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Suitability and Style for Storage: Sideboards from Bellavista Collection

Every home needs a certain place to store various belongings in. If you live somewhere for long enough, you acquire lots of goods you use either every day or from time to time. It means that you need storage space for all of them, otherwise your home will inevitably become cluttered. The solution to this problem has been known for centuries: casegoods, particularly sideboards, come to the aid.

Sideboards are handy indeed. They have room for plenty of staff. Besides, unlike wardrobes, sideboards are low enough to put something on their tops, often serving as side or console tables. All this makes this kind of furniture a must-have for all modern homes, from small rooms to large open floor plan apartments.

Bellavista Collection, a well-known brand that manufactures prime-quality Italian luxury furniture, offers a great selection of sideboards. They will relieve your rooms from the mess and make them feel cozier.

Stylish sideboards from Bellavista look so grand that they turn regularly heads at trade shows. For example, the sideboard called GOLDEN BRIDGE was among the exhibits shown this September at Maison&Objet Paris – a prestigious semiannual exhibition.

Good news for the people who wish to have GOLDEN BRIDGE at home: this sideboard could be custom-made in ten kinds of wood! Glorious ebony and rosewood, American walnut and natural oak, moka stained walnut, dark stained walnut, grey stained oak, moka stained oak, grey sukupira, black sycamore – any of these grand-looking woods could be used to make your sideboard. Just visit Bellavista Collection’s website and pick the one you like best.

And there’s more: you can also choose whether your GOLDEN BRIDGE will have a marble top inset and if yes, what kind of marble it will be made of. There are four wonderful options for it: white-colored calacatta marble, yellowish breccia damascata, as well as striato grey and emperador dark brown marble, colors of which are clear from their names. One more option is having very handy touch activated LED lights installed.

Whatever color you prefer for your furniture, you name it, Bellavista has got it. All sideboards from this brand are available in a number of wood options that greatly differ in color. Oak and American walnut, natural and stained in different ways, in themselves form a rich palette of colors – from taupe to almost black. These woods are among Bellavista’s favorites – many of its furniture pieces are available in these woods, along with other options. LONDON, TOKYO, LUIS, LYDIE, MADIA, MADISON are just a few examples.

Metal and Marble

Marble insets and metal elements are also a common decoration for Bellavista’s sideboards.

Take a look at LUIS sideboard, for example.  Attractive-looking seamless rounded pattern made out of antique bronze elements gives it a peculiar charm. And so does the leaf-shaped handle made of cast brass with a hammered antique bronze finish.

The sideboard named PHILIPPE METAL has antique bronze doors, base and handles, and its shelves are made of bronzed glass.  TOKYO sideboard boasts of fascinatingly-looking bronze feet. In fact, many of sideboards have metal (i.e. bronze or brass) details, such as feet, bases, handles and even doors.

The base and handles of CORVETTE sideboard are also made of antique bronze, and its inside shelving – of bronzed glass. Besides, this sideboard can have a marble top inset available in four options: pulpis marble, calacatta marble, carrara marble, or striato grey marble.

Optional top inset of MONTMARTRE could be made of either cast brass with a hammered antique bronze finish or of marble – tobacco or emperador dark brown. Its base is also made of cast brass.

LYDIE, available in eight options of natural and stained oak and walnut, also has a cast brass base with the hammered antique bronze finish. Its optional marble top inset is offered in three kinds of beautiful natural marble: emperador dark brown, striato grey, or pulpis marble.

Available in Many Sizes to Suit Different Rooms

Bellavista’s sideboards greatly vary not only in their looks and materials they’re made of but also in dimensions. It means that Bellavista’s sideboard will fit comfortably into any place – from a tiny bedroom to open space plan apartment.

LONDON sideboard, which is pretty compact, will be a good choice for a small or middle-sized room. This item is only 168 centimeters (66.1 inches) wide, 60 cm (23.6 in.) deep and 78 cm (30.7 in.) high. But if you have more free space, you can afford larger sideboards, such as TOKYO, which is 230 cm (90.55 in.) wide, or the three-meter-wide MADISON (118.1 inches wide).

Three sideboards – PHILIPPE, PHILIPPE METAL, and PHILIPPE LEATHER – demonstrate a perfect example of how versatile Bellavista’s furniture can be. All three are available in a number of options that differ in width. Hight and depth of all the options in all three are the same: all models are 78.6 centimeters (30.9 inches) high and 55 cm. (21.7 in.) deep. These sideboards can be 200, 250 or 300 cm. wide. The two-meter-wide variants could be with or without two inner drawers made of maple wood.

Given the wide variety of the materials these pieces are available in, these sideboard models will look diverse indeed, depending on your choice.  The wood options include moka stained ashwood, sherry stained ashwood, American walnut, moka stained walnut, and dark stained walnut. Five wood options plus five variants of material for the optional top inset – brass and four kinds of marble – give you as many as 130 variants of how each of these sideboards can look like!

Customizability of each furniture item is among the qualities that make Bellavista’s furniture stand out. Others include top quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship and outstanding design of every item in Bellavista Collection. That is why this brand has been successfully selling Italian luxury furniture all over the world for already eight years. Its products exactly meet the needs of XXI-century people, who want all furniture pieces in their homes to be high-quality, grand-looking and cozy at the same time.

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