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Designed in 2019, Stay Popular in 2022: a Perfect Ensemble of a Luxurious Bedroom Set

Fashion is changeable, but genuine beauty is timeless. Style of Bellavista Collection – the brand whose Italian luxury furniture is created with longevity in mind – never goes out of vogue, and for a good reason. The brand has always preferred timeless beauty and classic elegance to volatile trends of fashion. So, Bellavista’s pieces stay popular, whenever they were designed. Considering the fact that the brand was founded in 2010, its inventory contains some items that are more than a decade old – and yet in high demand.

Excellent combinability also makes pieces from Bellavista Collection stand out. In spite of being created separately, Bellavista’s pieces easily form sets that look admirable.

Let’s take a look at just one such combination. What about VENICE bed with a couple of MIAMI nightstands by its sides, plus LILLIGRE bench, and AGATA sconces on the wall? Exactly this set was displayed at Salone del Mobile 2019.

Bellavista’s exhibitor booth contained four areas, furnished as if they were real rooms. The above-mentioned pieces were showcased in the bedroom zone.

By the way, Bellavista’s exhibits at the Salone 2019 were united under an amazing general idea – Dolce vita – “Sweet life”, if translated directly from Italian into English. This expression became a buzz phrase in the last three decades of the XX century. This concept is pretty difficult to put into words, but easy to feel.  In a nutshell, dolce vita is all about enjoying life, getting pleasure from every minute of it. Federico Fellini’s famous movie “La dolce vita” brilliantly captured this air of joy and happiness.

VENICE illustrates the very idea of dolce vita to a tee, so luxurious and comfy this bed is. It not only looks grand but also is offered in three size options to choose from. This bed could be 210 centimeters (82.7 inches), 250 centimeters (98.4 inches), or 270 centimeters (106.3 inches) wide.

When you order VENICE bed, you have plenty of choices. Along with three sizes, there are optional features like motion-activated LED lights and the detail in the box spring lower frame, which could be made of brass with an antique bronze finish, if you wish.

As to the upholstery, you’ll be first asked to decide between leather and fabric. Each option in its turn is available in multiple variants. For example, leather for upholstery could be of categories P1, P3, and P3 nubuck. Each comes in a variety of colors. The leather of category P1, in particular, could be of as many as 30 colors.  The category P3 includes 11 colors and shades, and P3 nubuck – 13.

Upholstery fabrics for VENICE could be of categories A, B, C, Lux and Extra Lux.

But that isn’t all. One more option is to provide your own material. So, you can customize this bed according to your requirements, preferences or even whims.

When furnishing their bedrooms, people often place a nightstand beside the bed – to put various little things into and onto it. What about MIAMI nightstand? It’s elegant, practical, and comes in lots of options as well.  Its wooden outside structure is available in eleven wood species, which means you will be choosing among eleven differently-looking MIAMIs. If you love exotic species, consider chic-looking ebony, rosewood, dark Tanganyika frisè, dark eucalyptus frisè, or grey sukupira. If you prefer good old oak or walnut, there are six kinds of these woods, natural and stained. The inside parts in all the variants are made of lovely honey-colored maple.

Love natural beauty of marble? For MIAMI, marble top insets are offered as an option, so you can pick one of five kinds of marble. What one do you like best – classic-looking white Calacatta, nice light-colored Agra, almost black Pulpis, or Emperador Dark Brown, the name of which is so self-explanatory? Or would you prefer greyish Grigio Striato Elegante, with its impressive stripes? Remarkably dissimilar yet equally beautiful, these marbles will add a touch of luxury to the overall look of your bedroom.

What is more, MIAMI bedside table comes in two sizes, depending on the number of drawers: there could be either two or three.

The variant with two drawers is 75×48 centimeters (29.5×18.9 inches) and 52 centimeters (20.5 inches) high. The three-drawer nightstand is 78 centimeters (30.7in.) high, 130 centimeters (51.2 in.) wide and 53 centimeters (20.9 in.)  deep. If you wish, the drawers will have handy removable trays.

Unlike VENICE and MIAMI, created in 2019, LILLIGRE bench belongs to 2020-2021 collection.

It is also designed in the inimitable style Bellavista Collection has been known for: seemingly simple, but refined and elegant.

LILLIGRE’s metal feet, coated with a blackened finish, perfectly harmonize with either fabric or leather upholstery. Leather comes in three categories and numerous colors: Category P1 includes as many as thirty! Black, dark green, yellow, red, blue, as well as multiple shades of gray and brown – picking just one will be a tricky task. And that’s not counting 10 colors from category P3 (black, beige, shades of brown and gray) and 13 colors from Category 3 nubuck, with the same colors as P3 plus yellow and greyish pink.

What is more, this bench has two size options. The smaller one is 137.4 centimeters (54.1 inches) wide 47.4 centimeters (18.7 inches) deep and 48 centimeters (18.9 inches) high. If it’s too narrow for you, take a look at another one, which is wider, deeper, and a bit lower. It’s 177,4 centimeters (69.8 inches) wide, 72.4 centimeters (28.5 inches) deep and 42 centimeters (16.5 inches) high. For this variant, roll pillows are available as an option whereas the feet in cast brass, refined by hand, as available for the smaller version.

Sconces are pretty popular lighting fixtures for bedrooms.  AGATA sconce, designed in 2019, will be a great fit for almost any room, whatever style you prefer. Elegant lines of its structure, made of brass with a noble-looking antique bronze finish, and white matte glass of the diffuser give it a really stylish look.

In fact, it was just one out of countless possible combinations. Be bold and create new sets for your home. With Bellavista Collection, it’s easy! 

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