Bellavista Collection’s New Year Resolutions and Plans for 2020

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Bellavista Collection’s New Year Resolutions and Plans for 2020

The world is rapidly moving towards 2020. Most likely, everybody expects something special from the year with such a symmetrical number. In any way, the end of December is time when we usually sum up the results of the departing year and make plans for the future.

This is equally true both for people and businesses. Bellavista Collection, a renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture, is pretty satisfied with 2019 and looks forward to the future with optimism.

This year Bellavista Collection did well. Attilio Zanni, a brilliant designer who has been creating almost all Bellavista’s pieces since 2010, when the brand came into existence, presented a new collection in April 2019. The collection was a success – as usual. This time, Attilio Zanni brought people a bit of nostalgia – the showpieces reminded the best tendencies of the late 20th century’s furniture design. No wonder that the new collection received the warmest welcome at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019.

Looking back on the year 2019, Bellavista can say for sure that this year was good indeed for the company. All the projects turned out to be successful, the surprises were only pleasant, cooperation with business partners was mutually beneficial, and participation in trade events resulted in new contracts and further growth of the brand’s popularity. So, Bellavista Collection has every reason to expect at least the same from the year 2020.

Preparing a new collection for each edition of iSaloni has always been a must-do for Bellavista. It means that at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2020 a new collection will be shown.

What is it going to be like? Nobody knows it so far – except Attilio Zanni, its author.

The drafts of the new collection, quite naturally, are in petto. Bellavista’s posts in corporate Instagram account don’t give any insight into the concept, which the new collection will be based on. And there’s no way to guess it, because ideas of the previous collections from Bellavista are extremely diverse. For example, in 2018, the style of the showpieces was inspired by ever-charming Orient, so that collection was named Dulcechina. In 2019, the general idea of Bellavista’s exhibits was Dolce vita – the concept, which many of us perfectly remember. So, nobody can predict what exactly attendees of the next edition of iSaloni will see it in about 5 months – on April 21-26, 2020, to be precise.

However, there is one item known to be a part of the future 2020 collection. It’s a shoe cabinet with container doors called LOVELY – and it looks just like its name suggests. What’s more, LOVELY is an overtly luxurious piece.

Designed for storing shoes, it’s much more than just a shoe rack. This shoe cabinet is intended for both keeping footwear and displaying it. LOVELY has everything to do with luxury lifestyle: excellently designed and made of top-quality materials, it looks extraordinarily elegant and chic.

All the shelves in this cabinet are covered in perforated belting leather (of course, natural and prime quality) and decorated with matching stitches. Each of the shelves bears an imprinted Bellavista’s logo – an outline of a cute hippo.

Two grand-looking handles are made of brass (hammered at the sides) and also bear an embossed image of a hippo.

The design of the piece is really well-thought-out. In addition, the cabinet is equipped with internal LED lights with a motion sensor. The brass hinges allow moving for 180 degrees. All this makes this cabinet not only gorgeous-looking, but also practical indeed.

Surely, no lady (and few gentlemen, too) would be able to resist the temptation to have such a sophisticated cabinet at home to keep modish designer shoes in it.

Actually, LOVELY is an item, which can well be called pretty typical to Bellavista. Why is it so?

Well, if you browse through the pieces at the brand’s website, you will see it for yourself.  You will soon notice that, despite being extremely diverse, there are a few traits that all the pieces from Bellavista Collection have in common.

First, it’s a high quality of materials that are used for each item, whatever it is. Bellavista’s craftsmen choose only natural solid wood for wooden items, the best-quality leather and fabrics for upholstery, etc. Bellavista Collection has never cut corners when it comes to production – and doesn’t intend to.

Second, the exclusive workmanship, for which the brand is well-known for. Every part is meticulously crafted in the company’s workshops. For example, all metal details come from the company’s foundry. Craftsmen from Bellavista aren’t just personnel: they are co-creators. Their high professionalism is beyond all praise.

Third, the outstanding design of each item and detail. Attilio Zanni, a highly gifted all-round designer (and the company’s co-founder, by the way) has been creating designs for almost every item in Bellavista Collection ever since 2010. Thanks to his talent, Bellavista’s furniture pieces, boiserie, mirrors, lighting fixtures, a variety of decorative items can boast of distinctive look and style, in addition to being of high quality. Moreover, Mr. Zanni is a very prolific designer: he constantly creates lots of magnificently-looking things that turn heads at trade events and replenish the assortment of products available from the brand’s website. And customers appreciate it a lot.

The brand of Bellavista Collection exists for less than a decade, but it has already built a solid reputation in the industry and became recognized as a brand whose products are really exclusive and chic.

So, even if little known about Bellavista’s plans for the year to come, there’s one thing that could be said for sure. The brand is going to stick to the principle it has always followed: everything should be no less than perfect. Only the best materials, brilliant design, and impeccable craftsmanship – that’s what helps Bellavista Collection achieve this goal.