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Celebrating the Splendor of Nature: DALIA Lamp from Bellavista

Although Bellavista Collection specializes in producing Italian luxury furniture, lighting fixtures from this brand always stand out. If you open the company’s website and browse through the product category named LIGHTING, you’ll see how increasingly diverse Bellavista’s lamps are – and each is beautiful.

Chandeliers, table lamps, sconces, floor lamps, and candle holders – each of these sub-categories contains a variety of gorgeous designer pieces. It’s hard to believe that all they were created by one person, but it’s true.

Attilio Zanni, a brilliant all-round designer and Bellavista Collection’s co-founder, designed all these lighting fixtures. In fact, he is the author of almost every piece in the Bellavista Collection. Along with a great assortment of furniture, on the brand’s site, you’ll find boiserie, mirrors, decorative items to add spice to your home interior. And lamps, of course.

It is not surprising that furniture manufacturing brand creates lighting fixtures. It’s quite logical. Lamps are two-in-one: they light the room and serve as an important element of interior design (no less important than, say, furniture). Lighting fixtures help us make our rooms more pleasant to live in.

Tastes differ, and so are our homes. That’s why lamps from Bellavista Collection are so remarkably assorted. Whatever style you prefer, you will find a piece from Bellavista to your liking.

Let’s take a look at a new article from the 2020 collection. It’s a table lamp named DALIA. Design of this remarkable piece exemplifies the general idea of this year’s collection: celebrating the beauty of Nature.

In fact, for Attilio Zanni, Nature has always served as an endless source of inspiration – it takes just a glance at Bellavista’s products to make sure about it. But in 2020 collection, this idea is expressed noticeably as never before.

DALIA’s cast bronze structure looks pretty much like petals of a bizarre flower; it may also remind of aerial roots of some tropical plants like banyan tree or mangroves. Such a shape is pretty unusual for a lamp, but it looks amazing. You can be sure DALIA will grab everybody’s attention at once.

What is more, cast bronze of the structure could be covered with two grand-looking finishes for you to choose from.  The first one – antique bronze finish – has long been a Bellavista’s favorite, and for a good reason. This finish is universal and looks chic on the majority of Bellavista’s items with metal parts.

The second finish, black patina, darkens the surface of metal, giving it an irresistibly elegant look. What is special about this finish is that it is applied by hand, so that the color will slightly vary – a telling sign that the piece has been hand-crafted.   

Being middle-sized, DALIA table lamp will blend into any room interior – it’s 53.5 centimeters (21.1inches) high. The lampshade is 30 cm. (11.8 in.) in diameter; it’s made of white linen, which perfectly goes with a white glass of the diffuser.

Bellavista Collection has long been selling its items to numerous countries all over the world, so for lighting fixtures there are two voltage options available. The first one (220V/50 HZ) is suitable for European customers, and the other one (110V/60 HZ) is intended for those who live in the USA or in other countries with the same voltage requirements. That is why, please make sure you chose the right option when ordering DALIA.

The European variant of this lamp comes with one E27 LED light bulb (included). The one for the US customers is supplied with four E26 LED light bulbs. Please bear in mind that the price for the US voltage option is 3% higher. The electric cord is black in both options.

Of course, DALIA is not the only item where nature-inspired motifs are so clearly visible.  The same could be said about the entire 2020 collection from this brand.

For instance, it isn’t difficult to guess the shape of CHAMPIGNON coffee table. This somehow mushroom-like table, with one thick leg and a round top, will surely enliven your room.

A round dining table named OLIVER has a cast metal inlay on its top, which resembles petals of a flower. What is more, OLIVER is a perfect example of how a smart combination of materials helps reveal their natural beauty.  Wood, marble, and metal details perfectly harmonize with one another, making OLIVER a masterpiece of a dining table.

Actually, Attilio Zanni is an expert in showing the natural beauty of materials and masterfully combining them. Browse through a website section with, say, tables – and you’ll see for yourself how the texture of natural wood is skillfully highlighted. Besides, many of the tables have marble insets and cast brass details, and materials complement one another, creating a coherent whole.

What is more, almost each of Bellavista’s pieces is available in a number of options. Most wooden pieces come in a variety of differently-colored woods, so customers have plenty of choice. With such a number of options, it becomes easier to pick a variant that will blend into an existing ensemble.

One more distinctive feature, common to all Bellavista’s products, is excellence. This brand never sacrifices quality for the sake of speed of the manufacturing process or cutting costs. Bellavista’s craftsmen have always been known for their remarkable skill and meticulousness, so the excellence of each piece is always beyond praise.  Along with the brand’s constant focus on timeless beauty, it means that whatever piece you choose, it will serve you for decades, with no risk of going out of fashion. That is why Italian luxury furniture and other products from Bellavista Collection are so popular.

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