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One More Brilliant Ensemble from Bellavista Collection for your Living Room

When we buy a sofa, a chair, a table, etc. – it goes without saying that this furniture piece won’t be the only one in the room. There will be others as well. Actually, interior design has everything to do with combining them, creating ensembles that are perceived as a complete and harmonious whole.

Pieces from Bellavista Collection, a well-known brand that designs and manufactures Italian luxury furniture, are special indeed. They all are made of top-quality materials and look gorgeous, but that isn’t all. The pieces from this brand are designed so masterfully that you can freely mix them with one another, constructing numerous furniture sets that will suit any needs. Bellavista’s customers do appreciate it.

By the way, the brand has its own design department – or, better say, studio. It is headed by Attilio Zanni – the chief designer and co-founder of the company. Bellavista’s studio can boast of lots of successfully completed projects; you can see a selection of them in the separate section of the brand’s website named CASA BELLAVISTA Projects.

Some of these projects have been brought into life, while others remain as sets of high-resolution images on Bellavista’s site or its accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz. You are welcome to browse through them and use these images as a source of fresh ideas for furnishing your home.

Let’s take a look at one of such combinations of furniture, which will be a perfect fit for a comfortable living-room, making it look really luxurious.

This set includes a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table, a console table, a side table, a table lamp, and a floor lamp – all designed in Bellavista Collection, of course. These pieces go extremely well together, in spite of being created in different years.

Dulcechina sofa and Mao console table, for example, belong to the Orient-inspired 2018 collection called Dulcechina. These 12 remarkable pieces are placed in the same-named section of the brand’s website.

AMELIE table lamp was designed in 2013; it was first showcased at Maison et Objet – a prestigious trade event held in Paris. AMELIE is a years-long bestseller, extremely popular with customers. So are TOSCA floor lamp, presented at Maison et Objet in 2015 and AMBROSS side table, which was ‘born’ in 2011.

As to CLUBCAFE’ coffee table and PYPER armchair, these items are from the most recent collection – 2020/2021.

But whenever these Bellavista’s items were created, all of them look grand and harmonize with one another.

Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable pieces.

AMELIE table lamp is 76.5 cm (30.1 in.) high; its elegant antique brass structure perfectly matches the classic-looking lampshade, which is 50 cm (19.7 inches) in diameter and made of beige viscose. The opaline plexiglass light screen adds zest to the overall appearance of the lighting fixture.  This lamp looks really grand.

So is AMBROSS – a side table, which has a handy removable tray. The table itself isn’t large – it’s just 50×50 centimeters (19.7×19.7 inches) and 52 centimeters (20.5 inches) high. Its metal structure is available in three grand-looking finishes: Bellavista’s favorite ‘antique bronze’, elegant ‘polished black nickel’, and the ‘brandy’ finish – the recent addition to the brand’s assortment. The veneering options for the wooden top (i.e., the removable tray) include ebony and moka stained ashwood.

CLUBCAFE’ coffee table is a great pick for a living room of any size. The table is available in as many as five size options. Three of them are square, and two are rectangular, which means that you have plenty of choices. Along with using just one CLUBCAFE table, you can make a bigger table out of several ones, because the height of four options out of five is the same – 37 centimeters (14.6 inches). It will come in handy if your living-room is large.

The structure of CLUBCAFE is wooden; it could be made of either cognac-stained oak or carbone larch. As to the tabletop, you are welcome to choose among seven colors and two kinds of attractive finish called ‘Nuances Bellavista Collection’: matte lacquer and glossy lacquer.

The design of DULCECHINA sofa and MAO console table bear traits of Oriental motifs, so they look extremely elegant. The lovely pattern woven from Vienna straw on the top of MAO table instantly turns attention. So do elegant lines of the structure, available in seven kinds of wood (natural and stained oak and American walnut).

Dark moka stained oak base and light-colored fabric upholstery of DULCECHINA sofa go extremely well together. In addition, this sofa is offered in three size options that differ in width – namely, 208, 258 and 308 cm. centimeters wide (which is 81.9, 101.6 in., and 121.3 inches respectively.)  Depending on the width, this sofa comes with 2, 3 or 4 backrest cushions with removable covers.

Quite like the above-mentioned two items from Dulcechina Collection, PYPER looks quite unpretentious, but this simplicity is so well-thought-out that results in grace and sophistication. There actually are two PYPERs: an armchair and a loveseat, and each of these models could be an excellent addition to your living-room. Both are pretty spacious and cozy: the armchair is it’s 93 centimeters (36.6 inches) wide, and the loveseat is 163 cm (364.2 in.) wide.

TOSCA floor lamp will favorably complement either sofa or an armchair, creating a comfy nook for reading. The design of TOSCA looks classic. Its structure is made of cast brass with the hammered antique bronze finish, which goes so well with the linen or silk lampshade. As to the voltage, you needn’t worry if you are from the USA: along with European 220V/ 50 HZ, there is option for US customers – 110V / 60 HZ.

All in all, a living room furnished with these pieces will be chic and comfortable at the same time. Actually, this ensemble is one of many:  you can create numerous combinations yourself. Whenever you need top-quality designer furniture for your home, you can rely on Bellavista Collection: it’s a real treasure trove when it comes to finding really outstanding furniture pieces.

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