The First Jubilee of Bellavista: Plenty to Be Proud of and Boast About

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The First Jubilee of Bellavista: Plenty to Be Proud of and Boast About

2020 is a special year for Bellavista Collection – and no, it is not about the pandemic. In 2020 Bellavista celebrates its first jubilee – 10th anniversary of the brand.

Ten years is a pretty long period, when it comes to the activity of such a dynamic brand as Bellavista Collection.  Just one article is too little to tell the brand’s story even in brief: it will take at least three.  From this article, you’ll learn about achievements, new concepts, challenges, and successes of the brand’s first three years.

2010: Bellavista Collection Brand Comes into Existence

Well, the brand named Bellavista Collection was first introduced to the public in 2010. It happened at Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan Furniture Salon) – the oldest (held annually since 1961), the biggest (with the number of attendees a bit below half a million), and the most prestigious international trade event in furniture making industry.

Bellavista Collection is a brainchild of two brothers – Attilio and Fabrizio Zanni, who virtually put their hearts into this brand. Attilio Zanni, for example, has been designing almost all pieces from Bellavista Collection – from sofas and arm-chairs to lamps, boiserie, and decorative items like panel pictures and statuettes.

It is in 2010 that a collection of furniture pieces was exhibited under this name, so Bellavista brand officially exists since 2010. However, it didn’t just appear from nowhere.

The production facility where Bellavista’s pieces have been made since 2010, has sprouted from Casa Zeta, a family-run Italian custom furniture maker, which exists since 1984. That’s where Zanni brothers had been gaining their experience before launching a brand of their own.  Also, a team of seasoned professionals moved from the mother company to the newly created brand.

Shortly before Bellavista brand was formed, in 2004, Casa Zeta successfully participated in Milan Furniture Salon showcasing pieces designed by Attilio Zanni. It became clear that these items well deserve a brand name – and Bellavista Collection came into existence six years later.

A decade Old but Extremely Popular

By the way, at Bellavista Collection’s website you can see a number of items that date back to 2010, and they are really popular with customers. No wonder: from the very start, Bellavista has been focusing on creating timeless beauty rather than following fashion trends.

PURO sofa looks just as grand as a decade ago, when it was designed. Its dark base made of moka stained ashwood goes extremely well with leather or fabric upholstery (at Salone 2010 two PURO sofas upholstered in white fabric, were showcased). No wonder that this sofa sells pretty well: it is classic-looking in the best sense of this word. Besides, PURO is available in four sizes, so you can pick the one which will blend into your room interior best.

Elegant ELIZABETH console table is one more example of a bestseller created in 2010. Its structure in cast brass with hammered antique bronze finish perfectly harmonizes with the top, available in five equally gorgeous options, including top-quality belting leather (comes in a number of colors) and four species of fine woods: ebony, dark eucalyptus frisè, grey sukupira, and natural sycamore.

Two mirrors – square AIDA and rectangular RIGOLETTO – also remain well-liked since 2010. An optional variant of the former – with crisscrossed engraved lines – looks refined indeed, making this mirror somewhat similar to a panel picture. And the optional metal shelf (three options available) of the latter instantly turns attention. So does its frame, which could be either wooden (five nice-looking wood options) or covered in leather or fabric.


The round coffee table named DARIUS, made of cast aluminum with bronze finish, with a top inset of either hammered antique bronze or Striato Grey marble, turns heads just like it did at Salone del Mobile 2010.

2011: The First Steps to Success

The year 2011 demonstrated that Bellavista Collection brand had every chance to succeed in the highly competitive high-end furniture market. The brand showed rapid growth and enjoyed good demand. So, the first Bellavista’s catalog was published, where all pieces created by that moment were presented.

Most of those items were designed by Attilio Zanni, but some of them were the result of Casa Zeta’s and Bellavista’s cooperation with award-winning foreign architects. For example, a somehow avant-garde looking side table HOLE was designed by Ilan Waisbrod, an extremely talented Israeli-born designer, the founder of Studio GAIA in New York City.

This all-metal cylindrical table with a hole in it, grabs everybody’s attention at once. Among other Bellavista’s pieces ‘born’ in 2011 are GRACE armchair, BONAPARTE coffee table, and AMBROSS – a smart-looking coffee table with a handy removable tray.

2012: Gaining Popularity, Building the Reputation

Salone del Mobile 2012 was special for Bellavista Collection. It was the year when the brand showcased a comprehensive collection united under a particular general idea, rather than displaying separate items, however grand they could be. Bellavista’s exhibitor booth resembled a fully furnished room. Along with furniture, there were other items that add spice to the interior, turning premises into a home – e.g. BRIGITTA and FENICE boiserie.

Ever since then, Bellavista Collection have been perceiving interior as a whole, with all items equally important for creating the inimitable atmosphere of a perfect home, where anybody would be happy to live.

The assortment of brilliantly designed pieces continued to grow, replenishing the assortment of products – and the brand’s reputation grew rapidly, too.

Lots of items, which still are in great demand, were created at Bellavista in 2012. For example, gorgeous-looking PHILIPPE sideboard, with its combination of wood, brass and marble and stylish MESAMAGNA dining table, also with a number of wood options and an optional marble inset.

Actually, all of them are very special; each one well deserves a separate article: BICE chair, ALIBABA coffee table, VELAS chandelier, FLOWER panel picture, TOSCA floor lamp, NISHA bed, MARCANTONIO nightstand…

Along with existing pieces, these ones formed the core of the brand’s assortment of remarkable products, with new ones being added year by year.

(to be continued)