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One More Dream of a Home in Bellavista Style: A New Concept from Attilio Zanni

People who love top-quality designer furniture, are extremely likely to know about Bellavista Collection – the brand that specializes mostly in manufacturing Italian luxury furniture. And, of course, they have definitely heard of Attilio Zanni, whose talent has turned a family-owned furniture factory named Casa Zeta into a renowned brand.  This genius of a designer devoted a considerable part of his life to creating amazing pieces this brand has long been known for.

But no talent works alone. Mr. Zanni not only has been communicating with gifted contemporary architects and artists, sharing ideas and gaining inspiration from one another’s works. From time to time, he works together with famous interior designers all over the world, from the USA to South-Eastern Asia, and, of course, Italy – his beloved homeland. Each time such collaboration turns out to be mutually fruitful and beneficial.

Designers know only too well that every interior should always be perceived as an inseparable whole. That’s the sine qua non condition for creating something really praiseworthy. If you take a look at the items designed by Attilio Zanni (just browse through them at Bellavista Collection’s website), you’ll see how easily they combine with one another. Not only can anyone pick a complete set of furniture for a chic home here, but also get hold of numerous things no home can do without. On the Bellavista’s website you will find a great variety of lighting fixtures of all shapes, sizes, and styles; mirrors to fit every taste; boiserie to give the walls elegant look, not to mention solely decorative items like cast bronze statuettes.

Actually, each time Bellavista Collection showcases its new pieces at a prestigious trade event, visitors can see how easy to mix and match the pieces from this brand could be.  Since 2010, the company has been participating in trade fairs at least twice a year (well, except the notorious 2020). Be it Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan or Maison et Objet in Paris, the Bellavista’s exhibitor booth always resembles a luxurious apartment. It is fully furnished exclusively with Bellavista’s exhibits, with not a single piece from any other producer.

This approach is applied in Bellavista’s showroom as well – by the way, right now, it’s the only place where you can see the 2020 collection live. The showroom is located at the same site as the company’s office and workshops – in the province of Brescia, not far from Milan.

Since Attilio Zanni has great experience in furnishing various premises from A to Z, no wonder that architects and interior designers seek cooperation with him. What is more, Attilio Zanni is the head of the brand’s technical studio, where a team of designers create complete virtual interiors using 3D view tools. Long gone are the times when designers and architects had just a pencil and a sheet of paper. Now computer-generated house interiors look absolutely real.

The most recent design, which Attilio Zanni is justifiably proud of (although the works are still going on), is a project for a house in Franciacorta. Created within CASA BELLAVISTA concept, this luxurious villa with a lush garden and an inside swimming pool could well be called the epitome of beauty and splendor, so chic it is.

Magnificence in Every Detail

The site chosen for this project is a picturesque place in Franciacorta, a wine-producing area in the province of Lombardy, Northern Italy. Top-quality sparkling wines from Franciacorta are valued all over the world, so this region is a great tourist destination.

Surrounded by a lovely garden, this villa has been conceived as an ideal place to have a wonderful time. Everything in this villa’s concept serves the only purpose – to let its residents or guests relax and enjoy life to the full. How often we lack it!

Let’s take kind of a virtual walk and look around the project of this splendid villa.

After passing through the fashionably-looking and spacious ante-room, you’ll enter the living area, so beautiful and well-thought-out that you won’t call it anything else than a home with a capital H.

A cozy living room to throw parties or enjoy peace of mind, a dining room to have tasty meals accompanied by excellent local vine, and the kitchen to cook when you feel like it… Isn’t it appealing? A large fireplace in the center for gazing at an open fire – or grilling whatever you want on it…  Doesn’t it sound like the vacation of a lifetime?  This villa has been designed specially for people who love to spend time with their loved ones.

Views from the villa’s large windows are magnificent. The courtyard – or, better to say, patio – is a dream of a place to drink your first cup of coffee in the morning or spend evenings gazing at stars. By the way, the lovely furniture you can see there, was created especially for this patio.  These pieces belong to the new outdoor collection, which hasn’t been displayed anywhere yet, but the company is considering to present it to the public soon.

A good number of the furniture pieces you can see here are custom-made, and so are boiserie and doors.

Both outdoor and indoor spaces are furnished in the same recognizable style, which well deserves the name of ‘Bellavista Collection style’. Its distinctive features are timeless beauty and elegance, combined with practicability and durability. Seemingly simple outlines, harmony in every detail, natural materials in a wide variety, and top quality of each piece – that’s what Bellavista style is all about.

That’s why new items from Bellavista Collection instantly grab attention. People realize that creating a perfect home is possible; what is more, it is rather simple – with the help of Bellavista Collection, of course. The brand produces everything you’ll need for it.

Take a look at the images of this remarkable project created within the concept named CASA BELLAVISTA (the word ‘Casa’ stands for ‘a house’). Do you like how its interior looks and feels? You can well create such beauty yourself. So, look through the remarkable pieces at the brand’s website, or visit its showroom – and start fashioning your own perfect home in the inimitable style, which Bellavista Collection has long been famous for.

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