Inspired by Nature: DIAPASON Dining Table from 2020 Collection

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Inspired by Nature: DIAPASON Dining Table from 2020 Collection

The year 2020 is definitely special for Bellavista Collection, and so are this year’s showpieces. Although they most likely won’t be showcased at trade fairs this year due to the notorious COVID-19 pandemic, these pieces of Italian luxury furniture are well worth your attention.

It’s a pity that this year’s edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile – the largest-scale, the oldest and the most prestigious trade fair for furniture makers – has been cancelled. Also, little is known whether one of the editions of the bi-annual Maison et Objet will take place. Maybe, the edition that’s usually scheduled for autumn will be held. It depends on whether the wily infection will be curbed by that time.

But anyway, 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the Bellavista Collection brand, so the 2020 collection will be presented to the public online – by placing photos and info on the website. Very soon you’ll be able to see these items and even order the ones you like most.

A Hymn to Natural Beauty

As you probably long have noticed, every time Bellavista’s showpieces are exhibited at trade events, they are united under a particular general idea. Each time this concept is different.

For instance, in 2018, this collection was inspired by Oriental motifs. Even names of its 12 pieces – as you know, the Chinese Zodiac contains the same number of signs – are related to China. The collection itself, a sofa and a bench from it are named Dulcechina (‘Dulce’ is a Spanish word for ‘sweet’). A magnificent arm-chair is called Shanghai, and a coffee table made entirely of marble is named Pechino, i.e. Beijing, the capital of China. Dulcechina collection was showcased at both Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and Maison et Objet in Pari; it scored such a success that all its items have been bestsellers ever since. As a result, the 2018 collection was placed in a separate section of the brand’s website – for the visitors to find it quickly.

In 2019, the idea was quite different. It was ‘Dolce Vita’ – the concept most people have heard of; many people still remember this buzz phrase from the last decades of the XX century. In a nutshell, dolce vita is all about living life to the full, enjoying every bit of it, getting pleasure from everything, including beautiful things. Well, what appeared glamourous then, now seems kind of naïve, but traits of those days’ design trigger positive emotions and make lots of people – those who remember – feel a little nostalgic. Maybe, that’s why visitors of Bellavista’s exhibitor booth at Salone 2019 were leaving it with smiles on their faces.

DIAPASON Dining Table

The latest collection, created in 2020, is united under the idea of venerating Nature – its Beauty, its Harmony. Every item from this collection reflects this idea to the full. Let’s take a look at one of them.

The eye-catching dining table named DIAPASON apparently illustrates the concept of Bellavista’s 2020 collection. It’s clear at a glance that the design of this table is nature-inspired. At first sight, it may look plain, but this simplicity is well-thought-out. Thick wooden details leave impression of indestructibility – well, it isn’t just an impression: this piece is durable indeed. It will well serve its owners for decades.

The rich texture of the wood is purposefully highlighted. DIAPASON is made of solid wood, with a variety of veneering options available. One of them – Cognac stained oak – is a novelty of 2020. Its hue resembles that of dark honey or mature cognac, looks appealing and feels somehow warm. Among other woods are smoke stained oak, with its attractive greyish shade, and very dark brown moka stained walnut.

What is more, you can order DIAPASON with a lovely marble top insert, if you wish. The kind of marble it is made of – Arabescato Gray marble – is also a novelty of 2020. It looks quite smart thanks to a mix of grey, reddish, and white swirls, interspersing with darker grey veins. This marble will easily blend into any interior thanks to its gentle, soft colors.

One more optional addition is metal details for the table’s legs. They are made of cast brass with antique the bronze finish – one more material widely used at Bellavista. No wonder: it looks really gorgeous and splendidly harmonizes with other materials.

As for the size of this remarkable dining table, there are two variants available that differ in length: 250 and 300 cm (98.4 and 118.1 inches respectively). Both are 74 cm. (29.1in.) high and 105 cm. (41.3 in.)  wide. As you see, both dining tables are pretty sizeable – they will be an equally good fit for an extended family and joyous parties.

In fact, each of the new collection’s pieces deserves a separate article – so impressive they are. Patterned fabrics, lively colors, combinations of materials revealing their natural beauty – all this you will find in this collection. Some shapes seem to be borrowed directly from Nature (just take a look at CHAMPIGNON coffee table or the cast bronze structure of DALIA table lamp). All these pieces are about to appear at Bellavista Collection’s website. So, check it from time to time – this year’s collection is really special!

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