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Every Meal Becomes a Feast: Bellavista Collection Offers Dining Tables with a Lazy Susan

When it comes to furnishing houses and apartments, tastes do differ. However, there are things that still are a must-have, even if you are a fan of the ultra-minimalistic design. A dining table is one of them.

Joyous parties and family gatherings; romantic candlelit dinners and day-to-day breakfasts – all they take place at a dining table. People usually eat (at least) thrice a day, so no home can do without this furniture piece.

If you want your home to be perfect from A to Z, take a look at dining tables from Bellavista Collection – a well-known producer of Italian luxury furniture. Dining tables from this brand always are of top quality, and their tasteful design will satisfy even the most fastidious customer.

Attilio Zanni, the brilliant designer who has created most of the Bellavista Collection’s items (being the brand’s co-founder, by the way), is a unique professional. He masterfully combines the exquisiteness of shapes and lines with utilitarian value of the entire item, never sacrificing one for the another.

In particular, the dining tables he has designed are equally pleasant to look at and seat at. In addition, there is a device that makes some of these tables a perfect choice for everyone who loves throwing parties. It’s known under the name of Lazy Susan.

Who is Susan and Why She’s Lazy

Lazy Susans are revolving trays, used for distributing food among diners. These units are common in Chinese restaurants, in spite of being an American invention. Usually, lazy Susans are round and could be either placed onto a tabletop or integrated into it.  Known from the 1700s, these devices enjoyed two waves of popularity in the 20th century: in the 1900s and the 1950-60s. In fact, it is not until the 1900s that they were called Lazy Susans, being referred to as “butler’s assistants”, “serviettes”, or “dumbwaiters”.

But why Susan anyway? There are speculations about the origin of this name, but most of them seem to be a legend rather than fact.

Some people believe that Lazy Susan was invented by President Thomas Jefferson. Some attribute it to Thomas Edison, the famous scientist and inventor. The only thing we can say for sure that both had daughters named Susan.

The third idea sounds closer to the truth: this self-service gadget was called ‘Susan’ just because Susan was the common name of a maid. It might as well have been called lazy Jane, lazy Kate, or lazy Mary…  But why “lazy”? Probably because it helped servants a lot. If not for it, live Susans would have to work much harder during dinners.

Nowadays dining tables with a lazy Susan are quite widespread, although they are not so popular as half a century ago. They come in really handy at dinner parties and soirees, family gatherings and informal get-togethers. Bellavista Collection offers such tables.

Two Tables from Bellavista

For example, let’s take a look at two round dining tables named OLIVER (designed in 2020) and S. FRANCISCO ROUND-LAZY SUSAN. The former could be equipped with a lazy Susan upon request, while the latter has such a device fully integrated into its tabletop.

OLIVER belongs to the latest collection, which was devoted to celebrating the Beauty of Nature. That’s why this table can boast of an exquisite inlay that highlights the texture of natural wood, forming a lovely pattern on the top. The same pattern you can see on the optional Lazy Susan. Besides, this table has a flower-like central detail, used both for attaching the Lazy Susan and as a decoration.  This detail is made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish. So is one of the leg’s parts; the other one is in solid botticino marble. The table is 74 cm. (29.1 in.) high, with its top 185 cm. (72.8 in.) in diameter.

Both the tabletop and the lazy Suzan are wooden, with as many as ten veneering wood options to choose from. Different kinds of oak and walnut, natural and stained, are available, plus grey sukupira – a really attractive wood species, which Bellavista’s craftsmen like a lot.

FRANCISCO ROUND-LAZY SUSAN is offered in eight lovely-looking wood options: seven kinds of oak and walnut plus grey larch. Feet and details are made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish. The tabletop could be 180, 200 and 260 cm in diameter (70.9, 78.7, and 102.3 inches respectively.) All three models are 75cm. high (29.5 in.).

A Circle in a Square: Custom-Made Tables

Bellavista Collection is well-known not only for multiple options available for almost every piece, but also for its remarkable custom-made items. When a customer has their own idea of how their table should look or what it should be made of, Bellavista’s craftsmen gladly turn this idea into a real product.

One of such projects was a tailor-made THOMAS dining table. By the way, this table was designed by Carlos and Gerard Pascal – well-known architects, who are good friends of Attilio Zanni and long-term business partners of Bellavista Collection brand.

The client wanted THOMAS to be square-shaped with a marble Lazy Susan. If you look at the description of this piece at Bellavista Collection’s website, you’ll see that usually it is either rectangular (with three size options available for the tabletop) or round (with two sizes), and it doesn’t have a lazy Susan. Nevertheless, Bellavista’s skilled artisans worked out a new beautiful piece, and the client was completely satisfied.

So, if you love any of the brand’s items, but want it to be truly unique, you can always rely on professionals Bellavista Collection. Different sizes, materials, changes made to the structure – nothing is impossible for them. Customizing the brand’s products, making them ideally suitable for a particular interior, is an inseparable part of their work. It means that if you like some Bellavista’s dining table but want it, say, to have a lazy Susan installed – feel free to contact the company and ask for it. With such a table, every meal will turn into a feast!

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