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Create a Luxurious Bathroom in Bellavista Style

Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection has long been popular with the people who appreciate quality, beauty and strive for perfection. These people have a quite understandable desire to make the interiors of their homes equally pleasant to look at and live in.

Everything should be ideal in such a home. When it comes to comfort, there is no room for compromise.

So, the bathroom is just as important as the living room, kitchen or bedroom – we all spend some time there every day.

Needless to say, all furniture in all rooms should be of the best quality and preferably form a single ensemble. In view of this, furniture from Bellavista Collection will be an excellent choice: pieces from this brand are well-known for their sophisticated design, which allows combining them freely.

Choosing the right furniture for the bathroom is no trifle. Of course, much depends on the size of the room itself. A good bathroom should have enough room for plenty of stuff: all those creams, soaps, shampoos, towels, and many other things should be stored somewhere. It means that you’ll need at least one cabinet. Also, a mirror is a must-have; preferably with a console table. A sconce or two on the wall will provide lighting…

You can well spare the effort of thinking of how your bathroom will look like and find fresh ideas on Bellavista Collection’s website – in the section devoted to its completed projects.

Named CASA BELLAVISTA Projects (by the way, ‘casa’ stands for ‘a house’ in Italian), it contains numerous images of beautiful interiors. How fashionable and gorgeous they are!

Well, it couldn’t have been otherwise: all these impressive designs were created in Bellavista’s studio headed by Attilio Zanni – the brilliant all-round designer. He is not only the author of most of the pieces you can see on the website, but also the co-founder of the brand.

Take a look at the latest project – ‘Villa in Franciacorta’. It’s a grand-looking villa with a patio and an indoor swimming pool.  Let’s look through the pictures in search of ideas for a luxurious bathroom. To begin with, you’ll need a cabinet to store your clothes as well as various bathroom stuff, a mirror to look into, a console table for the things you constantly need, and a couple of sconces to light your bathroom.

Bellavista Collection offers a number of cabinets that will great anywhere, including your bathroom. What about elegant CHANEL with a beautiful inlaid pattern on the doors or the stylish TREE from the latest collection? Or will you prefer ALEXANDER, available in as many as eight woods, three of them with a glossy finish as an option?

It’s a long-standing tradition in Bellavista to offer multiple options for its products, so that customers can compose interiors fitting their needs to the tee.  ALEXANDER is no exception. Glorious exotic woods such as rosewood, ebony, grey sukupira, and dark Tanganyika frisè; elegant-looking dark carbone larch; natural, moka stained, or dark stained American walnut – it’s so difficult to choose just one of them!

As to dimensions, ALEXANDER is of optimal size: it’s 150 cm. wide, 52 cm. deep, and 200 cm high (59.1, 20.5, and 78.7 inches respectively).

By the way, ALEXANDER remains a bestseller ever since 2019 – the year was it designed and first showcased in two variants at Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

One more thing you definitely can’t do without in a bathroom is a looking-glass. Mirrors from Bellavista come in a wide variety: wall-mounted and floor-standing, varying in size from relatively small to large, with their frames made of metal, or wood, or both.

And, certainly, these mirrors vary in shape. Just look at square AIDA and VASCO, round MARTA, rectangular MARRIOTT, oval VANITY… Well, what about hanging VANITY in your bathroom? This wall-mounted beveled mirror with a thin metal frame will be a great choice for it.

You are welcome to choose between two size options:  122 centimeters (48 inches) high and 42 centimeters (16.5 in.) wide or 183 centimeters (71.3) high and 63 centimeters (24.8 in.) wide. The frame is available in three attractive finishes: ‘antique brass’, ‘antique bronze’, and ‘antique silver’.

A console under the mirror table also will come in extremely handy in a bathroom. Bellavista Collection offers a wide range of beautiful console tables. For example, take a look at ELIZABETH. This elegant console table, created in 2010, has been among bestsellers for more than a decade!

ELIZABETH’s base is made of hammered cast brass with antique bronze finish, refined by hand. As to the tabletop, it is crafted of solid Italian poplar, which in its turn can be veneered with a variety of wood species or padded in quality belting leather, decorated with matching stitches.

The woods include natural sycamore, dark eucalyptus frisè, grey sukupira, and ebony. For the two latter ones, an optional glossy finish is available. As to the colors of the leather, you have plenty to choose from: ‘Sand’ (beige), ‘Testa di Moro’ (black), ‘Rosso’ (red), Caramello’, ‘Caffè’ (shades of brown).

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose between two sizes of ELIZABETH. The two options differ only in width: one is 140 cm (55.1 inches) wide, and the other is and 180 cm (70.9 inches). Both tables are 84 cm (33.1) inches high and 40 cm (15.7) inches deep.

And, last but not least, every room should be properly lit. Although you can well opt for overhead lighting, many people prefer sconces as an optimal solution for a bathroom. For example, look at IGNIS, which somehow resembles an old-fashioned lantern. The antique bronze finish (on cast brass) of its structure harmonizes with a sandblasted glass of the diffuser. Initially designed in 2017, IGNIS currently is available in two sizes: the second size option was added in 2021. This lovely sconce will add zest to the room, making it feel cozy.

All in all, on the brand’s website you will find everything you need to furnish any of your rooms in Bellavista style, using CASA BELLAVISTA Projects section as a source of inspiration.


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