Bellavista Collection’s Offer for Those Who Don’t Want to Wait: Buy a Showpiece

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Bellavista Collection’s Offer for Those Who Don’t Want to Wait: Buy a Showpiece

Have you wanted to get the very item depicted on a lovely colorful photo in the catalog you were flipping through? Not just the same-looking article, but exactly that thing? If yes, take a look at Bellavista Collection’s recently published booklet, full of magnificent Italian luxury furniture pieces, as well as boiserie, mirrors, lamps, and lots of other things no home can do without. You can well purchase the items that served as models for these – and many other – photos.  Lots of items in the brand’s showroom are also purchasable.

These pieces are ready for delivery. What’s more, they are sold at special prices! It means you will get them not only faster as usual, but also cheaper, with their quality as high as usual.

If you are an interior designer dealing with a project with a tight deadline, or just want to quickly refresh the look of your room – purchasing these pieces will come in handy indeed.

How You Usually Acquire Pieces from Bellavista Collection  

When browsing through web pages with images of Bellavista’s products, you choose the one you like best and decide to purchase it. No problem: that’s what all these photos and descriptions are for.

The first step you should make is to contact the brand’s customer support team and place an order.  You can easily do it right from the product’s web page: scroll it down, and you’ll find the contact form. Simply fill in your name (or the name of your company), your email, select your country from the dropdown menu, and type your message. A team member will reach back to you shortly. Bellavista’s customer support responds to all the queries really fast, so in a few hours at the most you’ll be able to confirm your order and agree about all the aspects of production and delivery.

Yes, production – because the majority of the brand’s pieces are made-to-order, and here’s why.

Bellavista Collection doesn’t keep many pieces in storage: it’s unreasonable and space-consuming. Storing furniture at the warehouse isn’t feasible for many reasons. To begin with, many of the pieces are available in a great number of options – for example, wooden furniture could be veneered in up to a dozen of different woods, or even more. Many of the sofas, beds, tables, and other items come in several sizes.

One of Bellavista’s popular products, TRANSPARENZE, is always custom-made. This lovely curtain is composed out of numerous cast metal details, so it can be of any size. When ordering it, customers specify how long and wide their curtain should be.

In fact, almost all pieces from Bellavista Collection are customizable to a great extent. You can even ask for the variants, which aren’t on the list. Producing bespoke items is a regular practice in Bellavista Collection.

Nobody can predict what piece will be ordered today, tomorrow, or in a week. The same is even more true for the combination of options. Although there are bestsellers, nobody can foresee what one will be in demand at every given moment. It means that the optimal strategy will be manufacturing the piece after it is ordered.

Once the client places an order, the production starts. Bellavista is justifiably proud of its workshops and the highly qualified professionals working there. No matter how complex the work to be done is, they will perform it quickly and carefully. Thus, very soon customers will have their furniture pieces delivered – brand-new and shining.

The special offer from Bellavista

As you see, products from Bellavista Collection brand are produced to order – as a rule. But most rules have exceptions: the brand offers immediate availability for some of its pieces. Bellavista’s items have long been known for their sophisticated design and top quality, that’s why they enjoy steady demand. What’s more, customers pretty often not only want to purchase some product, but also are eager to get it as soon as possible. Visiting the brand’s showroom is one of the two ways to do this.

Instances when visitors love a particular exhibit so much that purchase it on the spot are pretty common. Really, why wait for the same piece to be made when there’s one right here?

By the way, the showroom was recently revamped, and so were the brand’s offices and the production site. All three are located not far from Milan – in the province of Brescia.  

The total area of the main showroom is as much as 480 square meters. This large space is divided into smaller parts, which are turned into kind of room-like booths, furnished exclusively with Bellavista Collection’s pieces.

Along with Italian luxury furniture, here you can see a wide variety of lighting fixtures, a deluxe boiserie made of natural wood and fabric, beautiful mirrors, not to mention lovely decorative items to make these sample interiors look and feel complete.

Actually, the approach to displaying the brand’s products in the showroom is quite the same as that in its exhibitor booths during the past trade fairs. Then, Bellavista’s booths also resembled fashionable rooms. But there are two differences. First, in the showroom you can see pieces from the latest 2020/2021 collection next to the ones created a decade ago. And second, the showroom works all-year-round.

But what if you live far from Brescia province? Just contact Bellavista Collection and ask whether the particular item is available ready-made. There is a good chance that this piece is already waiting for you, say, in the showroom. However, in such a case you won’t be able to choose among the options: you’ll get the furniture piece ‘as is.’

Anyone who doesn’t want to wait for the piece to be produced will appreciate such an option. In particular, interior designers who are engaged in short-term projects with tight deadlines, can obtain excellent pieces quickly.

So, when browsing through Bellavista’s website or turning the pages of its booklet, remember: if you wish, you can get hold of the very piece you are looking at!