A Dream of a Villa Came True with Items from Bellavista Collection

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A Dream of a Villa Came True with Items from Bellavista Collection

As you probably already know, Bellavista Collection regularly co-operates with renowned designers and architects, who use the brand’s pieces in their projects. Bellavista’s furniture, lamps, mirrors, and decorative items could be found in lots of luxurious apartments, mansions, villas, hotels, and restaurants all over the world, from the Middle East to both Americas.

In a special section of the brand’s website named Casa Bellavista Projects, you can see images of the impressive interiors created within some of these projects.

One of the latest ones is a luxurious villa in Tuscany, a picturesque region in central Italy.

The project itself was carried out by Miani Group s.r.l. – a successful firm that unites talented and knowledgeable professionals in the fields of construction and interior design. Being relatively young (founded by Emanuela Miani in 2019), the company can already boast of multiple successful projects. Let’s take a look at the one named “Cetona Property” in the Miani Group’s portfolio.

This exclusive residence came into existence after the total renovation of the building and furnishing of all its interiors from A to Z.

From the Entrance to the Bedroom

A wide variety of pieces from the Bellavista Collection were chosen for this beautiful home.

Just near the entrance, in the hallway, there are three Bellavista items that form a lovely ensemble. BRIGITTA wall paneling with a nice circle pattern, STEWART console table, and LUME wall sconce were smartly combined to create a somehow laconic yet extremely elegant overall look.

This ensemble shows how masterfully Bellavista’s design unveils and highlights the natural beauty of the materials. Polished metal of STEWART (blackened copper with ‘brandy’ finish), wood and fabric of BRIGITTA, hand-blown glass of LUME’s shade – each of these materials has the charm of its own.

Two beautiful pieces of art – a picture on the wall and a statuette of Buddha placed onto the console – enliven the entire space, turning all its elements into an inseparable whole.

The glazed room overlooking Cetona is one of the most impressive rooms in the house. Looking at the photo, you can well imagine what a pleasure it is to admire the view through the huge wall-to-wall window, sitting on the comfortable JOSEPHINE sofa. Well, on one of the two JOSEPHINE sofas, to be precise.

By the way, this sofa has been a bestseller in Bellavista for more than a decade – since 2013.

JOSEPHINE’s base, made of solid Moka stained ashwood, goes extremely well with white fabric upholstery, picked for the project. Well, if you decide to buy this sofa for your home, you’ll have plenty to choose from. The upholstery could be either leather or fabric, each variant coming in a variety of colors. And that’s not to mention four size options: JOSEPHINE could be 180, 220, 260, and 300 centimeters wide (70.9, 86.6, 102.4, and 118.1 inches respectively.) Depending on the width, this sofa is supplied with 2, 3, or 4 back cushions.

Two coffee tables, a round and an oval one, named LEONARDO and FRANCIS, turned out to be a great match for JOSEPHINE. Each of these tables also is a perfect example of how customizable Bellavista’s pieces could be. For example, FRANCIS could be oval, round, or square, with five size options available in total. Besides, there are three attractive finishes for its metal structure to choose from. As to the wood options for its top, the brand offers as many as seventeen of them.

The stylish-looking BUTTERFLY table lamp concludes the ensemble – and provides cozy light in the evenings.

And what about this small yet super-comfy nook, formed by CHARLOTTE armchair and CAROL floor lamp: isn’t it ideal for reading or just relaxing? The light beige upholstery of the armchair perfectly harmonizes with the linen lampshade of the floor lamp, which seems to be cut out for such a place. Its tray is roomy enough to put a book onto it… or a phone, or a notepad, or even a bottle of wine with a glass… Isn’t it awesome?

When it comes to comfort, many people consider a fireplace in the living room an embodiment of coziness, even though very few people use fireplaces for heating nowadays. Cetona Property does have a fireplace: it serves as a focal point in the living room, not to mention the charm of an open fire many of us enjoy so much. Two BOSTON sofas, as well as COURCHEVEL and EROS coffee tables, were picked for this room.

Both sofas are upholstered in the fabric of eye-pleasing fawn color.

All the furniture pieces make up a perfect combination; besides, they go extremely well with such decorative elements as the large painting on the wall over the fireplace, the statuette on the mantelpiece, and the tree branches in the vase.

BUTTERFLY table lamp and TOSCA floor lamp spice up the living-room interior and will serve you whenever you need to light a small area rather than the entire room.

In the bedroom, you can see two elegant CALIFORNIA nightstands with somehow modish-looking LORENA table lamps, placed onto them on both sides of the bed. Such a symmetry looks pretty attractive.

More Grand Projects in the Future

Attilio Zanni, the co-founder of Bellavista Collection, the brilliant all-around designer, and the head of Bellavista’s design department, has long gained a solid reputation in professional circles. For the twelve years that have passed since the brand was first introduced to the public, Mr. Zanni has established close business relationships with lots of talented designers and businesspeople all over the world. Bellavista is always open to cooperation with design studios and individual professionals, which already resulted in a number of really special joint projects.

The brand’s plans for the nearest future include many more remarkable projects to be carried out in cooperation with reputable design firms around the world. So, check Bellavista’s website from time to time for the news and photos of the magnificent interiors, furnished in the inimitable Bellavista style.