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The Magic of Symmetry: Patterns in Bellavista Collection’s Design

Have you ever meditated while gazing at some nice symmetric pattern? If you haven’t, try it – many people find it really relaxing and refreshing. Symmetry itself is beautiful and enigmatic; its appeal is irresistible – maybe that’s why we love patterns so much.

Being a renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture, as well as other items related to interior design, Bellavista Collection has a number of articles with patterns. You can see these ornamental motifs in Bellavista’s furniture pieces, metal curtains, and boiserie.

Patterns in Furniture Pieces: Structure

Let’s take a look at two coffee tables with patterned parts. Design of the first one looks somehow Oriental, particularly Central Asian, and the second one definitely bears Chinese traits. Actually, it’s easy to guess from their names – ALI BABA and MAO.

Small wooden cubes alternating with turned connective details form a fancy pattern in ALI BABA, so sides of this table look ornate indeed. The structure of ALI BABA is made of solid oak, natural or stained, with four differently-colored options available. The top insert of this table is available either in hammered cast brass with antique bronze finish or in marble. In three exquisite kinds of marble, to be precise: Calacatta, Emperador Dark Brown or Striato Grey.

ALI BABA is also available in three sizes. All three options are square and relatively low. One has a top of 44×44 cm (17.3 in.) – this table is 52 cm (20.5 inches) high. Two others are 36 cm (14.2 inches) high, and their tops are 103×103 cm (40.6 in.) and 132×132 cm (52 in.).

The overall appearance of ALI BABA can be described in just two words: oriental splendor. Remember “1001 nights?” Scheherazade could well have been sitting at such a table when telling her tales to king Shahryār.

The console table named MAO also looks luxurious. It was created in 2018 and belongs to Dulcechina collection – a group of 12 items inspired by Chinese design.

MAO is 150 cm (59.1 in.) wide, 37 cm (14.6 in.) deep, and 90 cm 35.5 in. high. Its structure is made of solid oak or walnut, with seven wood options available: three kinds of walnut and four of oak. The base – two crisscrossed metal bars – and the ends of the feet are made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish. When describing MAO, ‘elegance’ is the key word. The table looks increasingly elegant, and so does its patterned top insert is made of Vienna straw.

Patterns in Furniture Pieces: Upholstery Fabrics

Right now, ornamental upholstery is back in vogue. No wonder that Bellavista Collection follows suit and offers a number of furniture pieces with patterned coverings.

If you look through the pictures taken at prestigious trade events, you’ll notice that most of Bellavista’s soft furniture is upholstered in one-color fabrics – white, red, green, and blue. But yet there are really beautiful items with patterned covers in the brand’s inventory.

For example, the trunk bench named CATERINA. It is available both in fabric and leather – well, like most of Bellavista’s upholstered pieces. If you look closely at the fabric, you’ll see that the motif resembles rows of octagons drawn with jagged lines.

Besides, CATERINA provides plenty of storage space. It’s 140 cm (55.1 in.) wide, and its depth and height are the same – 50 cm (19.7 in.). Such a spacious piece will be of good use in any room or kitchen.

MARGOT dining chair is one more example of a furniture piece with patterned upholstery. The pattern is composed of octagons alternating with diamonds.

The feet of this remarkable chair are made of solid moka stained beechwood, so that this dark brown wood goes perfectly well with the light color of the upholstery.

MARGOT is available in three size options, one of which is actually a bench rather than a chair. All three have the same seat height – 47 cm (18.5 inches); the overall height is either 80 or 95 cm (31.5 or 37.4 in. respectively). Two of three options are 46.5 centimeters (18.3 in.) wide, and the third one is as wide as 135 centimeters, or 53.2 inches.

Some of Bellavista’s armchairs also have options with patterned fabric non-removable covers.  Take a look at CHAGALL, a rather compact arm-chair of interesting design. Its round seat, 75 cm (29.5 in.) in diameter, is placed on a swiveling base made of moka stained ashwood. The back is made of metal and padded in belting leather, decorated with matching stitches.  This armchair is rather low – only 61 cm (24 inches), with a seat height of 38 centimeters (14.9 inches).

Options of upholstery material for CHAGALL’s seat and the back cushion include several kinds of leather or fabric, some of the latter – with attractive patterns.

MIRO armchair looks like a smaller brother of CHAGALL: their designs look somehow similar. Similar to CHAGALL, MIRO’s back is in metal, padded in saddle-leather with matching stitches. Its seat is 48.5 cm (19.1 in.) wide and 50.5 cm (19.9) in. deep, so this armchair is ultra-compact but pretty cozy to sit in.  MIRO may be a great choice for smaller rooms; since it is offered in a number of upholstery options, including patterned fabric, customers have a good chance to choose the variant that will seamlessly blend into the existing interior.

One more armchair, GRACE, also has an option upholstered in ornamented fabric. The pattern is really attractive-looking and resembles that of CATERINA.  As for the design, GRACE lives up to its name.

Patterns in Curtains and Boiserie

ERACLE and BRIGITTA boiserie, as well as TRASPARENZE metal curtain from Bellavista Collection are the items whose repetitive parts form gorgeous-looking patterns. Circles of moka stained oak in BRIGITTA, fancy shaped brass details with antique bronze finish in ERACLE, and metal rectangles with black finish in TRASPARENZE look fascinating indeed.

What is more, all three are offered custom sized. If you wish, you can have either of them wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling – just specify the exact size when ordering.

Either TRASPARENZE curtain or ERACLE and BRIGITTA boiserie can well serve as a finishing touch when you want to make your interior environment really special. And, of course, they are a perfect example of how irresistibly charming symmetry could be.

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