Bellavista Collection Is Working on New Pieces, Looking Forward to the 60th Edition of Salone del Mobile

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Bellavista Collection Is Working on New Pieces, Looking Forward to the 60th Edition of Salone del Mobile

In summer 2021, high-end furniture makers are by all means far more optimistic than a year ago.

We all remember too well what a challenge 2020 was for the entire global economy. Affairs went out of whack in many industries. For Bellavista Collection, the brand that designs and manufactures Italian luxury furniture, 2020 was a difficult but yet special year: it marked the brand’s tenth anniversary.

On the one hand, the company was forced to adapt to the drastically changed circumstances. In April 2020, Bellavista Collection had to put production on hold and suspend the supply of already produced pieces to the customers.

For months Bellavista was working in an entirely new format everything that could be done from home was done from home. Customer support went on, the brands’ websites remain available, its accounts in social networks and online communities (Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz) were regularly updated.

On the other hand, Bellavista’s anniversary collection 2020, devoted to celebrating the splendor of Nature, was created on time and presented to the public. The fact that it was first displayed online, didn’t make it any less remarkable. The new catalog, published in spring 2020, featured these pieces, too. In autumn 2020, when the Bellavista’s showroom was at last re-opened and restocked, people got the opportunity to see these beautiful pieces live.

What made hundreds of thousands of trade professionals especially sad was the cancellation of trade exhibitions all over the globe in 2020. However, it was a quite predictable and understandable step in view of the notorious Covid-19 pandemic gaining momentum. The 59th edition of Salone del Mobile was cancelled – for the first time ever since 1961.  The oldest, the largest, and the most prestigious trade event in the industry, Salone del Mobile each time brings together lots of exhibitors and attendees – up to half a million in total. There was simply no chance to run it during the pandemic.

Initially scheduled for April 21-26, the 2020 event was first re-scheduled to June 16-21, but later cancelled altogether. In the address to the might-have-been participants of the called-off 2020 exhibition, Claudio Luti, President of the Salone del Mobile, announced that the next edition would take place between 13 and 18 April 2021. Alas, it didn’t work out. In December 2020 it became clear that Salone was going to be deferred to a later date once again. And it was – to early autumn 2021 with a special edition that will serve as a bridge to April 2022 edition.

Another new element for is Saloni is the digital format. The next events will be heavily digitalized, and the long-awaited digital platform has been already launched on 30 June 2021. It already gives future exhibitors a number of unique opportunities. The platform is intended to serve the design community all year round as a source of information and an online meeting place.

Plenty of original editorial content helps users stay up to date with the news and the latest trends in art, design, architecture, furnishing, as well as science and technology. In particular, the platform already features exclusive interviews with such renowned designers as Fernando and Humberto Campana, India Mahdavi, and Michael Anastassiades.

Later, there will also be plenty of content on the brands, who’ll be presenting themselves and their products, both newly created and iconic.

The interactive nature of this web resource makes it indispensable for future exhibitors and attendees of the event. The platform provides for virtual breakout rooms and showrooms, not to mention digital contact channels to get in touch with other platform users, most of whom are trade professionals, or businesspeople, or both.

Before, during, and after the fair this resource will be (actually, it already is) connecting people, helping them do business, share ideas, get inspiration, and much, much more.

Bellavista Collection has plenty to show at trade events. Several entirely new collections are ready to be presented to the public, with even more great pieces coming soon.

Well, it’s sad that Bellavista Collection’s tenth year turned out to be without trade exhibitions. It seems that April 2022 is going to compensate it in full.

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