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A Dream of a Vacation Home from Bellavista Collection

Summer is at its height. It means that millions of people leave their workplaces with a sigh of relief and head for a variety of destinations to relax and have fun. They are on vacation at last!

Leaving home implies that all these vacationers have to live somewhere else. Thanks to the accommodation sector of the tourism industry, it is not a problem for most people in most places.

Every year thousands of beach hotels, holiday villages, health resorts, holiday hotels all over the world say welcome to tourists. In popular tourist destinations there are lots of places for every taste and budget to stay in, from hostels to luxurious hotels and villas and everything in between.

Choice of the place to stay depends on lots of factors, as well as on personal preferences. If you are young, sociable and outgoing, lots of neighbors and Spartan amenities could be more fun than inconvenience – but it is not the case if you have kids or just want to relax alone. Also, in any price range some will choose a hotel room, and some will prefer a bungalow.

But on the average, if you want to have a certain level of comfort but don’t want to see lots of strangers about, a vacation home is an optimal choice.

Vacation homes are extremely popular. Providing a decent level of comfort, a vacation home at the same time is a perfect place to break away from the routine of the daily life.

Interior design and furnishing of a vacation home are very important. Those who work in accommodation business know it pretty well. They never cut corners when it comes to how such a home looks and feels – and they are quite right. An excellent vacation home must look perfect and feel homey and welcoming.

An army of designers work hard to achieve this goal. Attilio Zanni, a brilliant all-round designer and co-founder of Bellavista Collection – the firm that mostly specializes in manufacturing Italian luxury furniture, also works in his sphere from time to time!

Image natural wood of floors and furniture, natural fabrics of dining chairs’ upholstery, ceramic vases, a lovely carpet in the living-room – all this makes the interior feel cozy and creates a distinctive air of serenity. The overall design of the room is extremely elegant. Everything looks simple at the first sight, but if you take a closer look, you will realize that this simplicity is premeditated.

Well, if you browse through Bellavista Collection’s website, you will see that apparent simplicity is a common feature of many the items designed by Attilio Zanni. Designs of these pieces – furniture, lighting fixtures, boiserie, decorative objects – are well-conceived rather than just simple. It makes these   items extraordinarily flexible in terms of interior design. They can easily blend in almost any existing ensemble or be combined with one another in numerous ways.

Besides, you can see some of the furniture used for this project in the pictures taken at last editions of prestigious trade events like Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan) and Maison&Objet (Paris). Each time any of these items looked as if it was created especially for that particular interior re-created in the exhibitor booth.

By the way, some of these pieces are available from the company’s website, so, you can purchase them for your own home, if you wish.

The excellent choice of colors also greatly contributes to the overall look and feel of the house.

As we all know, every color can influence our mood by evoking certain feelings and emotions. It means that the overall atmosphere in a room partly depends on the colors of all the objects we see there – from carpets and wallpaper to furniture upholstery.

Combination of white, beige, and vibrant navy blue chosen for this project leaves the impression of lightness, airiness, and purity. No wonder: white color is known to symbolize purity, wholeness, and innocence; in a wider sense, white is the color of perfection.

Blue belongs to the group of so-called cool colors; looking at blue-colored objects helps us calm down and relax, bringing the feeling of comfort and tranquility. Just remember gazing at blue sky or sea waves – isn’t it relaxing?

Experts in color psychology note that blue color stands for serenity, stability and inspiration.

By the way, blue is Bellavista Collection’s favorite this year. This April, at the last edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile, a good deal of Bellavista’s showpieces had either blue upholstery or details like drawer fronts covered in blue leather. Among the exhibits, which visitors liked the best of all, were two AVUELA sofas upholstered in navy blue velvet, as well as MATILDE sofa and KATE LOW dining chairs with blue leather covers.

In the vacation home, blue can be used almost in the same way. Imagine to have two armchairs upholstered in deep blue fabric, with white armrests and edging, complemented by small spots of blue (pillows and edging) that enliven the white-and-beige interior.

So do the curtains, which are snow-white at the top and navy blue at the lower part. They look as if their vibrant blue color gradually gets diluted in white… or white in blue.

And, of course, decorative items used as the final touch. Flowers in vases, a pot flower on a pedestal in the corner of the room, a charming statuette of a hippo (which is Bellavista’s mascot) add spice to the interior, making it feel really welcoming.

Isn’t it a dream of a vacation home? It definitely looks and feels like the place where anybody will be happy to stay during the vacation, or even longer.

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