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Bellavista Collection Wishes You Happy Chinese New Year

Not long after the Winter Holiday Season, one more exciting holiday is coming up – Lunar, or Chinese, New Year. Let’s welcome the Year of Metal Rat!  It starts on January 25, 2020 and will last till February 11, 2021.

The Year of the Rat is special: this sign is the first one in the repeating 12-year cycle, known as Chinese Zodiac (Sheng Xiao). According to Chinese astrology, the year of the Rat is going to be the year of new beginnings and new prospects in all spheres of life, from business to love.

In Chinese philosophy, the year of the Rat is linked to prosperity, success, as well as chic and wealthy life. People born during a year of the Rat are believed to be very smart, charming, passionate, cautious, energetic, and extremely adaptable.

Bellavista Collection congratulates everyone on this occasion and wishes you all the best in the coming year – and forever.

You may wonder why Chinese New Year is so special for Bellavista – a purely Italian brand that manufactures Italian luxury furniture?

Well, the team couldn’t resist the charm of Chinese culture. In 2018, Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s co-founder and extremely gifted all-round designer, created a collection of items inspired by Oriental, primarily Chinese, design motifs. It is named Dulcechina, and you can see it in a separate section of the company’s website.

The number of items in Dulcechina collection – 12 – exactly matches the number of signs in the Chinese zodiac.

Dulcechina Collection: The Charm of Orient

This remarkable group of pieces is pretty diverse. It includes an armchair (named SHANGHAI), a sofa (DULCECHINA), two benches – DULCECHINA BENCH and TAO BENCH, three side tables – SHENZHEN, BEIJING, GONG, and TAO SIDE TABLE, two consoles – RITZ and MAO. Also, there are two lighting fixtures in it – ISABELLA floor lamp and YISHI sconce. But despite being so assorted, Dulcechina pieces do have a few traits in common.

First, it’s their design. It doesn’t look outwardly Chinese. When you browse through the collection, you’ll notice features typical to both Western and the Eastern furniture design – and it is amalgamation of these features rather than a simple mix. Oriental traits are intrinsically intertwined with that we’ve got accustomed to, which makes Dulcechina items special.

Look how easily luxury and strictness of lines are combined in Dulcechina pieces. The simplicity of some of them is merely apparent: it’s rather well-thought out laconism. These items are stylish and at the same time they’re beyond fashion – well, like truly fashionable things usually are. They’re won’t go out of vogue in a few years.

Second, it’s the top quality of each detail – actually, the same could be said about any piece from Bellavista Collection brand. Each of them can serve you for the decades to come, remaining as attractive as on the day you bought it for the combination of their elegance and durability.

Third, it’s easy to notice that these pieces form ensembles without difficulty, both within Dulcechina and with other articles from Bellavista Collection. Look, for example, at TAO BENCH and TAO side table. Also, DULCECHINA BENCH and DULCECHINA sofa will definitely look grand together with, say, GONG coffee table. You can freely combine Dulcechina pieces, constructing interiors attractive as much as diverse looking.

Combine and Enjoy

Let’s take a closer look at some Dulcechina pieces.

Equally pleasant to look at and sit on, DULCECHINA sofa has been popular with Bellavista’s customers ever since this piece turned heads at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2018.

Moka stained oak veneering of its base perfectly harmonizes with fabric upholstery and antique bronze finish of the details. Besides, this sofa is available in three sizes: 208 centimeters (81.9 inches), 258 cm. (101.6 in.), and 308 cm. (121.3 in.) wide. Height, seat height, and depth are the same for all three.

For its future owners’ convenience, the sofa is padded with variable-density polyurethane foam (with fire-resistant foam as an option). Its backrest cushions are padded with soft goose down and come with removable covers (2, 3 or 4 back cushions are included, depending on the size of the sofa).

If your living-room needs more spacious sitting area – say, to turn it into a party hub – DULCECHINA BENCH will be a great addition to the same-name sofa.

Its structure in multilayer Italian poplar wood, veneered in oak. In addition to moka stained oak, the base of this bench could be made of smoke stained, grey stained, or natural oak. The seat is padded with variable-density polyurethane foam, upholstered in fabric or leather (the covers are not removable). Optional roll and back pillows add even more comfort.

The bench can well serve you as a daybed. It is large enough for you to have a nap, if you wish – it’s 240 cm (94.5 inches) wide and 85 cm (33.5 in.) deep.

Well, the living room definitely needs a coffee table as well. GONG will dovetail with either BELLAVISTA sofa or bench (or both).

Made of solid wood with as many as 10 options of veneering, including grey sukupira, ebony and rosewood, not mentioning several kinds of oak and walnut, this coffee table is exactly what you need if you are looking for both chic and suitable item.

You will surely appreciate the natural beauty of the wood combined with antique bronze finish of the metal-clad profile.

GONG table is square; it’s available in three sizes – with sides of 130 cm. (51.2 in.), 90 cm. (35.4 in.), and 70 cm (27.6 in.), so you are welcome to choose the one that will suit your room best.

These three items will form a lovely matching set for your living room. Adding ISABELLA floor lamp with antique bronze pole and raffia lampshade for cozy light will make it perfect.

With Dulcechina collection pieces, you can create a number of such sets – great-looking and cozy at the same time. The very kind of place to rest from your labors in the Year of the Rat – the sign that does know how to work and relax.

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