Bellavista Collection Announces Its Traditional Summer Closure

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Bellavista Collection Announces Its Traditional Summer Closure

If you are planning to order some Italian luxury furniture pieces from Bellavista Collection, this news is for you: the company will be closed from August 6 to 28. The manufacturing process will be ceased; both the office and all the workshops won’t work. All the staff, from top managers to blue collars, will be on holiday.


Well, it isn’t actually news: loyal customers of this brand do remember that Bellavista lets its employees have their well-deserved rest each summer, usually in August. 


Last year, for example, this traditional summer break lasted from August 7 to 22. In 2020, all of Bellavista’s team had rest from their labors from August 8 to 23. So, it’s easy to predict that in 2022 Bellavista’s employees will take their collective leave in August, too.


Friday, August 5 will be the last day when you may visit the brand’s office or get in touch with some employees there. If you have such plans, do it before this day – or wait for the end of the month.


Nevertheless, you can well place your orders during the break: the brand’s website will keep working. Just remember that manufacturing your item(s) will start when the company resumes its work, i.e., on Monday 29.  


The Holiday Month at Bellavista


August has long become a special month for the company – the month of vacations. At the beginning of the month, everyone does their best to finish all the ongoing projects, so that no half-done works remain. Managers and artisans alike are happy: the holidays are ahead!


But why interrupt production and put all the personnel on leave in August – won’t it be reasonable to use, say, staff rotation? 


No, it won’t.


Staff rotation makes sense in an enterprise where each employee can be replaced, even temporarily.


In Bellavista Collection, almost all specialists are very difficult to swap – pretty often, it’s impossible to do without such professionals and ensure the same top quality the brand is well-known for. Needless to say, the decline in quality is absolutely unacceptable for Bellavista Collection.


In addition, almost everyone prefers having their annual rest in summer. In the case of staff rotation, only a part of the staff will be able to go on vacation exactly when they want. One more reason for a collective leave is that it’s optimal when it comes to accounting and HR management. 


That is why, all Bellavista’s staff goes on holiday at the same time, and so do employees in many of the brand’s business partners, like suppliers of raw materials. 


By the way, in August a good share of Bellavista’s customers is out on holiday, too. It is no surprise: when it’s so hot outside – up to 35 degrees Celsius (95°F) in the shade isn’t something unusual – many people would like to take a break from working. 


So, it’s an excellent month to change the scenery, and take a break from everyday routine. Everyone in Bellavista Collection deserves it.


The year 2022: Proud of the Achievements


The first five months of the year 2022 were full of pleasant troubles. The brand was making the last preparations for the long-awaited 60th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. And finally, between June 7 and 12, the Fiera Milano exhibition center became a magnet for everybody who is interested in up-to-the-minute trends in design. 


Bellavista Collection has been participating in iSaloni ever since 2010 when a collection of showpieces from the newborn brand was first presented to the public at this trade event. Every year (except for the gap caused by the notorious pandemic) Bellavista Collection displayed a number of newly created masterpieces. 


For the 2022 edition of the Salone del Mobile, Bellavista Collection had prepared a remarkable group of exhibits, inspired by Beauty of Nature – with capital B and N.


It has become a long-standing tradition in Bellavista to arrange showpieces in its exhibitor booth in a special way so that the display looks like a luxuriously-furnished apartment. 

iSaloni 2022 was no exception. The booth was divided into five areas: the dining room, living room, and bedroom zones, as well as the conversation area and (this year’s novelty) the beautiful and extremely practical walk-in closet. 


The core of the collection was created between 2020 and 2022, some of the items were designed during the notorious lockdown. Besides, the attendees of iSaloni could see a number of Bellavista’s bestsellers from the previous years, revamped especially for the event.


For example, MADEMOISELLE chandelier completed the entire look of the conversational zone. Being almost a decade old – design of this piece was initially created in 2013 – it turned heads at this year’s exhibition just like it had done years ago. The Fumé glass of its lampshade, combined with the antique bronze finish of the metal parts makes this lamp look exceedingly elegant. 


One more example is ALCOBAS, a coffee table, placed in the TV area. It was designed in 2019. Its lower shelf was decorated with twigs with leaves, crafted of hammered cast brass, making the piece a real embodiment of the general idea. The same could be said about the bar unit and the cabinet both named TREE. Thanks to a smart combination of materials, their front doors bear an outline of a tree trunk. Varnished natural wood with highlighted texture, cut out of a real tree, creates fine contrast with the background (Bellavista Nuances finish). 


Well, it’s impossible to describe all the interesting items showcased at iSaloni this year – but if you wish, you’ll be able to find their images and descriptions on the brand’s website soon. 


Plans for the Future


All in all, Bellavista Collection looks into the future with optimism and does have grounds for it. 


After a dozen years that passed since its inception, this brand has plenty to be proud of. The company’s name is known all over the world. Its inventory is full of remarkable pieces, with new ones added regularly. Considering the recent major trade event, lots of new articles will appear in the company’s catalog after the traditional summer break.