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The Best of 2020-2022: Bellavista Collection’s Booth at Salone del Mobile Milano this June

The long-awaited 60th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile is pretty close. The event is scheduled for June 7-12, so for Bellavista Collection it’s high time for the last preparations.

Attendees of Salone’s previous editions could have seen Italian luxury furniture, designed and manufactured by this brand, from 2010 till 2019 – the last fully-fledged exhibition held live.

And then came the pandemic.

The notorious COVID-19 ruined the plans of trade professionals in most industries all over the globe. Furniture making was hit hard. However, Bellavista Collection survived and adapted to the changed conditions.

Sadly, the 10th anniversary of the Bellavista Collection passed without the exhibition, which the brand had never missed. The collection of items prepared for the 2020 edition of the Salone was finally presented online – on the brand’s website. In autumn 2020, Bellavista’s showroom in Brescia resumed its work, so local customers got an opportunity to see some of the new pieces live, together with the time-proven bestsellers.

No pandemic can stop creativity, so the design department headed by Attilio Zanni kept working, and the number of newly created items grew. Some of them will be displayed at the Salone del Mobile in Milan soon.

The Beauty of Nature and Bright Colors

Back in 2020, Bellavista Collection had prepared great showpieces for this special event that was going to mark the brand’s anniversary. These items were united under the remarkable general idea: celebrating the Beauty of Nature.

Two years passed; many more items that deserve to be displayed at the Salone del Mobile were created, yet the general concept remains the same. Well, the brand has been always inspired by natural beauty and is good at revealing that of wood, marble, metal, leather, and other materials.  

One more trait of this year’s collection is the use of bright, vibrant colors. It’s also not exactly a novelty: Bellavista’s upholstered pieces are traditionally available in both leather and fabric, with lots of colors offered for each option.

Welcome to the Dream of a Home 

The brand’s approach to the display hasn’t changed in the last decade: its exhibitor booth at trade events resembles a luxuriously furnished apartment. Bellavista Collection first tried this general concept at the Salone del Mobile in 2012, and visitors appreciated it a lot.

No wonder: it’s so pleasing to walk into a welcoming home, furnished in a distinctive style, instead of just viewing separate showpieces, however good they might look. That’s quite the case when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In 2022, the general plan of the booth will include the following zones: a dining area, a living room area, a bedroom area, a special zone for conversations, and the novelty of 2022 – a bespoke walk-in closet with custom accessories.

So, let’s imagine what these zones will look like, judging from what is already known about the future showpieces, some of which you can find on Bellavista’s website.

The dining area will feature newly designed pieces, together with the ones that have already become bestsellers. OLIVER dining tables with BERTA chairs to match are already popular with the brand’s customers, although they were added to the company’s inventory just recently. Both belong to the latest, 2020-2021, collection.

OLIVER is a wooden table with as many as ten veneering options to choose from. In the center of its round tabletop, there is a custom-designed metal detail that looks a bit like a flower with four petals. Not only it’s a lovely decoration, reflecting the general idea of the collection, but it also serves for attaching the optional lazy Susan.

Thanks to its enveloping shape and a rounded back BERTA dining chairs are equally stylish-looking and cozy.

Boiserie and mirrors from Bellavista Collection are also an important part of the brand’s display. This year, the oval wall mirror GRIMILDE, with its frame upholstered in fabric or leather, will perfectly harmonize with the wall paneling.

But look at the cast brass structure of TOSCA floor lamp – doesn’t it resemble a tree trunk with four branches? Despite being designed almost a decade ago, TOSCA is quite in line with the general idea of the latest collection.

The dining area will also feature a pendant lamp, which is entirely new, and not yet present on the brand’s website. Its strong metal structure will have a decorative circle, made of a combination of metal and wood. Two more entirely new showpieces are pedestals for artwork, showing the natural beauty of marble and metal.

The bedroom zone will have wall-to-wall custom paneling, which will help put the separate furniture pieces together, turning them into a harmonious set.

VENICE bed, will look grand together with the custom headboard panel. Its central part, upholstered with fabric, has lovely insets made of solid American walnut. FRIDA bench, also upholstered in fabric; seemingly simple but extremely elegant HAMILTON, a free-standing wardrobe, and graceful MIAMI nightstand – all these pieces fit together well indeed. A pair of AGATA sconces on the wall concludes the entire ensemble.

All in all, no verbal description can convey the feeling of harmony you feel when looking at a room, furnished in inimitable Bellavista style. So, if you happen to be in Milan between the 7th and 12th of June, do take the opportunity to visit Salone Internazionale del Mobile – a trade event hundreds of thousands of professionals have been looking forward to for so long!


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