Touch and Try Italian Luxury Furniture Designed in 2020-2022: Bellavista Brand Renews Its Showroom

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Touch and Try Italian Luxury Furniture Designed in 2020-2022: Bellavista Brand Renews Its Showroom

Every successful brand knows how important it is to have an informative, well-functioning, and smart-looking website. Bellavista Collection is no exception. Its website is well-thought-out, user-friendly, excellently designed, and constantly updated. As soon as a newly designed piece replenishes the brand’s inventory, its images and descriptions appear on the website, in the relevant product category. What’s more, there is a special section named ‘What’s New’ for such items as well.

But seeing the pieces in real life is much better, isn’t it? In spite of all convenience of buying online, many people prefer to shop for furniture in ‘real’ stores, and they have a good reason for it.

When you browse through an online catalog, you can only read descriptions and see a limited number of images on a web page. Besides, colors on your screen may slightly differ from the ones you’ll see live.

But while walking through the store, you don’t just look at various items. You can touch any of them, feeling the texture of fabric and leather upholstery or the smooth surface of natural wood. Many people love the inimitable smell of quality natural leather… In most stores, you can try, say, an armchair simply by sitting down. You can test a sofa, a bed or a couch to make sure it is as soft (or hard) as you like. And, last but not least, in a real store, you can instantly get answers to your questions or advice from a friendly employee.

However, for some prospective customers, there is a chance to see Bellavista Collection’s pieces live. The brand has a showroom, located not far from the city of Milan, in Brescia. So, if you live in – or not far from – this province, you can well visit Bellavista’s showroom in person. By the way, the workshops where all these amazing pieces are produced and the company’s headquarters could be found nearby.

What’s special about the showroom is that the brand applies the same approach here as at prestigious trade events, such as Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Bellavista has never missed a single edition of this trade event that was held live since 2010 – the birth year of the brand. What does this approach consist of? In short, showpieces in the brand’s exhibitor booth each time are arranged as if the space were a real apartment, splendidly furnished in Bellavista style.

Unlike trade exhibitions, Bellavista’s showroom works all year round. One more difference is that in the showroom, pieces created a decade ago could be displayed together with the newly designed ones. 

If you happen to visit this place, you’ll instantly notice how well the time-proven bestsellers harmonize with the novelties, presented to the public just recently. You may even perceive them as sets. No wonder: they all are made of prime-quality materials and designed with their future owner’s needs in mind. That is why they do not just look elegant – using them is a pleasure. That’s what the Bellavista style is all about.

The Year-Round Exhibition  

Actually, Bellavista Collection has two places where it showcases its products. The main showroom is located on the first floor of the company’s headquarters. This showroom is pretty large: it occupies as many as 480 square meters. It is well-lit with natural light, thanks to huge windows.

Quite like Bellavista’s exhibitor booths at trade events, the entire exhibition area is divided into a few areas, which resemble complete rooms. It enables Bellavista Collection to showcase not only furniture pieces but also its remarkable lighting fixtures, chic-looking boiserie, and mirrors, not to mention a variety of decorative items. Visitors, in their turn, can easily imagine how each piece will look in a real home.

The entry floor area also serves as a smaller showroom. It’s divided into a few areas: a dining room, a bedroom, and two living-room zones.

New additions, Lots of Options 

Needless to say, sets of furniture in these ‘rooms’ with showpieces don’t remain the same for years. New interesting items are constantly being created and should be shown to prospective buyers. The same piece can make a different impression, depending on its surroundings. So, making a permutation from time to time is a good idea.

Bellavista Collection made one recently, adding several items designed in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

For example, a large living room zone has now been replenished with several pieces. The first one is BRAMANTE – a lovely rectangular mirror with a shelf. Designed earlier this year, it has already sparked customers’ interest and is on its way to becoming a bestseller.

BRAMANTE is accompanied by the pieces that already are bestsellers – the super-comfy CARLOTTA sofa and ALCOBAS coffee table, with the smart-looking decorative elements of its lower shelf.

One more important addition is TRUSSE, which turned heads at the latest edition of Salone del Mobile this June. This is a highly customizable walk-in closet with an island. Lots of accessories, such as a special holder for glasses and a foot-measuring ruler, were designed from scratch by the brand. This closet is available in numerous options, and that isn’t all. If you want something really unique, just contact the team of talents, headed by Attilio Zanni – Bellavista’s unchallenged chief designer and co-founder of the brand.

They do like thought-provoking design projects – in fact, TRUSSE originated as one of them. Not only Bellavista Collection offers quality designer furniture – it can bring your idea to life, creating an entirely new piece, especially for your home.

So, if you are planning to furnish your home, or just add zest to an existing room, Bellavista Collection’s showroom is an excellent place to visit. Here you can see excellent furniture pieces live and order what you need on the spot. What’s more, here you’ll get hold of new ideas. Just walk through these premises – and you’ll see lots of examples of how to furnish your home in Bellavista style – tasteful, elegant, and comfortable.

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