More Outdoor and Swimming Pool Designs from Bellavista Collection to Be Released Soon

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More Outdoor and Swimming Pool Designs from Bellavista Collection to Be Released Soon

If you are a long-standing customer of Bellavista Collection – the brand, widely recognized for its prime quality Italian luxury furniture – you probably remember who Attilio Zanni is. He is the co-founder of the company and the brilliant all-round designer, whose talent in just a decade has turned Bellavista Collection into a renowned brand with an inimitable style. Attilio Zanni has created most of the brand’s pieces, from furniture to lamps, mirrors, and boiserie. But that isn’t all.

He is the head of the brand’s design department where beautiful interiors are created from A to Z. Just open the section of Bellavista Collection’s website named CASA BELLAVISTA Projects – and you’ll see their images. Some of these projects have been translated into reality, some still remain in a digital form. What they all have in common is the superb combination of stylishness and practicability: every room is equally pleasant to look at and live in.

The word ‘casa’ stands for ‘a house’, so each project is dream of a house (a bungalow, a mansion, a vacation home), an apartment, a restaurant or a hotel. All the interior designs from Bellavista Collection are truly impressive.  They are diverse but equally chic and beautiful; so, they may well serve as a source of fresh ideas when you are furnishing your own home.

One of the recent projects – ‘Villa in Franciacorta’ – turned out to be really special. Designing this remarkable villa included working out solutions not only for luxurious rooms, but also for a grand-looking indoor swimming pool and a patio.

Let’s open CASA BELLAVISTA Projects and take a closer look at the villa’s images.

The chic ante-room is pretty spacious. It has enough room not only for a couple of ELIZABETH console tables with DALIA table lamps on them, but also for a full-sized sofa (ZIA MARIA) and a table (OLIVER).

The stylish bespoke doors and boiserie turn attention instantly. So do the two chandeliers, which also were designed specifically for this villa.

Pieces of artwork on a marble pedestal (ARTE 1) and a cast brass statuette of a hippo on the console table beautify the space. Bellavista’s loyal customers remember that the hippopotamus is the brand’s mascot.

A mirror and a picture in a luxurious frame (named FRAME in the brand’s online catalog) enliven the walls. By the way, there are two more paintings by the same author in the living-room of the villa as well. All three were painted by Antonio Sgarbossa, a prominent contemporary Italian artist – and a good friend of Attilio Zanni. During previous editions of Salone Internazionale del Mobile, paintings by Antonio Sgarbossa could be seen on the walls at Bellavista’s exhibitor booth.

The living room, the dining area, and the kitchen island of the villa are furnished sophisticatedly, but with the residents’ comfort in mind. BERTA dining chairs from the 2020-2021 collection are equally grand-looking and cozy. They perfectly harmonize with THOMAS dining table and other furniture of the dining area. So do two sideboards named TREE with two MARISA table lamps on their tops.

As a finishing touch, IPPO TRAY is placed onto the dining table. This lovely cast brass tray for candles looks more like a sculpture than a tray. It depicts a group of hippos wallowing in a shallow pond and walking ashore.

The living room of the villa looks like the epitome of beauty and coziness. Two CARLOTTA sofas upholstered in light pink fabric and a large coffee table in the center evoke the feeling of comfort and tranquility. The table is constructed out of four ALCOBAS tables with marble and glass tops. The latter have impressive lower shelves with cast brass decorations depicting tree branches. ADALPINA and CAROL floor lamps in the corners and the elegant AMELIE table lamp standing on the tabletop of FILIBERTO round coffee table, add to the overall atmosphere of peacefulness.

One more AMELIE lamp you can see in the family room, which is also super-cozy.  Two sofas and OSCAR coffee table form a great zone for relaxation. The corner sofa, designed specially for this room, with deep blue upholstery, looks so welcoming that you can’t help wanting to sit down on it. A couple of statuettes of horses (FURIA), framed photos and a vase with flowers on the console table create an air of what Germans call “Gemütlichkeit” – a very special sense of warmth, friendliness, and hospitality.

The master bedroom looks magnificent indeed, with a king-size bed, two custom-made dormeuses and chandeliers, designed exclusively for this room.

But when you look at the inside swimming pool, you will agree that it is the most luxurious part of the villa. The sizeable pool is surrounded by grand-looking and comfy armchairs to have a rest after swimming. The armchairs are grouped in pairs, with a CHAMPIGNON coffee table between each of them. Two bespoke beds, separated by a coffee table, are waiting for those who got really tired. IGNIS sconces on the walls, along with being the source of light, serve as a decoration – so great they look.

From the swimming pool you can get directly to a patio. You will probably recognize PIGALLE bookcase and SYRUS candle holders on the photos – they’ve long been among Bellavista’s bestsellers. Almost all other pieces you can see only on that web page: they are a part of the Bellavista’s brand-new collection of outdoor solutions, which hasn’t been released yet.

In some time, the brand’s design department headed by Attilio Zanni is going to present this collection to the public. Most likely, it will happen in early autumn, after the summer break, which Bellavista Collection traditionally has in August. This year it lasts from August 7 till 22.

It means that on August 23d, 2021, the company will resume operation. Workshops will start working again, the design department will continue creating remarkable pieces and interior designs. Some of them will by all means replenish the collection of the newly designed beautiful ensembles for outdoor spaces and swimming pools from Bellavista brand.

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