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From August 7 to 22 Bellavista Collection’s Staff Will Be on Vacation

It’s not surprising that all people – even those who love their jobs – look forward to their holidays every year. The annual leave is supposed to give everyone an opportunity to relax their mind and take time out from the daily routine. And it certainly does: remember how joyful and vigorous you are when you come back home after vacation!

If asked about the most preferable season for the annual holiday, most people will name summer, with July and especially August being the most desirable time. It’s also quite predictable.

For example, in Italy, August is an extremely hot month: the day air temperatures usually are somewhere between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius (86-95°F) in the shade. Scorching heat turns daily work into a challenge. So, why not let the entire workforce have their well-deserved rest and spend time in more comfortable conditions? Lots of Italian businesses, especially relatively small family-run firms, agree with it and traditionally have a collective summer break in August.

So does Bellavista Collection, the brand whose Italian luxury furniture is well known all over the world. Bellavista does care for its employees’ well-being, that’s why it’s putting all the personnel on leave in August – usually for two weeks, give or take.  Last year, for example, this summer break was from August 8 to 23, in 2019 – from August 10 to 25, and in 2018 – from August 11 to 26. This year the entire staff will be on holiday from August 7 to 22. Thus, Friday, August 6, will be the last working day at Bellavista Collection’s workshops and offices. Employees will return there on Monday, August 23.

There is one more motive for doing so: in every Bellavista’s workshop, there are key specialists, who are very difficult or even impossible to replace. If the manufacturing process goes on, while these valuable professionals are on vacation, problems are inevitable, which is unacceptable for Bellavista Collection – the brand known for the highest quality of each piece. The variant when all the staff goes on holiday at the same time, surely is a good way out. What makes it even more reasonable is that the brand’s business partners, particularly suppliers of raw materials, do exactly the same: their personnel have a summer break at about the same time every year.

That is why, Bellavista Collection informs all its customers, both existing and prospective, that from August 7 to 22 the workshops will be closed and the manufacturing process will be temporarily ceased. For customers it means that if you order some piece from Bellavista Collection shortly before the summer break – say, in early August, most likely, it will be shipped to you in September. However, the brand’s website will be available as usual, and you are welcome to place orders. They will be received and processed as usual, and the pieces you order will be produced and delivered to your address. The only difference is that manufacturing your pieces will take about two weeks longer than it would take if you placed your order, say, in July or September.

Bellavista’s Plans for Summer 2021

Along with having fun during the time off, the brand has lots of serious plans for this summer. Attilio Zanni, Bellavista Collection’s co-founder and the chief designer, has several important projects to work on. Being equally good both at product design and creating whole interiors, Attilio Zanni frequently works out complete designs for luxurious villas, holiday homes, and apartments, not to mention public places like hotels and restaurants. One of these projects – ‘Villa in Franciacorta’ – included working out a number of solutions for an outdoor area and a swimming pool.

Villa in Franciacorta is worth taking a closer look at. You can see the images related to this project, along with lots of other ones, in a separate section of the website named CASA BELLAVISTA Projects. By the way, ‘Casa’ means ‘a house’. Numerous interiors diverse but equally chic and beautiful, may serve you as a source of inspiration when you are in search of ideas. Browse through this section and enjoy wonderful designs in inimitable Bellavista style!

‘Villa in Franciacorta’ project is a comprehensive design of a truly luxurious villa with a swimming pool and a sizable patio.  Generally speaking, this splendid villa was created as a perfect place for having a delightful time.

As to the furnishings, the villa is full of customized and bespoke pieces. Some of the furniture, boiserie and even doors you won’t see anywhere else. Also, some of Bellavista’s pieces that have already become bestsellers were also used here. If you take a deeper look at pictures of this villa’s design, you will surely recognize them: OSCAR, CHAMPIGNON, and SAN FRANCISCO side tables; SAN FRANCISCO dining table, PIGALLE bookcase, BITTA pouf, NARCISO planter, SYRUS candle holder, IGNIS sconce, to name a few.

The villa’s spacious c courtyard is furnished with remarkable pieces created specially for this project. By the way, the new outdoor collection these items belong to, is almost finished and will soon be presented to the public.

After this project, there will be more ensembles for outdoor areas and swimming pools from Bellavista Collection. The brand’s design department headed by Attilio Zanni is planning several exciting new projects related to open-air places.

It means that after the summer break these talented designers will be working on the novelties, some of which will be showcased at 2022 trade events. The most-awaited of them definitely is the next, sixtieth, edition of the Salone del Mobile, which will take place in April 2022.

So, all Bellavista’s employees, from designers and workshop professionals, in August will be having rest and recharging their energies to come back refreshed and full of new ideas. These ideas will be turned into new products, which will make customers’ homes look chic and feel comfy – as pieces from this brand usually do.


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