S is for Sample and I for imagination: Bellavista Collection Helps Interior Designers Visualize Projects

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S is for Sample and I for imagination: Bellavista Collection Helps Interior Designers Visualize Projects

Professional interior designers and the people who are just furnishing their own rooms are doing at least one thing likewise. They visualize – in one way or another – what they are willing to get as the end result. Some draw sketches on paper, some use special software, but all use their imagination to the full.  

No matter what you prefer, the purpose is the same: to create a clear image in your mind’s eye and start turning what you currently have into what you’re willing to get. And surely, you’ll be making various decisions in the process.

Making these decisions starts with asking yourself lots of questions. Here are just a few of them:

What wood should I choose for the furniture set?

What upholstery material – fabric or leather – will be the best for this particular sofa or that armchair? What color they should be?

Will the upholstery harmonize with the wood species these items are made of?

Will two or more furniture pieces made of different woods harmonize with one another?

And so long, and so forth.

Being a renowned brand that produces prime quality Italian luxury furniture, along with lots of things you definitely need when refurnishing your home, like lighting fixtures, boiserie and many others, Bellavista Collection does understand the needs of all its customers. Their tastes differ greatly; that is why, Bellavista Collection makes almost every its piece available in multiple options.  For instance, all wooden pieces are made of solid wood (usually, it’s Italian poplar), but they can be veneered in multiple wood species. Oak and American walnut, ebony and rosewood, grey sukupira and dark eucalyptus frisè – all these and many other wood species are offered you to choose from.  Along with woods of natural color, there also are numerous variants of stained oak and walnut, which greatly widens the number of available options. Sometimes there are up to a dozen variants of veneering or even more – for a single furniture piece!

The same is true when it comes to upholstery materials – they come in an impressively wide variety. Bellavista’s chairs, sofas, armchairs, ottomans and benches can be upholstered in both fabric and leather, each having lots of variants. For some pieces, you could be offered about half a hundred upholstery materials.

All these leathers and fabrics are so attractive that selecting just one becomes a tricky task. Of course, you can see their images on the pages with product descriptions, but a picture on your screen is just a picture. The real thing may slightly differ from its representation on your monitor (for example, the color could be a bit dissimilar). Besides, images won’t tell you how these materials feel to the touch.

Well, what about looking at these woods, leathers, and fabrics with your own eyes and feeling them with your own fingers?

Now Bellavista Collection offers you such a possibility. The brand’s sample boxes, compact but comprehensive, contain pieces of the materials that are used for manufacturing real items. With such a box, you can not only find out how the particular woods, fabrics or types of leather look, but also how they feel. In the case of leather – even how they smell. Do you like the smell of top-quality leather? Many people do. For them, it’s the smell of stylishness and luxury.

Professional and amateur designers alike will benefit from these sample boxes a lot. Whoever you are, a sample box from Bellavista Collection will serve you as a handy aid for your imagination. To begin with, it will help you visualize the entire range of options you have – all at once.  This opportunity will come in handy each time you have to choose among the multiple options of materials Bellavista brand offers for its pieces.

It makes Bellavista’s sample boxes kind of a tangible preview, which will be especially useful for industry professionals, particularly interior designers and architects. With these sample boxes, they are able to visualize their projects in terms of materials and colors. But that isn’t all. These boxes will enable design professionals to effortlessly convey the essence of their ideas to their customers.  Sample boxes from Bellavista Collection are extremely versatile and suitable for creating mood boards – beautiful, illustrative, and compelling.

Moodboards have long been popular with interior designers, graphic designers, architects, industrial designers, and other creative artists. The usefulness of a moodboard in interior design can hardly be overestimated: it visually illustrates the style, which the designer is going to pursue – with no need for words at all.

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A moodboard serves as such a ‘picture’, helping visually explain multiple issues related to the design project. The use of a moodboard facilitates the dialogue between an interior designer and their customer, making it more productive. Both sides are satisfied. The customer is happy to easily grasp the overall idea and make better decisions, and the designer is glad because they needn’t use special terms and then guess whether they are understood right.

In short, for a trade professional, a mood board serves as a visual tool to quickly but clearly explain the overall meaning of a certain idea to customers, whose occupations most often are far from design.

Such a visual presentation guarantees mutual understanding between the interior designer and their customer from the very first stage of the project. In other words, when they both are building castles in the air, it’s a good idea to check whether their castles look the same or at least similar. If yes, it could save plenty of time, nerve and effort – and will ensure that this customer will be satisfied. And nobody will argue that customer satisfaction is the primary goal of every provider of any product or service, be it Bellavista Collection brand or numerous designers who are using Bellavista’s pieces in projects of their own.

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