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A Whole New Thing: 2018 Additions to Bellavista Collection

For the last eight years – ever since 2010, when this successful Italian brand came into existence – Bellavista Collection remains a great place where people come in search for something extraordinary for their homes. In fact, everything you can find here is really remarkable: Italian luxury furniture, elegant lighting fixtures, grand-looking mirrors, chic wall paneling, not to mention a variety of decorative objects intended to enliven any interior and make it look unique.

Also, there’s a special thing about Bellavista Collection: all its extraordinary diverse products were created by the same person. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. Attilio Zanni, an extremely gifted all-round Italian designer, has been creating brilliant product designs for Bellavista Collection right from its very start. What’s more, signor Zanni is one of the company’s founders. It may be said without exaggeration that his talent is one of Bellavista’s most valuable intangible assets.

To be sure, thanks to this really prolific designer, Bellavista Collection has a lot to boast of. Besides, if you browse through the company’s website, you will notice at once that the collection is constantly growing. For the pieces created in 2018, there even is a separate category named WHAT’S NEW, with 26 items in it.

Here you can see a great diversity of things no interior can do without:  dining tables and lamps, armchairs and side tables, benches and sofas. Some of them, for example, DULCECHINA sofa, LAS VEGAS gaming table, GOLDEN BRIDGE sideboard turned heads at prestigious trade events in Milano and Paris this year.

By the way, some of those exhibits are united into DULCECHINA collection with 12 items in it. They are also displayed in a separate section of Bellavista’s website. If you look at all of them closely, you’ll realize that there’s something oriental in their design. It’s really so: the author, Attilio Zanni, noted earlier this year that when creating them, he was inspired by delightful and ever-charming Orient.

Well, let’s have a look at some of the pieces that were added to Bellavista’s cherry-picked selection of items in 2018.

Do you love throwing parties? If yes, ZEUS, a luxurious bar unit, will be a great acquisition for you. Chic, elegant-looking and practical, it will be in the focus of attention during any party in your home. Of course, if you make sure its content is as excellent as its form.

In accordance with your request, ZEUS could be made of either of six grand-looking words: ebony, grey sukupira, rosewood, American walnut, moka stained walnut, or dark stained walnut. That is why, this bar unit will easily fit into the design of your living room, whatever color you prefer for your furniture.

The size of ZEUS is pretty suitable even for a middle-sized or small room: this bar unit is 195 centimeters (76,8 inches) high, 116 cm. (45,7 in.) wide, and 56 cm. (22 in.) deep. Its inner side panels are wrapped in copper sheet, with a bronzed mirror on the inner back. Its brass handles and base look really attractive, and so does the shelf made of extra clear glass. Touch activated LED lights and an optional fridge (available upon request) make ZEUS easy to use and versatile.

By the way, there is one more item in Bellavista collection called ZEUS. Also designed in 2018, this ZEUS is a cabinet. The designs of both have pretty much in common, so these two pieces will look great in the same interior, forming kind of an ensemble.

ZEUS cabinet has even more wood options than ZEUS bar unit: there are as many as eleven of them! In addition to the ones available for ZEUS bar unit (i.e. ebony, grey sukupira, rosewood, American walnut, moka stained walnut, or dark stained walnut), there are five kinds of oak: natural oak, champagne stained oak, smoke stained oak, grey stained oak, and moka stained oak. The brass base with antique bronze finish perfectly combines with natural wood, so that the cabinet looks respectably indeed. In spite of its somehow unpretentious look, ZEUS surely is a high-end item: you can see that straightaway.

Among handy options are touch activated LED lights, inner drawers, and bronzed mirror for the inner back.

As a matter of fact, 2018 yielded good returns to Bellavista: a number of really impressive items are now displayed in WHAT’S NEW section.

What about a coffee table with metal feet shaped as balls? Unsurprisingly called BALLS, this remarkably-looking table will become a nice addition to a living-room.

Four cast brass balls with antique bronze finish support a tabletop, which is available in eight wood options. They include American walnut and natural oak, as well as stained variants of these attractive woods – from taupe-colored champagne stained oak to almost black moka stained walnut.

Or do you enjoy natural beauty of marble? If yes, a marble coffee table PECHINO is for you.  Made entirely of lovely-looking rosso pechino marble, this piece of furniture looks more like a piece of art! Its only drawback is that it is VERY heavy …

If you spend plenty of time at the desk, it would be reasonable to choose the perfect one. Take a look at PRESIDENT desk from Bellavista Collection – it’s a masterpiece of a desk.

Ten wood options it is available in – ebony, rosewood, grey sukupira, American walnut, natural oak, and five kinds of stained oak and walnut – greatly differ in color. So, you will be able to pick the one that exactly fits into your interior. Brass handles with antique bronze finish and top-quality leather of the top and modesty panel look sophisticated. Definitely, this desk is worthy of a big boss.

2018 is winding down. In the waning days of the year, many of us are thinking about bringing something enjoyable from this year to the year to come. So, why not take to 2019 a really special thing created in 2018, like some gorgeous Italian luxury furniture item from Bellavista Collection?





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