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Bellavista’s New 2020 Collection: Inspired by Nature

High-end furniture market is extremely competitive: only a small part of newly created brands lasts longer than a few years. Bellavista Collection celebrates its tenth birthday this year. Can we say that the brand was lucky to survive the first decade? Well, it isn’t quite so.

Bellavista Collection has not just survived. It has succeeded – Italian luxury furniture from this brand is known all over the world. It happened thanks to such factors as a good basis, hard work and talent – in other words, thanks to anything but plain luck.

Bellavista’s mother company, Casa Zeta, is a long-standing (founded in 1984) family-owned company. It gave Bellavista all necessary resources, from production facilities to experienced workforce. So, the new brand come out of nowhere – when it was ‘born’, it had a good solid foundation.

Attilio and Fabrizio Zanni literally put their heart and soul into their brainchild. Attilio Zanni, an extraordinarily talented all-round designer, has been creating most of the designs for the new brand, starting from the times when it existed only in plans.

What is special about this designer is his passion for creating pieces of timeless beauty rather than the following suit. Every item created by Attilio Zanni, be it a sofa, a table, a lamp, or a panel picture, is a perfect example of beautility, i.e. a mix of beauty with utilitarian value.

That is why, items from Bellavista Collection never go out of fashion. Year after year, they remain gorgeous-looking, however quickly fashions might change. Take a look at DARIUS coffee table, PURO sofa, or ELIZABETH console table. Aren’t they lovely? They are among Bellavista’s bestsellers – in spite of being created a decade ago.

Whenever designed, pieces from Bellavista has always been equally pleasurable to look at and to use. Browse through the company’s website, and you’ll see for yourself that in any piece, practicability goes hand in hand with beauty.

Durability is one more distinctive feature of Bellavista’s products. They serve their owners for decades, remaining as lovely-looking as they were on the day they were purchased.

Besides, separate items from Bellavista can be easily combined with one another to form lots of differently-looking ensembles, which makes furnishing a home a real pleasure.

From 2010 to 2019: Bellavista at Trade Fairs

Participation in trade events is a must-do for every brand who wants to succeed in today’s market with fierce competition. Being a manufacturer of Italian luxury furniture, Bellavista Collection regularly takes part in two prestigious trade events: Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and Maison et Objet in Paris. The brand itself first was presented at Salone del Mobile 2010, and the company has never missed a single edition since then.

The first exhaustive catalog of Bellavista Collection’s pieces was published in 2011. In 2012, the brand started displaying its items, turning its exhibitor booths at trade events into fully furnished rooms. In any case, a real room interior always is an ensemble, where all parts are equally important.  Such an approach proved to be more effective than just a display of separate pieces.

Besides, the brand started to showcase collections, united under some general idea, which was new every year. New concepts, fresh ideas and motifs, recently adopted materials and finishes were also presented at every edition of both Salone del Mobile and Maison&Objet. Well, trade events are organized primarily for showing something great and new, aren’t they?

Along with tables, armchairs and sofas, Bellavista always showcases pieces that accompany the furniture, making interiors feel complete. For instance, at Salone del Mobile 2012, Bellavista displayed FLOWER panel picture (which has been a bestseller ever since, by the way), as well as two kinds of boiserie named BRIGITTA and FENICE.

General concepts of trade fair collections varied greatly. In 2018 it was charm of Orient. Dulcechina collection was so successful that it still occupies a separate section of the brand’s website. The next year’s showpieces were inspired by design motifs from the last decades of the XX century. The name of 2019 collection – Dolce Vita – is pretty self-explanatory.

But there are things that never change. Focus on quality, choosing only the best materials for every Bellavista’s piece, perfect craftsmanship, brilliant designs by Attilio Zanni, to name a few.

Shapes and Colors 2020

In a nutshell, the general idea of 2020 is admiring the beauty of nature, combined with human intelligence.

Masterfully highlighted the natural beauty of materials, such as wood, cast metal, and marble; a wide range of vibrant colors and sophisticated geometrically perfect patterns of upholstery fabrics; shapes that remind of exotic plants – all this you will be able to spot when looking through the new collection.

In fact, emphasizing the rich texture of fine woods, as well as combining wood with beautiful natural marble and cast metal are characteristics of Bellavista’s style. And so is carefully choosing fabrics and leather for upholstery, so that they perfectly harmonize with materials of the structure.

Needless to say, all upholstery leather and fabrics are only prime-quality. As for the colors, this year the palette is rich as never before – red, white, blue, and green colors and their shades are used. Although most of the upholstery is in plain colors, there is a number of items with smart-looking patterned coverings. Symmetry itself is somehow mysterious and appealing, so symmetric patterns on Bellavista’s pieces are so spectacular that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off them.

What a pity that 2020 collection won’t be displayed at Salone del Mobile! As you know, iSaloni 2020 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nothing is known about the edition of Maison et Objet that usually takes place in autumn; it’s quite likely that 2020 will be a year without these trade fairs. However, you’ll soon see new Bellavista’s pieces anyway – at the brand’s website.

A Few Pieces from the New Collection

Looking at the design of this year’s pieces, you’ll instantly spot the laconic beauty and harmony we can find in nature. CHAMPIGNON coffee table, with its one thick leg and round top clearly remind of, well, a mushroom.  OLIVER dining table, made of wood, metal, and marble (a favorite combination in Bellavista), has a metal detail on the tabletop that resembles a flower. Structure of DALIA – an exquisite table lamp – looks like some unusual tropical plant or flower petals. And there are a lot more pieces worth looking at, so check Bellavista website from time to time.

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