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A Magnet of a Brand: Why Lots of Customers Prefer Bellavista Collection

Today’s Italian luxury furniture market is huge.  Market players are plentiful and diverse – from large factories to relatively small family-held firms like Bellavista Collection. Competition is fierce.

Lots of brands appear every year, but few of them survive at least a couple of years, not to mean a dozen and more. Bellavista is among these selected few. Founded in 2010, the brand has not only managed to break even – it succeeded and prospered.

What is success for any brand in any industry, including furniture making? Above all, it is numerous happy customers and lots of people who prefer this brand to its competitors.

So, what is special about Bellavista Collection? During twelve years of its existence, the brand must have found the recipe for success.

It surely has.

Bellavista’s Advantages

To begin with, Bellavista Collection had a great start. 2010 was the year when the first collection of showpieces was presented under this brand name at Salone del Mobile – the most prestigious trade event, held annually in Milan. The company itself, with its workshops and close-knit team of employees, already existed by that time – it sprouted from Casa Zeta. This Italian family-owned enterprise, founded in 1984, manufactured handcrafted bespoke furniture and other pieces for interior design. By 2010, two founders of Bellavista Collection, Attilio and Fabrizio Zanni, already had more than 30 years of experience in custom furniture design and production, gained in Casa Zeta.

Needless to say, many seasoned professionals came to the newly founded brand from the parent company, so Bellavista Collection had a great advantage over its competitors from the very start.

A Family-owned Company with Old Traditions

Being initially a family-owned company (and very much family-like one) is one more advantage. Welcoming and creative atmosphere inspires new members of the team, makes them feel enthusiastic. In fact, Bellavista Collection has inherited this very special approach to employees from Casa Zeta. In that company craftspeople worked for decades, often going all the way from apprentice to mastery at the same workshop – and pass their precious skills to new apprentices. As a result, experience of Bellavista’s artisans is outstanding.

Also, Bellavista brand has always been focusing on quality rather than volume. Every piece designed and produced here is intended to serve for a very long time, and even passed to children. When you buy, say, an armchair from this brand, you may be sure that you won’t have to replace it in a few years because it broke, or sagged, or went out of fashion.

Bellavista’s pieces will last long, because the brand has always put quality on the first place. Only the best materials are used; every step of the manufacturing process is under strict quality control. That’s why, it’s pretty likely that in a few decades, your grandchild will love to sit in the armchair you buy tomorrow.

Brilliant design of every piece is one more advantage of the brand. Bellavista’s design is all about timeless beauty rather than following trends of ever-changing fashion. Now lots of people in many countries recognize and appreciate Bellavista style – exceedingly elegant and tasteful, yet practical and comfortable.

It came to existence thanks to Attilio Zanni, who has created most of items you can now see in the brand’s online catalog. He co-founded the brand together with his brother Fabrizio, the head of production. They put their soul into the brand during these years and surely the company’s success is merit of both.

And, last but not least, every detail of every item is assembled in the company’s workshops. Bellavista Collection is proud to be a purely Italian brand that cherishes centuries-long traditions of Italian cabinet-makers. However, the brand manages to successfully combine handicraft with cutting-edge technologies. All this makes everything produced in Bellavista really special.

Customer Is a King

Nevertheless, top quality and brilliant design may have been not enough for success. It is Bellavista’s approach to its customers that works as a magnet.

Every customer really feels like a king here. In this company, everything is organized with customers’ needs in mind. These needs do differ, just like tastes, preferences, and wishes. So, the brand strives to satisfy as many of them as possible.

When it comes to the brand’s assortment, ‘customizability’ is the key word. A great majority of the items comes in multiple options. Customers are often offered several models for the same piece that differ in size (e.g., tables and sofas), shape (mirrors), and materials (nearly everything), not to mention optional details, such as marble tabletops. But that isn’t all.

If you want something, which is not on the list of options, like particular upholstery material for a sofa or a console table that will exactly fit into the room, no problem! Just tell the team about it when ordering.

What is more, if you want an furniture piece from scratch or an entire project designed for you – you will get it! Bellavista Collection’s team of talented designers, headed by Attilio Zanni, love such projects – and the more challenging they are, the better. Whatever you order, you will get exactly what you want. The brand’s designers are good at turning vague ideas into tangible items and even full projects. All you need is to get in touch with the team, and they will do the rest.

In any case, when you order anything from Bellavista Collection, a project manager will be assigned personally to you. He or she will communicate with you during the entire project; whatever question you have, you can always contact your manager.

On the top of it, Bellavista Collection relieves its customers from absolutely all troubles with their purchase. The customer places an order, and the brand will take care of everything, from design and production to delivery and assembly of the piece in your home. It’s as simple as that. And that’s why numerous people prefer Bellavista Collection to lots of other companies in this highly competitive market niche.

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