A Superb Hotel Interior Created with Italian Luxury Furniture from Bellavista Collection

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A Superb Hotel Interior Created with Italian Luxury Furniture from Bellavista Collection

Travelling is cool – now we understand it as never before. The global quarantine locked us in our homes, and for some time everything we can recollect our past vacations and dream about places to visit in the future when the quarantine ends. Well, it will end – nothing lasts forever. The tourism industry will come out of hibernation and hordes of travelers will take off, heading to destinations all over the world…

Imagine yourself among them. Fancy booking a ticket to, say, Monaco. You’re getting off the plane, checking in a hotel – say, Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. You decide to enjoy your vacation to the fullest and take the most luxurious suite – Suite Eleven, which occupies the entire top eleventh floor. This suite with a large terrace overlooking the sea is a pearl of this deluxe hotel.

You’re entering the room… and realize that you see something familiar.  But that isn’t déjà vu. You have already seen this beautiful Italian luxury furniture – on the website of Bellavista Collection. Yes, the entire mockup room suite eleven will be furnished mostly with pieces from this brand.

This wonderful suite was designed by Mr. Olivier Antoine, a brilliant Architect, highly recognized for his distinctive style.  Mr. Antoine appreciates timeless beauty rather than changeable trends and likes using natural materials. No wonder that he chose furniture from Bellavista Collection for this project: Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s designer, who created most of the brand’s furniture pieces, has pretty similar views on what a perfect design should be like.

What is more, the suite is decorated in white, blue and a bit of beige – signature colors of the resort – making one instantly think of a sea. By a happy coincidence, these tones also are in line with Bellavista’s last year’s palette of favourite colors.

Lots of Combinations, Numerous Ensembles

Looking at 3D visualizations of this suite, one can’t help admiring how masterfully Bellavista’s furniture pieces are combined. Seemingly separate items easily form ensembles, conjoining smoothly with one another. Here are just a few examples of it.

Take a look at DANTE desk, with AMANDA table lamp on it and MARGOT chair beside – don’t they look superb together? Design of all three items is modest but extremely elegant. No wonder that these pieces are very popular with Bellavista’s customers.

DANTE desk will blend into any interior thanks to as many as eight options of wood available: from fawn-colored champagne stained oak to almost black moka stained oak or walnut. Natural wood seamlessly harmonizes with antique bronze finish of the table’s brass feet and handles. If you wish, you can have its tabletop in top quality belting leather, also available in a number of colors.

MARGOT chair is so comfortable to sit on that it looks at its place either at the desk or beside a dining table. With its upholstery in either fabric or leather and feet made of moka stained beechwood, this chair looks sophisticated indeed. By the way, MARGOT is available in three size options, with the third one 135 centimeters wide (53.2 inches) looking more like a bench.

FILOMENA armchair and OSCAR coffee table make one more perfect match. They go together so well that it seems they were created as an ensemble. It is not so, though – OSCAR is one year younger, so to speak. FILOMENA has been a top seller at Bellavista Collection since April 2018, when it was first showcased a Salone Internazionale del Mobile. This lovely and very cozy armchair is available in either fabric or leather upholstery of a wide range of colors to choose from.

OSCAR coffee table was designed in 2019 and turned heads at 2019 edition of the Salone. Its structure is made of hammered brass with antique bronze finish, and the choice of materials for the top is impressively large. Eleven woods, quality saddle leather, and four kinds of natural marble – choosing just one option will become a tricky task.

And now let’s take a glance at a grand-looking trio: LUNA console, AGATA sconce and MARTA mirror.

LUNA console, with its structure made of antique brass, is by all means a champion when it comes to the number of materials available for its top. You are welcome to choose between sixteen woods and three kinds of marble!

The round mirror named MARTA was designed in 2019. With its thin frame is made of cast brass with antique bronze finish, MARTA looks modest but extremely stylish. Two AGATA sconces hung on both sides of the mirror over LUNA console, conclude the ensemble, making it feel complete. The combination of brass with antique bronze finish of AGATA’s structure with a white frosted glass of its diffuser looks elegant indeed.

In actual fact, every item used for this project has become an inseparable part of the interior. Two custom benches named LINDA were specially designed for this project, but DULCECHINA bench and Batista three-legged all-metal coffee table weren’t – nevertheless, they perfectly mix with the surrounding objects. So do the lighting fixtures from Bellavista Collection. CAROL floor lamp with a handy tray, LORENA table lamp, chandeliers ELECTRA and MADEMOISELLE – all they do harmonize with all the furnishings, creating a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.