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Style in Every Detail: Chic Hangers from Bellavista Collection

Great attention to detail is what makes Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection truly luxurious. No wonder: a decade ago, this brand sprouted from Casa Zeta – a family-owned and family-run company that produces top quality furniture. In fact, meticulosity and care for the quality of every part has been typical to small Italian workshops for centuries. Bellavista inherited such an approach to furniture manufacturing from the parent company; both have always been focusing on quality rather than quantity. Every detail, however small, is designed elaborately and produced scrupulously. Small doesn’t mean insignificant.

A quick look into a Bellavista’s wardrobe

If you open the grand-looking Bellavista’s wardrobe named TRUMP, you’ll see how well-crafted its details are. For example, the coat hanger tubes are wooden, but covered with leather; the metal details are made of metal, antique bronze finish.

A coat hanger is a commonplace thing indeed, but Bellavista Collection makes it special. Look at the image of this wardrobe on Bellavista’s website: upon request you can have the coat hangers with an outline of a cute hippo – Bellavista Collection’s long-standing mascot.

TRUMP has two storage doors, which are extremely handy for keeping such accessories as scarves, ties, and the like. Compartments for the little things are made of clear glass and belting leather (comes in a variety of colors). Besides, you can also see the brand’s name embossed on the leather stripe that decorates the upper part of the inner side of the door. A combination of fine wood, metal, glass and leather (which is used for a good many of Bellavista’s pieces) looks really chic and stylish.

Being rather compact, TRUMP is a great pick for a smaller room. This wardrobe is 240 cm (94.5 in.) high, 141 cm (55.5 inches) wide and 71 cm. (28 inches) deep. It also will excellently blend into any existing interior: TRUMP is available in as many as ten wood veneering options.

Just browse through Bellavista’s product catalog, and you will notice that there are wood species offered most often – the brand’s favorites, so to speak. This list includes such fine woods as ebony and grey sukupira, as well as natural and stained oak and walnut. You can have a TRUMP wardrobe veneered these favorite species – namely, in five kinds of oak (natural, champagne stained, moka stained, grey stained, and smoke stained); three kinds of walnut (natural, moka stained, and dark stained); ebony, and grey sukupira. This gives you plenty of choices when it comes to deciding among colors and textures of wood. In the optional drawer unit, frontal parts could be veneered either in natural oak, American walnut, grey sukupira, or ebony.

Among other options is padding of the wardrobe’s top and bottom panes, inner side panels, and the shelf in quality linen (you will be asked to choose between white or taupe colors). And, of course, you will be offered optional motion-activated LED lights. Bellavista Collection provides this feature for all its wardrobes, because it’s extremely convenient, especially in a bedroom.

 Custom-made details

Along with options listed on the brand’s website, Bellavista offers its customers an opportunity to order custom-made and bespoke items and details. If you are in search of something really exclusive, just contact the brand’s team, explain what exactly you want – and in some time you will have it made. What about monogrammed coat hangers? Or would you prefer to have your family crest engraved, carved or stamped on a hanger or any detail of Bellavista’s furniture piece? The brand will gladly translate your ideas into reality.


MI SERVO Valet: Stylishness as It Is

When talking about coat hangers from Bellavista, it’s impossible to ignore the piece that not only serves for hanging clothes, but also will make your room look truly luxurious and fashionable. It is MI-SERVO, a valet (a.k.a. a clothes tree, a coat tree, or a coat-and-hat stand), designed in 2019.

Thanks to sophisticated design from Attilio Zanni – Bellavista’s co-founder and long-standing chief designer, MI-SERVO is a real attention-grabber. But that is not all: this valet is also a practical piece for a luxurious bedroom. MI-SERVO has a hanger for your shirts and jackets; a special hanger for your pants, plus a small shelf where you can leave little things. Besides, you can put your shoes onto a base at the bottom of the valet. An optional oval mirror on the top, which is about 30 centimeters high, is also pretty handy.

MI-SERVO was showcased at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019 in two versions, and both attracted plenty of attention. It was impossible to say what one looked more spectacular: the one padded in printed leather, or the other one, veneered in glossy ebony. Now Bellavista’s customers are welcome to choose among as many as five variants of the valet: veneered in ebony and grey sukupira (both with or without glossy finish), and padded in gorgeous crocodile embossed leather.

All the metal details of the valet, including the thin frame of the optional mirror, are made of cast brass with grand-looking, shiny ‘Chrome’ finish. The combination of fine wood or prime quality leather with the chrome finish of metal details looks chic and extremely elegant, so the valet will turn heads just like it did at the prestigious trade fair.

As you see, MI-SERVO is a bit more than an article for hanging your clothes on. It is an apparently luxurious piece. This valet will add zest to your bedroom, making it look splendidly indeed.

In other words, MI-SERVO is a great example of beautility – a superb combination of beauty and utilitarian value. Actually, quite the same could be said about all pieces from Bellavista Collection, designed by the brilliant designer Attilio Zanni – from tables, chairs or wardrobes to small items like a coat hanger.




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