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Bellavista Collection Will Showcase Exquisite Lighting Fixtures with LEDs at the Upcoming iSaloni

You needn’t be an expert in interior design to realize that well-thought-out lighting plays a crucial role in furnishing a home. And so do various lamps that perfectly blend into the overall look of every room. Lamps not only provide sufficient illumination for tasks such as reading, cooking, or working – they also can be used to highlight artwork and decor elements, creating focal points and emphasizing textures and colours. Well-chosen lighting affects people’s well-being and mood, enhancing productivity, ensuring good relaxation, and even improving sleep quality. So, when planning how your room will look like, you should carefully choose lamps to achieve all your aesthetic and functional goals.

Bellavista Collection has always realized this. In addition to a great variety of Italian luxury furniture pieces, it offers a variety of lighting fixtures, so that you could compose a complete ensemble for your room in impressive Bellavista style.

What is more, Salone del Mobile (often called simply ‘iSaloni’) – the world’s largest furniture fair, held in Milan, Italy, hosts a separate collateral biennial event, devoted to all aspects of lighting. Named Euroluce, this trade exhibition features a diverse range of lighting products, including chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps, wall sconces, outdoor lighting solutions, and many more. Euroluce attracts lots of architects, designers, lighting professionals, as well as design enthusiasts from around the world. Euroluce offers an opportunity to explore the latest trends, technologies, and ideas in lighting design, and to network with industry peers and experts.

Euroluce is an unmissable event for anyone interested in lighting and its impact on interior design and architecture. There’s no doubt that Bellavista’s representatives will visit Euroluce, while presenting their own showpieces at the Salone del Mobile, especially since there will be a good number of lighting fixtures among the brand’s showpieces. Should you be in Milan between April 8 and 23, you have a great opportunity to see all Bellavista’s exhibits at Xlux section, Hall 3, stand E-21.

Lamps and Furniture from Bellavista Equipped with LEDs

When it comes to lighting, a good share of consumers, not to mention interior designers, first think of LEDs rather than of good old incandescent light bulbs. There are several reasons for it.

LED lights offer a few good advantages over traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs: energy efficiency, longer lifespan, no warm up time, to name a few. LEDs use way less energy to produce the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs, resulting in lower electricity bills and reduced environmental impact. LED lights are also more durable, as they are less prone to damage from shocks, vibrations, and temperature changes. They also last longer, typically up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, which means less waste – a great concern nowadays. What is more, LEDs are mercury-free, in contrast to some fluorescent light bulbs. All in all, switching to LEDs is a good idea if you want to save money, energy, and reduce your environmental footprint. Millions of people have done it already, and even more are going to.

Bellavista Collection meets the steadily growing demand by applying motion activated or touch activated LED lighting in its furniture pieces, such as sideboards, wardrobes, and bar units.

And, of course, many Bellavista’s lamps use LED light bulbs.

Lamps in Bellavista’s Booth at the Salone 2023

Bellavista is going to showcase a number of remarkable designer lamps at the 2023 edition of Salone del Mobile. The event will take place this April – from 18 to 23 April, to be precise.

Along with years-old Bellavista’s bestsellers, such as OLYMPIA, BUTTERFLY, CAROL, DALIA and ISABELLA, the Salone visitors will see complete novelties. For example, the luxurious chandelier FRANCIACORTA, decorated with selenite crystals, in the bedroom area will definitely attract everyone’s attention. It takes its name from the project that inspired it. So will the elegant floor lamp PALMAREAL, for the dining area, with its structure made of metal and fine wood.

Besides, there will be three recently designed LED lamps from 2022 collection. Two are sconces named STILIO and OLIVIA, and the third one – STARGATE – is the chandelier, chosen for the dining zone of Bellavista’s exhibitor booth.

Let’s take a look at these LED-equipped trio.

STILO and OLIVIA sconces are very beautiful, in spite of being impressively diverse in appearance. STILO has an elongated structure, made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish. Being 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) tall but only 6 centimeters wide and 5.4 centimeters deep (2.36 and 2.2 inches respectively), this sconce boasts a minimalistic yet elegant design that effortlessly blends into any room. Equipped with a 4-watt LED light, it provides ample illumination for a small bedroom or a cozy nook where you have a good rest.

OLIVIA sconce is offered in three distinct variants: its cast brass structure could be covered in either bronzed finish, blackened finish or Olivia polished black finish; all three are refined by hand. Quite like STILO, OLIVIA seamlessly integrates into any interior decor. In fact, all three variants of OLIVIA sconce perfectly complement each other, making them a great designer choice for a cohesive room design. Measuring at 17.6 x 14.1 centimeters (7 x 5.6 inches) and 37 centimeters (14.6 inches) high, OLIVIA comes with a standard supply package that includes a 5.5-watt LED light.

STARGATE chandelier looks absolutely stunning! The lampshade is made up of four rings, two crafted from rich walnut wood, and the other two made from cast brass finished in an antique bronze. Its unique design is both stylish and eye-catching, guaranteed to grab anyone’s attention.

The chandelier comes equipped with a strip LED (2700k, 76w), which is available in two options to suit 110 and 220V power grids. Well, the latter could be said about all lighting fixtures designed and produced in Bellavista Collection. It means that no matter where you live – be it in Europe (220V) or the USA (110V) – you can be sure that any fixture you choose will be suitable for your home.

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