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Bellavista Collection’s Cast Metal Items and Details: Somewhere Between Fine Art and Product Design

Furniture brands differ. Some specialize in just one type of product – for example, produce only high-end furniture pieces and nothing more. Some brands have another approach: they design, manufacture, and sell a pretty wide selection of products. Bellavista Collection, a renowned Italian brand, belongs to this group. In addition to Italian luxury furniture, Bellavista Collection offers boiserie, mirrors, a variety of lighting fixtures, not to mention a great number of diverse articles for the home.

In spite of being extremely dissimilar, Bellavista’s products have one thing in common. People need all of them when they are furnishing their houses and apartments. So, customers get the opportunity to purchase everything in one place. Nowadays, when people often are short of time, it’s a considerable benefit.

Attilio Zanni, Bellavista Collection’s co-founder, is a brilliant all-round designer. He has created most of the brand’s wonderful pieces, from sofas and tables to lovely statuettes and lamps.

When you visit Bellavista Collection’s website, you see that the goods in the online catalog (i.e., PRODUCTS section of the website) are neatly grouped into product categories, with each of them containing a few sub-categories with self-explanatory names. For example, the category with lighting fixtures is called LIGHTING. It is split into the sub-categories named CHANDELIERS, SCONCES, CANDLE HOLDERS, FLOOR LAMPS, and TABLE LAMPS.

The largest product category is HOME DÉCOR.  Here you will find looking-glasses of all shapes and sizes (MIRRORS sub-category), elegant custom furniture handles (HANDLES), and extremely diverse but equally tasteful assorted items, from decorative statuettes to a planter or a picture frame (BELLAVISTA DETAILS).

It means that BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category is an excellent place to look for something special, which will make your room look unique and feel cozier.  Besides, many of these pieces make beautiful and useful presents.

BELLAVISTA DETAILS subcategory is special indeed: it contains lots of items that are somewhere between a decorative article and a work of art. Take a look at cast brass sculptures IPPO, RINO, FURIA, and GREYHOUND, depicting a hippopotamus, a rhinoceros, a horse and a dog respectively. Aren’t they lovely? They have already become Bellavista’s hallmark, especially IPPO, which is the brand’s mascot. No wonder that these statuettes, each available in a number of finishes, are long-standing bestsellers.

There are quite utilitarian items from Bellavista brand that also resemble artwork. A spectacular example of such a piece is the rectangular tray for candles named IPPO TRAY. It looks more like a brass sculpture with four cups for thick candles. The sculpture depicts a shallow pond (you can pour some water into it, by the way) with a bloat of hippos walking ashore and wallowing in the water. Place the tray onto the table, turn your lamps off, light the candles – and enjoy gazing at the candlelight, its reflection in the water and lovely statuettes of hippopotamuses that seem real in semi-darkness.

Even a seemingly plain thing such as a handle can be turned into a sculpture! The cast brass handle named MAN-07 is made in the form of a pretty naked woman. This handle surely will grace a wooden door of a wardrobe or a cabinet, making it look exclusive.

What about a lamp decorated with cast metal figures? Bellavista Collection offers two of them: a table lamp named 4 STAGIONI and PEOPLE chandelier.

The chandelier is named PEOPLE due to the lifelike brass human figures its structure is decorated with. Two standing girls are gazing into the distance; a smiling young man is sitting on the edge; an old man is walking his dog…  You might well remember seeing similar live people somewhere.

If translated from Italian, “4 stagioni” means “four seasons”. The four small cast brass figures of beautiful naked women, sitting on the brass base under the cylindrical glass lampshade, symbolize seasons of the year.

As you probably noticed, the structures of most Bellavista’s lamps are made of cast brass. This grand-looking and really versatile material can be cast in diverse forms, which, combined with the creativity of design, results in gorgeous items.

One of them is DALIA, the table lamp designed in 2020. It belongs to the collection united under the general idea of celebrating the beauty of Nature. The shape of its metal structure looks like petals of a flower… or maybe aerial roots of a tropical plant.

Actually, Nature has always been the source of inspiration for Attilio Zanni. It becomes clear when you look at many of Bellavista’s pieces.

The structure of TOSCA floor lamp reminds of a tree trunk with four symmetrical branches and goes great with the linen or silk lampshade. Although TOSCA was designed almost a decade ago – in 2012, it is quite in line with the latest, 2020/2021, brand’s collection.

The same applies to ISABELLA floor lamp from Dulcechina Collection (presented in 2018). Its structure resembling a bent flower and the raffia lampshade fit together excellently.

BOUQUET BOIS is the coffee table designed in 2013. Its round top made of fifteen-millimeter-thick extra clear glass rests on three crisscrossed legs that make you think of tree branches. BOUQUET BOIS has quickly become a bestseller and remains extremely popular since then.

One more stylish piece, YWKO candle holder, somehow resembles an old-fashioned candlestick. Cast brass of its long leg perfectly harmonizes with a clear and sandblasted glass of the shade. A silhouette of a cute hippo on the sandblasted glass suggests that this lovely item was designed in Bellavista Collection, where hippopotamuses are adored.

Needless to say, all cast metal items and details are designed in Bellavista and and manufactured by selected craftmen. Sand casting is two millennia-old techniques and Bellavista still use it for making metal details, meticulously refining them by hand afterwards. Each of these cast brass figures or furniture parts remember the warmth of the foundrymen’s hands. Compare a statuette from Bellavista Collection – IPPO the hippopotamus, for example – with some mass-produced metal statuette, and you’ll agree that the difference is quite noticeable.

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