Bellavista Collection Anticipates the Festive Season and Announces the dates of the Winter Holidays

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Bellavista Collection Anticipates the Festive Season and Announces the dates of the Winter Holidays

In most parts of the world, the beginning of winter is a really special time for individuals and businesses alike. December is the month when, on the one hand, many of us are very busy at work, but on the other hand, we all are in pleasurable anticipation of holidays.

Actually, the winter festive season is not only about Christmas. This holiday surely dominates in Europe and the USA, but you needn’t be very devout to enjoy it. Pine needles and pastry smell the same whatever religion and culture you belong. Plenty of glittering decorations, a joyful Santa Claus wherever you turn, and pleasant music everywhere – all this create very special mood most of us adore.  And they also are attributes of one more holiday – New Year’s Day, celebrated on January 1st.

What’s more, you have a number of holidays from other traditions to choose from during the festive season! For example, Jewish Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and nights, with the greatest festivities on its first day. This year, the first day of Hanukkah is on December 30th. Or what about Kwanzaa – a seven-day holiday that comes from African culture? It lasts from December 26th till January 1st, and includes a big feast and giving gifts. If you wish, you may celebrate Celtic Yule, which falls on December 21st and marks the winter solstice. Or Zoroastrian Zarathosht Diso – it’s on December 26th… There are many more holidays from all over the world.

For many businesses, December is hectic time indeed: the end of a calendar year means rush, often followed by a traditional closure for winter holidays.

There obviously are enterprises that do not have such a break. For example, many retail stores selling essential goods keep working, whether it is a holiday or not, because people may need to buy, say, food, at any time.

Being a manufacturer of Italian luxury furniture (i.e. things that people rarely buy in a hurry), Bellavista Collection can afford giving its employees their well-deserved time off. This year, the entire staff of this company is on holiday from December 21st till January 6th.

December 20th will be the last working day in 2019 at Bellavista Collection.  All the company’s staff, from office managers to craftsmen, will leave their workplaces to return there on January 7, 2020. However, Bellavista Collection’s website will be available as usual.

For Bellavista’s customers, it means that they can well order anything they want from the brand’s website after December 21, but most likely this order will be processed after the Holidays. So, if you wish to buy a present at Bellavista Collection, the beginning of December is a high time to do it.

Take a Chance to buy Presents at Bellavista

If you are looking for a really unhackneyed gift, Bellavista Collection has plenty to offer you. Just go to the company’s website, pick PRODUCTS in the main menu, then open HOME DÉCOR product category and browse through its sub-category called BELLAVISTA DETAILS. Here you can choose an item, which will make a great present, if you are in search of something exceptional and extraordinary. Or you may want to keep it for yourself, so nice all these pieces are.

In addition to looking exceedingly grand, most of these objects have certain utilitarian use. For example, look at DAFNE, a stylish floor-standing planter. Anybody who loves indoor plants and has a sophisticated taste will enjoy such a gift. A plant in this flowerpot will easily blend into any interior: its wooden outer structure is available in six differently colored woods. The inner tank is made of quality stainless steel, which means that this planter will serve its owner for many years to come.

Or do you need a chic present for some big boss? What about an elegant book rest IL SAPERE (which stands for ‘knowledge’ in Italian)?

Fully padded in leather with glittering chrome details, this sophisticated accessory is inviting to the eye and nice to the feel. Prime quality caffè belting leather is decorated with matching stitches. This book rest is very handy and looks stylish indeed, which will surely impress business partners and clients.

Besides, Bellavista Collection offers a number of items with solely decorative function. The only purpose of lovely cast metal statuettes and wooden panel pictures is to look nice and add spice to the interior.

What makes Bellavista’s panel pictures special is their versatility. Their design is so well-thought-out that these elegant panels will perfectly fit into almost any interior design. Take a glance at, say, ROSE, FLOWER, and ART DECO, and you’ll see it for yourself.  Each of them will make a wonderful present.

As for cast brass statuettes – RHINO the rhinoceros, FURIA the horse, GREYHOUND the dog, and IPPO the hippopotamus – they have long become a calling card of the Bellavista Collection brand. Especially the cute hippo, which has been a mascot of Bellavista Collection from the very moment the brand came into existence. It seems that a hippopotamus is Bellavista’s favorite animal. Lots of furniture pieces have details bearing an outline of this creature. Also, take a look at recently designed IPPO TRAY – a tray for candles, which turned heads at this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile. It depicts a group of brass hippos bathing in a shallow pond and walking nearby. IPPO TRAY can become an amazing present for everybody who enjoys candlelight dinners and parties. If you pour some water into it, you definitely will enjoy gazing at the light of the four thick candles, its reflection in the water, and the lifelike brass hippopotamuses having a bathe.

Cast brass statuettes have long been very popular with Bellavista’s customers. Available in a variety of finishes, they look really eye-catchingly. For example, you can have as many as four differently colored hippos, rhinos, and horses, depending on the finish: antique gold leaf, antique silver leaf, antique bronze, and black patina. Any of these brass animals is just asking to be placed on a tabletop or a shelf.

It goes without saying that each of these statuettes will make a great present for any holiday you are going to celebrate. But try to purchase them it in time – remember that from December 21st Bellavista Collection will be closed!