Creating the Timeless Beauty: Why Bellavista Collection’s Pieces are Special

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Creating the Timeless Beauty: Why Bellavista Collection’s Pieces are Special

When somebody calls some, say, armchair perfect, what do you see in your mind’s eye? Most likely, this imaginary armchair will be well-designed (i.e. equally pleasant to look at and to sit on) and carefully made of quality materials. In other words, it will look like armchairs from Bellavista Collection, whose Italian luxury furniture is known all over the world.

And what is more, the armchair you imagine will be beautiful. But… what is beautiful?

When it comes to armchairs, lavishly decorated baroque, monumental chippendale, or elegant art nouveau items are – and will always be – considered beautiful, in spite of looking increasingly diverse.

It isn’t all about fashion, though. Fashion is changeable: what is in vogue today, will look old-fashioned pretty soon. Really beautiful pieces never go out of style.

Taking the Best from the Past  

Modern producers of high-end furniture such as Bellavista Collection are taking the best from their predecessors – small workshops from the past. Many of the techniques Bellavista uses are centuries (or even millennia) old. It doesn’t mean that everything is done by hand, though.  Machines relieve modern artisans from the most toilsome work, so they can focus on their everyday magic – creating pieces that remember the warmth of craftsmen’s hands.

That’s why in XXI century, in spite of mass production’s dominating most of the market, small family-held businesses have their own niche in high-end furniture making. They offer something that can’t be mass produced: beautiful, meticulously crafted pieces that can serve for decades.

Bellavista’s customers appreciate chic-looking inlays, as well as well-thought-out combinations of materials that reveal the natural beauty of each one. Metal, glass, wood, marble, and other materials combine with one another incredibly well – thanks to the talent of Attilio Zanni, the brand’s chief designer.

The timeless charm of sophisticated design plus the very best natural wood and impeccable craftsmanship – that’s the secret of Bellavista’s success.

Wood Plus Metal, Wood Plus Marble, and More

When it comes to materials, there can be no compromise: only the finest woods, only the top-quality fabrics and leather will be used. Also, Bellavista is well-known for using an extremely wide range of woods for wooden furniture parts. If you browse the company’s website, you’ll notice that the vast majority of pieces are available in a number of wood options – from just a few to as many as a dozen and even more.

For example, GOLDEN BRIDGE sideboard, which was designed in 2018 and turned heads at trade events that year, is available in nine woods. Grand-looking rosewood and ebony, elegant black sycamore and grey sukupira, not to mention oak and American walnut, both natural and stained – customers have plenty of choice. The optional top inset could be made out of three kinds of marble: Breccia Damascata, Calacatta, and Emperador Dark Brown.

APOLLO coffee table, designed in 2019, offers eleven wood options of its top and base. Each of them perfectly harmonizes with gold finish of its metal structure.

In fact, combining metal and wood is one of Bellavista’s strong points.

The lovely rounded pattern and the leaf-shaped handle of LUIS sideboard, metal structures of EIFFEL bookcase and EIFFEL CONSOLE, both strong and attractive-looking; hammered brass legs of TULIPE and TULIPE LOW tables – here are just a few examples of it.

Some of very special metal details come from the artistic foundry, where specialized artisans use millennia-old techniques such as lost wax and sand-casting. Brass sculptures – horses, dogs, rhinos and especially hippos – have already become Bellavista’s calling card.  Some metal details look more like artwork, such as the handle MAN 07, which is shaped as a beautiful naked woman.

Bases for furniture pieces, e.g. LYDIE, MONTMARTRE, and CHANEL, are also cast here.

CHANEL cabinet is also a perfect example of effectively revealing the natural beauty of the wood. The cabinet’s doors are cleverly designed so that the wood grain forms an attractive diamond, with five wood options offering a variety of colors. The hammered cast brass base with antique bronze finish goes well with either of these woods and with marble of the optional top insert (four kinds of marble to choose from).

Inlayed Chessboards

Inlay is surely one of the most impressively-looking techniques. In modern furniture making it is mostly used for decorating luxurious, exquisite furniture pieces. The reason is simple: inlay needs plenty of scrupulous and backbreaking work (although the end result is definitely worth it). Since Bellavista Collection never cuts corners when it comes to creating beautiful pieces, so the brand offers a number of items where this technique is applied.

Look, for example, at two inlayed chessboards (high-end chessboards are traditionally made using this technique): the one from the side table named TOM and one more from LAS VEGAS gaming table.

The TOM’s tabletop could be made of nine woods and four kinds of marble, and if you opt for a chessboard, you should select a variant with a wooden top. The inlay is made of ivory and blue resin. By the way, this side table remains a bestseller ever since 2015, when it was first showcased at Maison&Objet in Paris.

LAS VEGAS, the table designed especially for playing games, was created in 2018. It has two removable boards, one of which is inlaid. One side of this board is for backgammon, the other one is for chess and checkers. Bellavista’s gaming table will be a great choice for everybody who is fond of table games and parties: the chic-looking LAS VEGAS will surely attract everybody’s attention.

Luxury Squared

A makeup station, i.e. furniture piece made specially for putting on make-up, is by all means an article of luxury in itself. So, we can well call a luxurious makeup station – like Bellavista’s AMELIA – luxury squared.

Eye-catching white matte lacquered surface, glossy ebony drawers and partitions, the top covered with prime-quality belting leather of dark chocolate color – everything suggests that AMELIA is genuinely chic.

The structure is designed cleverly indeed. Convenient inside mirrors, handy trays, touch activated LED lights… With AMELIA, doing your face will become a pleasure.

Beauty from the Past

Genuine beauty is timeless. Design of ARTDECO, a hand-carved wooden panel picture, is reminiscent of the first decades of XX century. The sofa named AVUELA (which means ‘Granny’ in Spanish), with its velvet covering and coil springs is as beautiful and cozy as Granny’s sofa used to be. Design of many Bellavista’s items bears the traits of the past but never seems old-fashioned.  That’s what timeless beauty is all about.