Why Bellavista Collection Is an Excellent Business Partner for Companies from Hospitality Industry

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Why Bellavista Collection Is an Excellent Business Partner for Companies from Hospitality Industry

Bellavista Collection brand is now more than a decade old, so no wonder it has already earned a solid reputation and established a number of strong business ties. Bellavista’s Italian luxury furniture is recognized all over the world; it is popular with individuals and businesses alike. There are renowned interior designers and architects among the brand’s clientele, and for a good reason.

Bellavista Collection’s furniture, as well as a wide selection of pieces related to interior design, such as boiserie, lighting fixtures are ideal for projects in many industries, primarily, for the hospitality sector.

Imagine you are an owner of a luxurious hotel, a restaurant, a guesthouse in a picturesque place, or a vacation home on a sea coast. Nobody will argue that such a place will attract guests only if it is well-furnished. Also, it’s clear that choosing top-quality furniture pieces will pay in the long run – cheap ones simply won’t withstand constant wear and tear, so you’ll have to have them repaired or replace over and over again.

In addition, such furniture must be cozyhospitality is all about comfort.

It must easily form different ensembles, depending on your needs at the particular moment.

And, last but not least, all the pieces should be beautiful.

It’s quite the type of furniture Bellavista Collection provides its contractors with – and that’s not all. The brand’s customers from the hospitality industry get a number of benefits that come in handy indeed.

All-inclusive, Available Anywhere

Bellavista Collection offers turnkey service whenever you need it. Not only will you have top-quality furniture produced for you – it can also be delivered and installed. Professionals from Bellavista Collection will ensure that all your items are carefully transported to any country of the world, taken to the place and assembled.

What it means for you as a customer? You make an order and, in a while, you see these pieces, shining and ready to use, in your hotel or restaurant.  Wherever your business is located – in Europe, the USA, Mexico or Sri Lanka – everything will be done quickly and impeccably. No magic at all, just the highest level of service Bellavista Collection brand has long been known for.

Bespoke Beauty

Having a unique-looking indoor scene is a great advantage over competitors. Every trade professional from the hospitality sector will confirm it.

Well-designed bespoke furniture pieces from Bellavista Collection will add zest to the overall appearance of your hotel or restaurant, making it unforgettable.

There are lots of ways to use pieces from Bellavista Collection to make a place look impressive. What about having a table of an unusual shape, exclusive chairs, or a huge super-cozy sofa, created specially for you? No problem – Bellavista Collection can design all these and many more. Fancy-looking lighting fixtures – chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, as well as lovely decorative items will enliven the looks of your hotel’s rooms or your restaurant’s hall. Your guests surely will appreciate it and will be willing to come there again and again.

If you need a truly unique interior design for your hotel, guest house, or restaurant, you can create it in collaboration with Bellavista Collection’s design studio. Its head, Attilio Zanni, is a brilliant all-round designer and the co-founder of Bellavista brand.  Mr. Zanni managed to find the most gifted and imaginative Italian designers who can work out remarkable designs of different premises, from houses and apartments to hotel rooms and restaurant halls.

You can see their past works at any time in a special section of Bellavista Collection’s website. Named CASA BELLAVISTA Projects, this section contains high-resolution images of grand-looking interiors, furnished in the inimitable, easily recognizable Bellavista style. Although only the brand’s pieces were used in the projects, the interiors are extremely diverse, but equally stylish and beautiful.

Some of these projects have already been brought to life, others remain in the form of digital images.  In any case, they are worth browsing through – the images may well serve you as a source of inspiration and fresh ideas. If you like them (you surely will), what about creating one specially for your business?


When looking through the online catalog on Bellavista Collection’s website, you can’t help noticing numerous options available for almost any furniture piece. No wonder: customization has always been one of the brand’s strong points.

Most items from Bellavista come in a variety of shapes and sizes, often with a rich choice of materials and finishes to choose from. Often, they have optional details, such as marble insets or Lazy Susans for tabletops. It turns a single furniture piece into a bunch of different-looking ones.

For example, let’s take a look at dining tables from Bellavista Collection. Each of them will be a great pick for a restaurant. If you enjoy the natural beauty of wood and somehow simplified design, consider SAN FRANCISCO. This dining table is offered in three size variants and as many as nine options of wood.

Or would you prefer TULIPE, with its one or two legs made of hammered antique brass? Feel free to choose among four sizes and nine wood options. It has a beautiful optional top inset, which can be made of three kinds of marble – choose the one you like best.

Or what about THOMAS, which could be is either rectangular or round, with five size options available? Its impressively-looking base, made of BATISTA copper, perfectly harmonizes with any of the eight kinds of oak and walnut, natural and stained, available for the tabletop.

Whatever piece from Bellavista you take, you will have plenty of choices.  Upholstered pieces – sofas, armchairs, etc. – come in a variety of upholstery leather or fabrics. What is more, you can have any of them upholstered in some other material, if you provide it. This option is especially suitable for businesses:  if you wish, you can have all chairs, armchairs, and sofas upholstered in the same fabric or leather.

All in all, Bellavista Collection provides its contractors with optimal solutions for every particular project. It makes this brand a great business partner for any company in the hospitality industry.

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