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Blending a TV into a Room: Low Cabinets and Wall Paneling from Bellavista Collection

Have you seen a home without a TV? Even if you have, there are extremely few of them nowadays. In developed countries, the vast majority of household has at least one TV set, and pretty often – a few of them. With the growing popularity of smart TVs and subscription video on demand, the zone with a screen, be it a television or a large monitor, has become the focal point of a living room.  TV programs, movies, and videos get people together – like a fireplace in the olden days.

What is more, a great share of people will have to spend Winter Holidays 2020-2021 at home. The situation with COVID-19 pandemic is still far from satisfactory in many regions, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, let’s postpone travel (again…) and spend more time with our loved ones talking, playing table games, and, of course, watching TV.

Where TV sets (or monitors, if you prefer online TV and subscription video) are usually placed in a room? As a rule, they are either mounted on a wall (modern flat screens frequently are) or placed onto some kind of a low table or cabinet. It should be low for a quite plain reason: the TV must be suitable for all family members to watch without straining their necks.

While there are several factors to consider when determining the optimum height for placing or mounting your TV, there is a simpler way out, which doesn’t require doing maths. The rule of thumb is that the center of the TV screen should be at the eye level of the viewer. In other words, when you’re sitting in your usual relaxed manner in an armchair or on a sofa in front of the TV, your eyes should be looking at the central part of the screen, give or take a bit.

Well, if you aren’t going to watch TV alone, the level of the screen should be suitable for each viewer. In such a case, you had better calculate an average eye level between that of the tallest and the shortest members of your family who watch TV. In most cases this height is about 80 to 90 cm from the floor. If you subtract half the height of your TV from this value, you’ll get the height of a furniture piece to place your TV onto – or, if you are going to mount your TV on a wall, the level of its lower edge. Most likely, it will be between 50 and 60 cm.

Option One: Place It onto a Suitable Furniture Piece

Bellavista Collection offers a number of beautiful and extremely diverse low sideboards with height of about 50 cm. They are available in a great variety of woods, so you’ll surely find the best variant for your room.

For example, MILANO sideboard, designed and first presented in 2019, is made of solid wood with a dozen veneering options to choose from. Luxurious ebony and rosewood, elegant grey sukupira, dark eucalyptus frisè, and dark Tanganyika frisè, plus seven kinds of oak and American walnut, natural and stained – it’s so difficult to choose just one of these attractive wood species. What is more, you can request an optional top insert, available in two lovely kinds of marble: Emperador Dark Brown or Invisible Grey.

Inside parts of MILANO sideboard are made of natural maple wood, and its base and handles – of brass with nice-looking Nuvola finish. By the way, “Nuvola” stands for “a cloud” in Italian. The frontal parts of the drawers are also cladded in brass with Nuvola finish. Motion-activated LED lights and a glass shelf are optional.

The dimensions of MILANO make this sideboard suitable for using it as a TV stand. Rather wide – 300 cm (or 118.1 inches) – it’s only 50 cm (19.7 in) high and deep.

One more good fit for the same purpose is the sideboard named CORVETTE, which is 50 cm. high, 51 cm. deep, and 275 cm. wide (19.7, 20.1, and 108.4 inches respectively).

CORVETTE has been a bestseller in Bellavista since 2017, when this piece turned heads at prestigious trade fairs.

Its bronze base and handles with antique bronze or rame Bellavista finish, and the inside shelving made of bronzed glass perfectly harmonize with either of the ten wood options and four magnificent kinds of marble chosen for the optional top inset.

Option Two: Hang It and Hide the Cables

By the way, during the same trade event in 2017, when CORVETTE was showcased, a very interesting designer solution was displayed in Bellavista Collection’s exhibitor booth: a TV that could be hidden when not in use. A removable wall panel accurately concealed the device by means of an electric mechanism. Needless to say, all the cabling was hidden as well.

When a TV is mounted onto a wall, covering up all these messy wires becomes a problem. Boiserie from Bellavista Collection can well solve it – in addition to looking really grand, adding zest to the room.

Just browse through BOISERIE category in the brand’s online catalog, and you’ll surely find the one to your liking. Will it be ERACLE, with fabric cover and a lovely metal pattern (in cast brass, antique bronze finish)? Or BRIGITTA, with a nice-looking pattern – rows of circles – in moka stained oak, upholstered with fabric or leather?  What about rectangular panels of BAROCCO, fully padded in fabric? If you appreciate the natural beauty of wood, you’ll love ST. REGIS – wooden wall paneling, veneered with grey sukupira. It looks so elegant! So does FENICE boiserie, where moka stained oak is combined with fabric or leather upholstery.

All in all, whatever you choose, you can be totally sure about the top quality of the piece. Each item from Bellavista Collection, be it a boiserie, a sofa, chair, cabinet, a lamp, or anything else, is designed and produced to last really long. So, your purchase will serve you for decades to come.

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