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Create Warm and Cozy Atmosphere with Sconces from Bellavista Collection

When asked to name a favorite season, most people will first think of late spring or summer. It’s quite understandable. Bright blue sky, tender spring flowers, trees in blossom are awesome. Chilling out on the beach is fun many of us are looking forward to every year.

Winter also has lots of fans – everyone who enjoys skiing and snowboarding will confirm it. Crisp snow, speed and wind in your face – isn’t it a pleasure?

And so is a slow walk in a somewhere in a park in autumn, with leaves in all shades of yellow and red, rustling under your feet…

Few people enjoy discreet beauty of late autumn, and it’s a pity. This time between autumn and winter is special indeed.

Imagine walking in some picturesque place, where you are surrounded with trees rather than people.  The weather is getting colder, but it isn’t a problem if you are dressed warmly. It often rains, but it isn’t a problem when you have an umbrella. So, nothing will stop you from enjoying this time on the eve of winter to the full.

After getting home after a long walk, one more pleasure is waiting for you: putting your feet up near a fireplace, or in front of a TV. What you need is your favorite armchair or a sofa to sit on, and a cup or a glass of something to warm you up. And, of course, soft cozy light – from a floor lamp, table lamp or a sconce. Leave bright chandelier light for later. Semi-darkness dim light is so relaxing, don’t you agree?

Or what about a candlelit dinner? Many people say that live light of a candle evoke very special feelings…

Bellavista Collection offers a great number of sources of soft, comfy light, from stylish floor lamps and candle holders to eye-pleasing sconces.

Let’s take a look at just two of them: LED sconces from the newest 2022 collection. Named STILO and OLIVIA, they are extremely diverse, yet equally exquisite.

Two Perfect Lamps for a Rest Corner

STILO will be a great fit for your room if you love simplicity and minimalism, yet value elegance and stylishness. The structure of this sconce, made of cast brass with antique bronze finish, is rectangular. The outline may seem simple, but this impression is deceptive. It is not simplicity – it’s laconism, which is a telling sign of perfection.

Thanks to it, you’ll be able blend this lighting fixture into almost any interior, whatever style you prefer, from classic to high-tech.

As to the dimensions, STILO is high and narrow: it’s 6 x 5.4 centimeters (2.36 x2.2 inches) and 40 centimeters (15.7inches) high.

A LED light (4w), supplied with the sconce, provides enough light for a nook for you to take a quick break and re-energize.

By the way, Bellavista Collection supplies all its lighting fixtures in two voltage options: 220V, if the lamp is intended for European power grid, or 110 V – for customers from the USA. So, make sure you pick the right option when ordering STILO.

One more sconce, named OLIVIA, is available in three variants to choose from. Its structure, made of cast brass, could be covered in either of three finishes, refined by hand: bronzed finish, blackened finish or Olivia polished black finish. All three sconces look elegant indeed. Thanks to their design, they will easily fit into the interior of any room. What is more, these three variants of OLIVIA perfectly harmonize with one another, so using all three of them in the same room seems to be an interesting designer idea.

As to the size, this sconce is 17.6 x 14.1 centimeters (7 x5.6 inches) and 37 centimeters (14.6 inches) high.

Quite like all other lighting fixtures from Bellavista Collection, OLIVIA is available in two variants that fit European (220V) and the USA (110V) power grids. It is not surprising because Bellavista brand supplies its products to all corners of the world. The LED light (5.5w) is included into the standard supply package.

For a Home, a Public Space, and More

Well, a nook in a living room isn’t the only pace where you may want to create a pleasant, relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. There also are lots of public places where people feel like having a quick rest – for example, special zones in business centers, hotels, or restaurants, to name a few.

Bellavista Collection can boast of several well-known architects and interior designers who used the brand’s pieces, including sconces, in their projects. Luxurious apartments and villas, hotels and restaurants now are furnished with Italian luxury furniture and lit with lighting fixtures from Bellavista Collection brand.

Need a lovely sconce that will serve both as a source of cozy light and add zest to your room? Open PRODUCTS section of Bellavista’s website and choose the LIGHTING product category. Here you’ll see that one of the sub-categories is named SCONCES. STILO and OLIVIA are placed at the top, since they are the newest additions to the collection. Scroll down the list a bit – and you’ll find some more grand-looking sconces. What about LUME, with its classic-looking shade, blown by hand? Or IGNIS and AGATA, that somehow resemble an old-fashioned lantern? Or YISHI from the Orient-inspired Dulcechina Collection? Designed in 2018, it became so popular that it is still placed in a separate section of the Bellavista’s website…

The other sub-categories are well worth browsing, by the way – especially CANDLE HOLDERS. The beginning of winter means that very soon we all will be searching for gifts… You surely want your gift to be not just accepted with a smile and ‘Thank you’, but to be enjoyed and often used, don’t you? If yes, a sconce or a candle holder from Bellavista Collection will make a great present for winter holidays. So, it’s a good idea to order your present now, for your loved one to receive it in time. And remember: the Christmas shopping season is in full swing!

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