his distinctive style, which now is well-known to people with a fine taste in contemporary art.

His paintings depicting present-day people are drawn extremely elaborately. The painter doesn’t just portray people – he succeeds in conveying the personal character of every model. Just look at his famous series of ballet dancers’ portraits! Well, it goes without saying that Antonio Sgarbossa masterfully reveals the beauty of the human body – but that isn’t all. Each of these ballet dancers has his or her own character, and you will clearly see it at a glance.

Antonio Sgarbossa is especially good at depicting human faces and figures; also, he is a great colorist, accurately capturing the play of light and shadow. His paintings never leave anybody indifferent, so expressive and insightful they are.

So, there is no wonder that Antonio Sgarbossa’s paintings, as well as posters and prints, based on them, are very popular with people from all walks of life.

A painting by Antonio Sgarbossa, except being aesthetically pleasing, will complement the interior of your room, making it look complete and feel really enjoyable. Thanks to the artist’s outstanding talent (and Bellavista Collection’s initiative), you will soon have an opportunity to hang one of these masterpieces on a wall in your room.


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