Bellavista Collection Replenished its Catalogue with Items Designed in 2020

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Bellavista Collection Replenished its Catalogue with Items Designed in 2020

Any high-end furniture manufacturer will agree that having a neat-looking, comprehensive, and up-to-date catalog is extremely important.

It serves as a valuable source of information about the company and its products. Sometimes, the catalog is the first thing potential business partners judge the company by. It is the catalog that often determines whether a prospective client becomes a real one.

Bellavista Collection, a renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture, has always known how useful a proper product catalog is. Bellavista made up its first catalogue just a year after the brand had come into existence. Ever since then, the company has been issuing its catalogs immediately after every new collection is created.

Three-in-One: The Catalog of Pieces Crafted from the foundation till 2019

This year, the pieces from the general collection were merged with the last year’s ones in a new colorful and informative general catalog. It’s really special – actually, this catalog is three-in-one. It consists of three separate booklets.

The first one contains pieces made mostly of wood, such as dining tables and wooden coffee tables.

The second part devoted to sofas, armchairs and other upholstered pieces, plus furniture for bedrooms, e.g. beds, nightstands and wardrobes.

The third booklet focuses on a variety of products other than furniture, which the brand is also well-known for – boiserie, mirrors, lighting fixtures, and decorative items like brass sculptures.

Although this catalog is aimed at the business partners who use Bellavista’s pieces for their own projects, Bellavista Collection’s long-standing customers also appreciate it a lot.

This Year’s Additions: Beautiful and Diverse

The most recent collection 2020 surely stands out from the previous ones: it marks the tenth anniversary of the brand. According to a long-standing tradition, Bellavista’s collections are united under some general idea. The concept of year’s collection is celebrating Beauty of Nature. The highlighted texture of wood and shapes borrowed directly from the flora are two main distinctive features of the impressive pieces designed in 2020.

There are twenty-three of them in a separate book called NEWS 2020. All are gorgeous, in spite of looking remarkably diverse. You’ll instantly realize it if you compare two dining tables: DIAPASON and OLIVER. They definitely are in line with the general concept, but how different they are!

Or take a look at a luxurious, monumental PRESIDENT desk with a desk return – and at the elegant ALCOBAS coffee table, with a bronzed glass or marble top and a nice cast brass decoration resembling twigs and branches on its lower shelf.

Modest lines of TREE sideboard and TREE BAR UNIT; well-though-out simplicity of HAMILTON wardrobe, MONET mirror, or IGNIS sconce; lovely mushroom-like outlook of CHAMPIGNON coffee tables with tops available in a variety of bright colors – all this is waiting for you on the pages of the new catalog. And much, much more…

Cozy Splendor: Upholstered Pieces from 2020 Collection

Sofas, armchairs, chairs, and benches from Bellavista Collection have always combined superb looks with maximum comfort. The upholstered pieces designed in 2020 are exactly like that, be it graceful BERTA dining chair, LILLIGRE bench or somehow coquettish ZIA MARIA sofa (by the way, ‘Zia’ stands for ‘auntie’ in Italian).

Here are just a few more examples of this brilliant combination.

PYPER, available in two options – an armchair and a loveseat, is attractive and cozy alike in both variants. Its design is laconic but attractive indeed, with the back composed of two tubular details densely padded with soft polyurethane foam. PYPER’s moka beechwood base and feet made of brass with antique bronze finish, are in perfect harmony with fabric or leather covering, available in a range of colors. White, beige, green, bright blue, a number of shades and brown and red – you have plenty to choose from.

Smooth curves of PANAMA armchair catch the eye, and its swiveling base not only is convenient, but also makes this armchair look dazzling.

Or have a look at FRIDA bench. Cast brass with antique bronze finish of the base goes so well with top-quality leather or fabric of the upholstery, and the overall outline of FRIDA looks really stylish. So does one more bench named LILLIGRE, with its lovely roll pillows. Interesting shape of its cast-brass feet with blackened finish attracts attention at once.

When describing any piece from Bellavista Collection, wherever it was created, the key word is Beautility. Attilio Zanni, a brilliant designer and the co-founder of the brand, has always been focused on creating things equally pleasant to use and to look at. Each piece is designed with customers’ comfort and pleasure in mind.

In fact, Attilio Zanni has long been drawing inspiration from Nature with a capital N. If you open any product category of the company’s website, you will see it for yourself. Highlighted natural beauty of materials or, say, floral motifs in design isn’t something entirely new in Bellavista’s style.

Usually, collections are designed shortly before prestigious trade events, such as annual Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan or Maison et Objet in Paris, held semi-annually, to be first displayed there. 2020 turned out to be the only year since 2010 – the birth year of the brand, when the new collection hasn’t been shown to the public at a trade fair. There is no need to say why it happened – the notorious pandemic ruined lots of this year’s plans. Nevertheless, the anniversary collection was prepared and displayed – first, the images were posted on the brand’s site, and shortly after all the pieces were placed live in the band’s showroom. Now, everybody can call on the display area and see all these magnificent pieces, along with bestsellers from last years’ collections. And not just look – you can touch the items, seat down on a sofa or an armchair, making sure that’s exactly what you wanted.

Bellavista’s showroom is located close to the company’s headquarters and workshops in the province of Brescia, not far from Milan. You are welcome to visit this display, which now serves as an all-year-round mini-trade fair.