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The Fantastic Four: Newly Designed Coffee Tables from Bellavista Collection

If you browse through Italian luxury furniture in the online product catalog of Bellavista Collection brand, you’ll see that the section named ‘Coffee and side tables’ is the biggest. As many as forty magnificent tables are waiting for you there.

How multifarious they are! Coffee and side tables from Bellavista come in all shapes and sizes, materials and styles. Large and small; wooden, all metal, and even all marble; with tops made of wood, glass, or stone – you have plenty to choose from. What is more, you’ll surely find a table that will match your room, whatever style you prefer, from high-tech to baroque and everything in between.

Not only this assortment is rich – the collection is constantly being replenished with newly designed items.

In the 2020-2021 collection, devoted to celebrating the irresistible beauty of Nature, there are four excellent coffee tables, namely: CLUBCAFE’, ALCOBAS, CHAMPIGNON, and FILIBERTO.

Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable pieces.

What is special about CLUBCAFE’ and ALCOBAS is that these coffee tables are a great pick for a living room of any size. They can be either used alone or serve as building blocks to form bigger tables. It makes them great for furnishing large living rooms, open plan apartments, and even public places like large waiting rooms or lounge areas.

CLUBCAFE’ coffee table is available in as many as five variants that differ in size and form. Two options are rectangular, and three are square. Since the height of the four out of five is the same – 37 centimeters (14.6 inches), you can well use them as modules to construct a bigger coffee table. These ‘building blocks’, so to speak, can be 70×70 centimeters (27.6 in.), 90×90 cm (35.4 in.), 145 cm (57.1 in.), or 145×70 cm (57.1×27.6 inches).

And, of course, you can just use a single CLUBCAFE’ table as it is.

The wooden structure of this table, with highlighted texture of natural wood looks somehow minimalistic, but elegant indeed. There are two veneering options available: carbone larch and cognac-stained oak. The tabletop is covered with a grand-looking finish. It’s called ‘Nuances Bellavista Collection’, which could be either matte lacquer or glossy lacquer and comes in seven colors to choose from.

The design of ALCOBAS coffee table also may seem somehow simple, but it’s well-thought-out simplicity. The structure is made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish, with some parts in hammered bronze.

The tabletop is available in either bronzed glass or marble. If you prefer the latter, you’ll be asked to choose between Breccia Damascata and Arabescato grey. Both marbles are really beautiful.  Arabescato grey marble looks very smart, with white, reddish pink, and grey swirls and veins; Breccia Damascata has attractive spots of yellowish-brown on a lighter-colored background.

If you choose a bronzed glass tabletop, rather than marble, you’ll be able to make the most of the optional lower shelf. Its decoration, made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish, depicts tree branches with leaves and sprouts. You will see them through the glass of the tabletop.

As you most likely know, ‘champignon’ is French for ‘a mushroom’. The overall look of this coffee table named CHAMPIGNON is pretty mushroom-like, with a ‘cap’ (the tabletop, either round or oval) and a ‘stipe’ (one thick leg).

The round tabletop of CHAMPIGNON is 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) in diameter; this table is 52 cm. (20.5 in.) high. The oval top is bigger – 90 x 45 cm (35.4 x 17.7 in.), and this option is rather low – its height is only 37 centimeters (14.6 inches).

The base and the leg of CHAMPIGNON are made of a really special material – thermo-treated wood, particularly, ashwood. Bellavista Collection started using it last year. Also known as thermally modified wood, or just ‘thermo wood’, this material is a real catch for furniture makers.

Thermo wood is naturally waterproof and extremely durable; it also resists decaying and wood-eating pests much better than untreated woods do.  During the process of heat-treatment, high heat removes most of the moisture and organic compounds from the plant cells, so this material is more lightweight than the original piece of wood it was made of. Besides, thermo wood acquires darker color, usually some shade of brown.

Both round and oval CHAMPIGNON’s tabletops are lacquered; they are covered with ‘Bellavista Nuances’ finish, which could be matte lacquered or glossy lacquered.  Each of the finishes comes in a variety of colors, which makes CHAMPIGNON table resemble a flat mushroom from a forest.

The design of FILIBERTO is also inspired by natural motifs. The outline of this coffee table is a bit similar to CHAMPIGNON’s – it also has a round top on a thick leg. But FILIBERTO looks more sophisticated, thanks to its inlaid tabletop. The inlay is composed of small pieces of wood, so that their texture makes up a lovely pattern. Both the tabletop and structure of FILIBERTO are made of solid wood (brushed oak) with cognac-stained finish.

The base of FILIBERTO looks really elegant. It is made of cast brass with a blackened finish, refined by hand. As to the dimensions, the table is of optimal size for most rooms: it’s 58 centimeters (22.8 inches) high, with the tabletop 55 centimeters (21.7 inches) in diameter.

All in all, these four tables are fantastic indeed – each of them in its own way. All four are a perfect example of beautility, because they combine exquisite looks with being a utilitarian piece. These tables are made of prime quality natural materials – actually, like all other pieces from Bellavista Collection. Also, whatever table you pick, you can be sure that it is crafted meticulously and with great care – because craftsmen from this brand are well-known for the high quality of their work. They simply can’t do their work badly, because they love what they do.

And, last but not least, their design is inspired by Nature and highlights the natural beauty of the materials – just as the general idea of the latest Bellavista’s collection suggests.

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