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Bellavista Applies Impressive New Materials and Finishes in Its 2020 Collection

Bellavista Collection has always been extremely fastidious while selecting materials for the Italian luxury furniture it manufactures. Only the best-quality woods and the most attractive finishes are picked; only the finest fabrics and leather from the most reputable suppliers are used for creating Bellavista’s pieces.

Visit Bellavista Collection’s website, browse through the categories in Products section – and you will instantly notice a couple of things.

First, when it comes to materials, almost every item has a number of options to choose from. For example, very few wooden pieces are available in just one wood – usually there is a list with up to a dozen wood species, or even more.

Second, when looking through these lists, you’ll easily spot groups of favorites, so to speak.  There are species, which are used pretty often – for example, such chic-looking fine woods with impressive texture as ebony and rosewood. They grab attention instantly, and so does elegant grey sukupira, one more preferred species in Bellavista.

Other favorites include diverse kinds of walnut and oak, natural and stained. Their colors vary from taupe-colored champagne stained oak to very dark brown, almost black, moka stained walnut. It gives plenty of choice to those who purchase separate items to blend them into an existing interior.

Woods and Finishes 2020

From time to time new wood options are added to this cherry-picked selection.  Cognac stained oak and brushed oak are among the recent additions.

One more material Bellavista Collection began to use earlier this year stands somehow alone. This is the thermo wood, also known as thermo-treated or thermally modified wood.  As it’s clear from the name, it is wood that underwent thermal modification. High heat and steam transform the plant cells, taking away all the moisture and most of the organic components. Wood turns into a new material – naturally waterproof, lightweight, extremely durable, resistant to decay and wood-eating pests. What is more, this material comes in a variety of lovely-looking shades of brown, depending on species of the original wood. Quite like ordinary wood, thermo wood can be stained, varnished, oiled, or waxed. That’s why furniture manufacturers appreciate it a lot.

To see how this remarkable material is applied, let’s look at a piece from 2020 collection – a coffee table with a pretty self-explanatory name CHAMPIGNON (‘le champignon’ is French for ‘a mushroom’). The overall look of this table really resembles a mushroom.  Its ‘stipe’ – this table has only one thick leg – is made of thermo-treated solid ashwood.

As for the ‘cap’ of this wooden mushroom (i.e. the tabletop), its lacquered surface looks really impressive, thanks to a new finish – one more novelty of 2020. Named Bellavista Nuances, this finish comes in a variety of colors and could be either matte lacquered or glossy lacquered.

The same two variants of this finish are applied in a cabinet and a bar unit both named TREE. In these two lovely pieces, Bellavista Nuances finish contrasts with a strip of varnished wood, which creates a silhouette of a tree trunk. Outlines borrowed from flora and purposefully highlighted the texture of wood perfectly illustrate the concept of Bellavista’s 2020 collection – celebrating Beauty of Nature.

CLUBCAFE’ coffee table also belongs to this collection. Well-thought-out simplicity of the design, highlighted the texture of natural wood, combined with Bellavista Nuances finish of the top resulted in a coffee table that will become a focus of attention whenever you place it. Its structure could be made of either cognac stained oak or black carbone larch, and the tabletop is available in a variety of colors to choose from. If you love somehow minimalistic design, bright colors and natural materials, CLUBCAFE’ is just the thing for you!

One More Beautiful Marble

In 2020, Bellavista’s list of favorite marbles was replenished as well – with Arabescato Gray marble.

It is an attractive natural stone with grey veins and swirls of white, light grey, and soft pinkish colors.  You can see this kind of marble if you look at the optional top insert offered for DIAPASON dining table, designed in 2020. Smart-looking but elegant and modest, Arabescato Gray became a good addition to a diverse selection of marbles, which Bellavista’s craftsmen use for their pieces.

The color palette of these marbles is impressively wide: almost white Calacatta marble, a bit more greyish Carrara and Grigio Striato Elegante (Striato Gray) with its remarkable stripes; yellowish Breccia Damascata; luxurious Rosso Pechino of lovely reddish color; brownish Pulpis and chic-looking Emperador Dark Brown; black Nero Marquina… Arabescato Gray marble will harmonize with any wood species and other materials, which makes it a great fit for Bellavista’s furniture pieces.

By the way, the wooden structure of DIAPASON table, where Arabescato Gray marble is applied, is available in a variety of veneering options, one of which is Cognac stained oak, introduced earlier this year. Its lovely warm shade of light brown is pleasing to the eye and reminds of mature cognac.

A New Grand-Looking Finish for Metal

Finishes for metal parts are also chosen very scrupulously. The absolute Bellavista’s favorite is antique bronze finish. It’s pretty universal, goes well with almost all materials, and looks exceedingly elegant.

No wonder that this option is offered for all cast metal pieces like statuettes and details, such as furniture handles, structures of lamps and decorative elements.

Along with antique bronze, there are a few other grand-looking finishes, with new ones added from time to time. The 2020 addition, castbronze bronzed finish, looks chic indeed. Take a look at DALIA table lamp: its structure in cast bronze resembles petals of an exotic flower. Both finishes it’s available in – castbronze bronzed finish and black patina – are applied by hand, making its color slightly vary and highlighting the originality of its design. It would be extremely difficult to choose between these equally attractive finishes.

All in all, 2020 brought new materials, finishes, and design ideas to the brand, which means that the variety of Bellavista’s amazing pieces keeps growing wider and wider.

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