Furnish Your Home in Bellavista Style With Boiserie As the Finishing Touch

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Furnish Your Home in Bellavista Style With Boiserie As the Finishing Touch

The overall appearance of our home in no small way depends on how the walls look. Tastes differ here: some choose painted walls, some opt for wallpaper, and some prefer wainscoting. Each option has its pluses. For example, well-picked wall paneling will harmonize with the floors, doors, and furniture, easily turning separate items into a grand-looking ensemble. Once a luxury only the wealthy could afford, wainscoting still adds luxury to any room décor.

Also, it helps solve a number of purely technical problems with minimum effort. The most apparent one is that wainscoting can hide flaws in the walls such as plaster cracks or imperfect surfaces. Various utility lines like electric wires and telecommunication indoor cables could also be hidden nicely under the wainscoting.

Besides, installing small lighting fixtures on different height in such a room is much easier, because there is no need for drilling walls.

For people who live in colder climates, it may matter that wainscoting also provides an additional layer against the cold, increasing effectiveness of wall insulation.

Generally, wainscoting looks really chic – but only if it’s well-designed and carefully made of quality materials. That’s just the type of wainscoting you will find at Bellavista Collection – a well-known company that produces Italian luxury furniture, along with plenty of other items related to interior design.

A section in the company’s website is devoted to boiserie, which will help you furnish your home in true Bellavista style.

Wall Paneling from Bellavista Collection

Bellavista style is all about quality natural materials, brilliant design, and picture-perfect craftsmanship. If you like rich look and warmth of wood, soft feel of quality fabric, combined with. the natural beauty of metal, you’ll love boiserie from Bellavista Collection.

Wall panels from this brand are cleverly designed, so they are very easy to assemble; also, when installed, they always allow proper access to the masonry.

What is more, the company’s specialists will adjust the design of any paneling you select according to your needs. Such factors as dimensions of your room are very important, so, when ordering, you will be asked to provide exact wall sizes width (side to side) and height (floor to ceiling). Shortly after ordering, you will receive the final drawing from Bellavista’s technical department for you to make sure your boiserie really fits into your room. A wide range of customizable adjustments ensures the best result. The manufacturer will start only after your approval.

Let’s take a look at the boiserie you can find at the company’s website.

Design of square fabric-covered panels named BAROCCO combines classic elegance with a contemporary look. This wainscoting is fully padded in fabric. You have an opportunity to provide the material (either fabric or leather) yourself, so that you can pick the padding to your liking. Alternatively, Bellavista can provide fabric of the following categories: A, B, C, Lusso and Extra Lusso.

As for the dimensions, the maximum width of a standard BAROCCO square panel is 100 cm, or 39,4 inches (although it can be customized upon request). In addition to square panels, skirting and crown molding are available, as well as an optional mirror insert. When ordering BAROCCO, please don’t forget to specify whether the panels’ sides will be visible or against the wall – it will ensure that your boiserie will look the best. Skirting of BAROCCO is 15 cm (5.9 in.) wide; as for crown molding, its width is 21.5 cm, or 8.5 inches. The prices for panels and the mirror insert are stated per square meter; for skirting and crown molding – per linear meter.

Circles pattern in BRIGITTA boiserie looks really stylish, combining wood (moka stained oak) with fabric or leather, which the elements are padded in. Fabric offered by Bellavista could be either of the following categories: A, B, C, Lusso and Extra Lusso. Also, padding in leather is available (category P1).

The combination of fabric and metal (brass with antique bronze finish – this material is among Bellavista’s favorites) picked for ERACLE boiserie looks very attractive. And so is the pattern that bears a certain resemblance to Oriental. Customers can either provide padding material or choose among fabric of the following categories: A, B, C, Lusso and Extra Lusso.

Elegant panels of FENICE are square, but could be rectangular as well, since their dimensions can be customized upon request to some extent. The panels are padded in fabric or leather, with the grid-like structure of dark-colored moka stained oak in between. The covering could be made either of leather (cat. P1 or P3) of fabric (cat. A, B, C, Lusso and Extra Lusso).

Irresistible appeal of grey sukupira wood makes ST. REGIS wood paneling look luxurious indeed. The width of panels is up to 100 cm (different sizes are available upon request). If you wish, you can have the skirting and crown molding for this boiserie. The skirting is 18 cm. wide (7.5 inches), and the crown molding is 28 cm (11 in.).

Exhibitor Booth as a Perfect Place to Show New Models

Being a renowned brand implies regular participation in major trade events. That’s why, Bellavista Collection never misses editions of Salone del Mobile in Milan and Maison et Objet in Paris – ever since 2010, when the brand itself came into existence. Actually, the brand of Bellavista Collection was first presented to the public at 2010 edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile – the biggest, the oldest, and the most prestigious trade exhibition for furniture makers.

Bellavista’s exhibitor booths at such events are usually designed to resemble an exquisitely furnished home. Each time the company’s exhibition display includes virtually hundreds of exhibits, including boiserie – both new models and time-proven ones.

If you look through the photos taken at the latest trade events and pay attention to the walls of the exhibition stands, you will easily recognize patterns of FENICE or BRIGITTA, or sleek look of wooden ST. REGIS. Beautifully designed and made of top-quality materials, these boiserie are now very popular with people who have taste for exquisite things.