Bellavista Displays Its Precious Collection at MARMOMAC’s BRAND&STONE

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Bellavista Displays Its Precious Collection at MARMOMAC’s BRAND&STONE

Nobody would argue that Nature is a genius of an artist. Flora and fauna serve as an endless source of inspiration for artists and designers. For example, Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s co-founder and chief designer, has repeatedly said that the brand’s latest collection of Italian luxury furniture was inspired by the irresistible charm of Nature. It shows itself not only in the shapes and lines of his designs but also in highlighting the natural beauty of various materials.

In fact, Attilio Zanni has always been good at revealing this beauty – it becomes clear when you look at any piece he has designed ever since 2010 when the Bellavista Collection brand came into existence. He has always been making the most of the lovely texture of natural fine wood, the soft glow of metal, the inimitable grain of prime-quality leather, the sleek surface, and the gorgeous look of marble… Great skill in combining these materials is one more strong point of this remarkable designer.

One of his favorite combinations is wood plus stone and for a good reason. Nature never repeats itself. Every piece of wood and slab of, say, marble is unique, and so is each furniture piece crafted out of them.

The Everlasting Beauty of Stone 

Awe-inspiring green malachite, elegant tiger’s eye, exquisite amethyst, and magnificent Carrara marble – these stones were picked for the newly designed mini-collection of side tables with the self-explaining name I PREZIOSI, which stands for ‘precious’ in Italian.

I PREZIOSI have been displayed at the BRAND&STONE section of MARMOMAC, a reputable trade fair held in Verona, Italy between September 27 and 30. This year, Bellavista Collection has participated in this exhibition for the first time.

MARMOMAC is said to be among the most influential trade events in the stone processing industry. Thousands of trade professionals come to Verona Fiere to learn about the latest technologies, and see the newest machinery and specialized tools that make stone processing quicker and less labor-intensive.

What is more, if you just want to see beautiful things made of stone, this fair is well worth visiting, too. Brand&Stone, a special cultural section within MARMOMAC, showcases a great variety of pieces made of stone, from furniture to wall panels and decorative items. It takes place in the Italian Stone Theatre.

I PREZIOSI: Precious Indeed

Let’s take a quick look at the Bellavista’s I PREZIOSI collection. It unites a number of impressive side tables, made using Carrara marble and decorated with semi-precious stones. These tables were designed by Attilio Zanni and produced in collaboration with two renowned Italian companies: ARTEMARMI, which specializes in marble processing, and DIDONI, a custom jewelry maker.

What unites this group of pieces is the masterful combination of white Carrara marble (the favorite stone of Michelangelo, by the way) with gemstones. And that’s not to mention the brilliant design the Bellavista Collection brand has always been known for.

For example, the top of the side table named FLUT is decorated with malachite – the grand-looking semi-precious stone of emerald green color; its characteristic spots and stripes form a unique pattern. The base of the table is made of the famous Carrara marble. This stone, mostly white, with thin greyish and golden veins, comes from the quarries in the Apuan Alps near the historical city of Carrara. What is special about these quarries is that they have been working since Ancient Roman times, for about two thousand years. As to the design, the overall shape of FLUT somehow reminds a glass turned upside down.

WANDER side table has a handy swiveling top, which is decorated with the tiger’s eye – a lovely gemstone of reddish-brown color with thin golden stripes. The tiger’s eye belongs to the quartz group. Thanks to the chatoyance (or cat’s eye) effect and silky luster, this grand-looking stone is popular all over the world.

The structure of this nice-looking table and the frame of its tabletop top are made of cognac-stained oak. Oak wood is, by all means, beautiful in itself, which makes it one of the most popular species in high-end furniture making. Nevertheless, this eye-pleasing finish was selected for this table because it perfectly harmonizes with both tiger eye and bronze.

This finish was adopted by Bellavista Collection relatively recently: the brand started using it only last year. If you’re wondering what this finish is like, you can visit Bellavista’s website and take a look at the images of, say, OLIVER dining table. By the way, OLIVER was showcased at this year’s edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

The bronze elements not only add zest to the design of WANDER but also conclude its overall look, making it feel complete.

One more side table, MAGGIE, probably is the most luxurious one in this collection. Marble, gold, and gemstones – doesn’t it sound really deluxe?

MAGGIE has an elegant magazine rack, made of Carrara marble, which is integrated with the table’s base, and covered with the 24-carat gold finish. What’s more, MAGGIE’s tabletop is decorated with natural amethyst.

Being actually a transparent and coarse-grained variety of quartz, amethyst is highly valued for its purple coloring, which varies from light to deep purple. This semi-precious stone has been popular for centuries. Many people still believe it brings good luck and peace of mind, heals insomnia and headaches, and reduce stress and anxiety. Nobody could tell whether it’s true or not, but most people will agree that amethyst is really pleasing to the eye. The combination of marble, amethyst, and gold proved to be really successful, so the MAGGIE side table looks gorgeous indeed.

As you see, natural stone is a great material for furniture making – in the prime segment, of course. Marble and precious stones definitely are luxury, and so is an excellent design from such a renowned designer as Attilio Zanni. But anyway, after just one glance at any of the

I PREZIOSI side tables, you will surely feel like having them at home… Especially if you love the beauty of natural stone – beauty that will never fade.