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BERTA: Equally Suitable for Homes, Hotels, and Restaurants

For better or worse, modern people spend plenty of time sitting. We sit during meals, when reading, watching TV or playing table games. Many of them have desk work, which means sitting during working hours. So, choosing suitable seats, such as chairs, armchairs, sofas, is very important. Nobody will argue that the right seat must be comfy in the first place, but that isn’t all. It also should look nice and easily blend into the interior design of the room. BERTA dining chair from Bellavista Collection – a renowned manufacturer of Italian luxury furniture – meets all these requirements to the full.

Open the online product catalog (i.e. PRODUCTS section of the brand’s website), select UPHOLSTERED PIECES category and CHAIRS sub-category, and you’ll see BERTA there. This chair belongs to the recent collection, which means that you can also find it in WHAT’S NEW section of the website, together with all other items designed in 2020 and 2021. By the way, this piece has already become a bestseller.

BERTA is an elegant shell chair, with a rounded back and small armrests, or cockpit chair, as such pieces are sometimes called. Its enveloping shape makes BERTA very comfortable to sit on, and its stylish design instantly turns attention.

When describing BERTA, ‘beautility’ is the key word. This graceful chair not only looks grand, but also ensures maximum comfort. It will be a perfect fit for a dining room, for a reading nook in a living room, for a home office – well, wherever you need a cozy and compact seat.

What’s more, its dimensions are pretty suitable for the majority of people. The chair is 77cm. (30.4 in.) high, with the seat height 47 cm (18.5 in), 55 cm. (21.7 in.) wide and 60.9 cm. (24 in.) deep. As you see, BERTA is rather compact but comfortable, which makes it a highly versatile piece, suitable both for homes and public places.

The base of this chair is made of solid ashwood – a lovely-looking wood species widely used in Bellavista Collection. What makes BERTA special is its sophisticated design, with highlighted metal parts. This grand-looking chair has an optional removable rear back and a knob on the side, which also is an unhackneyed and handy detail. Both are made of brass with an antique bronze finish.

As to BERTA’s upholstery, it could be made of fabric, or leather, or even a combination of both, if you wish. There are lots of variants of upholstery available for this piece. Whatever color you prefer, it will be easy to pick the option to match the existing furniture in your room.

For example, fabric for BERTA’S upholstery can be of the following categories: A, B, C, Lux and Extra Lux, with a number of color options in each of them.

If you prefer leather upholstery, you also have plenty of options available. You are welcome to choose among high-quality leather of categories P1, P3, and nubuck (i.e., top-grain leather sanded on the grain side) of category P3.

Colors for leather of category P1 (as many as 30 in total) include yellow, black, three shades of red, three shades of blue, not to mention various shades of brown, beige and gray.

Category P3 leather is available in 11 colors – dark blue, black, gray, and eight shades of beige and brown.

Category P3 nubuck is offered in 13 options – namely, yellow, black, grey, plus various shades of brown and beige.

But that isn’t all. To ensure everybody gets what they need, Bellavista Collection can well use fabric or leather provided by the customer. So, if you want BERTA upholstered in a particular material, feel free to choose any fabric or leather you like and hand it over to Bellavista’s craftsmen. You will get BERTA chair, which will ideally blend into the existing ensemble.

Thanks to its high quality and excellent design, BERTA has already proved to be a great piece not only for homes, but also for various public places.

Since 2010, when Bellavista Collection brand came into existence, it has been readily providing a wide range of quality and nice-looking furniture to hotels, restaurants, vacation homes, etc. The same is true for Casa Zeta, the parent company of Bellavista Collection brand. Since its foundation in 1984, it has taken part in projects related to the hospitality industry.

Both companies have a long list of projects they successfully participated in. No wonder: both have always supplied durable and well-designed furniture made of top-quality materials. It’s clear that pieces intended for a public place must withstand constant wear and tear but remain good-looking for as long as possible. It’s quite natural that designers who create interiors for, say, a luxury restaurant or a five-star hotel room, will choose high-end furniture from a reputable provider. Pieces from the mass market, although cheap, aren’t a good pick here, because luxury means quality in the first place. When quality matters a lot, brands like Bellavista Collection is an optimal choice.

In addition, Bellavista Collection can boast of its own design department, where talented designers create virtual ensembles for different premises, from apartments to luxurious villas or restaurant halls. Attilio Zanni, the head of this department, is a co-founder of the brand. Being himself a brilliant designer, who created most of the brand’s pieces, he knows how to teach young talents and turn them into seasoned professionals.

Want to take a look at the projects created by Bellavista’s design studio? It’s easy! Simply visit the webpage named “Casa Bellavista projects” from the main menu. Alternatively, you can browse through these projects on social networks. Bellavista Collection maintains corporate accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz – an online community of homeowners and trade professionals, who deal with architecture, landscape design, interior design and decorating, and home improvements. You can access these accounts by following links on the Contacts page of the brand’s website. Open any of them – and enjoy high-resolution images of magnificent interiors, furnished with Bellavista pieces, in inimitable Bellavista style.

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