Bellavista Collection Finds Inspiration in Nature: CHAMPIGNON coffee table

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Bellavista Collection Finds Inspiration in Nature: CHAMPIGNON coffee table

Long-standing customers of Bellavista Collection remember that this brand regularly showcases its Italian luxury furniture at two prestigious trade fairs – Milan Furniture Salon and Maison et Objet in Paris. But that’s not all. Each time the display has some general concept – a certain general idea that unites all the exhibits.

Last year, in 2019, it was Dolce Vita. Probably there is no need to explain what this phrase stands for – lots of people still remember it.

In 2018, the collection was named Dulcechina; it was inspired by enigmatic and ever-charming Orient. It scored such a great success at both trade fairs that after them, the information about these 12 pieces was placed at a separate section of the website.

What is more, since 2012 Bellavista’s booths at exhibitions look like splendidly furnished rooms, which helps people imagine how the particular showpieces look in a real home.

A Sample From 2020 Collection: CHAMPIGNON Coffee Table

The general idea of Bellavista’s 2020 collection has everything to do with admiring the beauty of Nature. In fact, lots of artists and designers get insights from Nature. For Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s extremely talented all-round designer and a co-founder of the brand, Nature has always served as an endless source of inspiration and unhackneyed ideas. No wonder: Nature itself is a genius of a designer!

Here is just one item from 2020 collection, design of which has been entirely borrowed from Nature, so to speak. Let’s take a look at CHAMPIGNON coffee table.

Its name clearly suggests what this table reminds of. The word ‘champignon’ stands for ‘a mushroom’ in French and for, well, a ‘champignon’ in lots of other languages. The overall look of this Bellavista’s coffee table is quite mushroom-like. Its ‘cap’ and ‘stipe’ (top and base – one thick leg – of the table) are crafted of different types of wood.

The base is made of the material, which Bellavista Collection started using quite recently – earlier this year. It’s thermo-treated wood, or thermally modified wood, or just ‘thermo wood’ for short.  For CHAMPIGNON’s leg, thermo-treated solid ashwood was used.

What is so special about this material? This wood resists decaying much better than untreated wood species. Wood-eating pests like carpenter ants and termites find this material much less nourishing and ignore it. That’s because high heat removes moisture and most of the organic compounds from the cells. After thermal modification, wood becomes more lightweight, durable, and naturally water-resistant.

All this makes thermo wood extremely suitable for furniture-making – even without taking into account the variety of rich brown hues, which different wood species acquire after heat-treatment.

As for the size of this lovely table, there are two options available: with a round tabletop and with an oval one.

The round top is 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) in diameter; this table is 52 cm. (20.5 in.) high. The oval top is 90 x 45 cm (35.4 x 17.7 in.), and this table is lower – only 37 centimeters (14.6 inches) high.

Both options have lacquered tops; they looked really grand thanks to the finish named Bellavista Nuances. It’s one more novelty of 2020. This finish comes in two variants: matte lacquered and glossy lacquered, and each of them looks really chic. It could be of different colors, so these coffee tables really resemble a group of flat mushrooms with lovely multicolored caps.

Shapes 2020: Flower-Like Details, Root-Like Structures, And More

It’s a pity indeed that the 2020 edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile has been cancelled.  What is more, nothing is known yet whether one of the two Maison et Objet’s editions, the one that usually takes place in autumn, will be held this year. It is extremely likely that due to the notorious COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 will be left without both trade events at all. High-end furniture makers, including Bellavista Collection, miss these exhibitions a lot, although they do understand that these measures are reasonable.

But anyway, it’s so unfortunate that Bellavista Collection cannot showcase the very special collection it prepared to mark the 10th anniversary of the brand. By the way, they will be placed on the website soon, so check it from time to time: this collection is worth your attention!

Devoted to the beauty of Nature, it is full of harmony. Elaborate design – nothing in excess, plus careful choice of materials and colors. The high quality of each detail and impeccable craftsmanship go without saying.

For example, the cast bronze structure of the table lamp named DALIA reminds of flower petals… or bizarrely curved mangrove roots, especially in the option with impressive black patina finish. The lampshade, made of white linen, harmonizes with the structure extremely well. When turned on in a dark or semi-dark, DALIA lamp looks like some unusual exotic plant.

One more piece – a round dining table named OLIVER – has a beautiful cast metal floral detail and an inset, looking like flower petals, on its top. OLIVER is remarkable in all senses: in addition to its impressive looks, this table is quite sizeable. The diameter of its round tabletop is 180 cm (70.9 inches). A large Lazy Susan – 105 cm. (41.3 in.) in diameter – makes this dining table very special and suitable for big parties.

 OLIVER is one of the numerous examples showing how masterfully Bellavista’s craftsmen can combine wood with marble and metal. This trio is one of Bellavista’s favorite combinations. If you browse through the brand’s website, you will see dining tables, coffee and side tables, bar units, and consoles where such a combination of materials is used. Attilio Zanni has always been good at accentuating the natural beauty of these materials, when creating impressively-looking furniture. So, not only in 2020 designs of Bellavista’s pieces were inspired by the beauty of Nature. It has always been so, ever since this brand came into existence a decade ago.

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