HAMILTON, ERMES, LOVELY, and TRUMP: Gorgeous Wardrobes from Bellavista Collection

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HAMILTON, ERMES, LOVELY, and TRUMP: Gorgeous Wardrobes from Bellavista Collection

Customers of Bellavista Collection – the brand well-known for its top-quality Italian luxury furniture – are extremely diverse. They are of different nationalities and belong to different confessions; their age also varies greatly. But all these people have one trait in common.

All of them have already fulfilled their dream about getting a home where they are going to live for a long time.

When you are young and move every so often, you don’t care too much about the furniture you have in your temporary home. Students who are living, say, on a campus, usually don’t buy designer furniture. Neither do young adults who haven’t yet settled down. But in everyone’s life there is a moment when a person finds their place to live – and that’s the time to buy a house and choose the best designer furniture for it.

Bellavista’s pieces are too good to leave them behind when moving to another city or country. People who buy such items value beauty no less than durability, because they want their tables, chairs, or wardrobes to last for decades. That’s just the very type of furniture Bellavista brand produces.

What is more, its pieces never go out of style, thanks to the brilliant talent of Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s chief designer and co-founder.

A Dream of a Wardrobe from Bellavista

Let’s imagine that you are one of the people who are furnishing their dream of a home. For your living room, you’ll pick a dream of a sofa with a dream of armchairs and tables. For the bedroom, you’ll be searching for a dream of a bed to sleep on and a dream of a wardrobe to hang your clothes in.

As to beautiful and practical designer wardrobes, you will find them at the Bellavista’s website, in the product category called NIGHT, together with other furniture for bedrooms. This category is split into sub-categories named WARDROBES, BEDS, DRESSERS & NIGHSTANDS, and MAKE UP STATION. Just open WARDROBES sub-category and choose the one you like best.

Want something special? If yes, consider HAMILTON, a free-standing wardrobe that belongs to the most recent – 2020/2021 – collection. Its design, seemingly simple, leaves a strong impression of elegance and harmony.

The structure of HAMILTON is crafted from natural solid wood (Italian poplar), veneered both outside and inside with carbone larch. The outer sides of doors are covered with the finish called ‘Bellavista Nuances’, available in two options – matte lacquered and glossy lacquered.

HAMILTON is 285.5 centimeters wide, 62.5 centimeters deep, and 240 centimeters high (112.4, 24.6, and 94.5 inches respectively). As you see, it’s spacious enough to keep plenty of your clothes, footwear, and various accessories.

What is particularly useful in HAMILTON is that it’s customizable indeed. The standard version has four doors, two wooden shelves (which could be padded inside in linen, if you wish), and two hanging pipes, padded in belting leather. There also is an optional module with three open cubbies and a set of five drawers.  Additional coat hanger tubes and motion activated LED lights are also available.

The handles of the drawer unit (named MAN-05 in the brand’s catalog) bear an engraved hippo – the brand’s mascot.  The motif you can see on the handles chosen for the front doors (MAN-21) reminds of a four-leaf clover. What if this wardrobe brings good luck to its owners?

All metal details in HAMILTON, such as handles, hinges, and metal parts of hanging pipes, are made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish. They are designed in Bellavista and cast in their own foundry. Custom hinges ensure that doors in HAMILTON open at 110 °. As to the drawers, they are very handy thanks to the fully synchronized slide technology and soft-close damping system.

Other wardrobes are gorgeous, too.

If your bedroom isn’t large, consider a pretty compact wardrobe called TRUMP It is 141 cm (55.5 inches) wide and 71 cm. (28 inches) deep.

TRUMP is available in as many as ten veneering options. They include natural and stained oak and walnut (three kinds of walnut, five kinds of oak), as well as ebony and grey sukupira.

The top and bottom panes, inner side panels, and the shelf could be wrapped in white or taupe linen upon request. The door inserts made of prime-quality belting leather that comes in a variety of colors.  Besides, for all its wardrobes, Bellavista offers optional motion-activated LED lighting, which is extremely convenient for a bedroom.

One more piece – LOVELY – is special, because it is a shoe cabinet rather than a wardrobe. LOVELY is rather compact: 100 centimeters wide, 65 centimeters deep, and 205 centimeters high (which is 39.4, 25.6, and 80.7 inches respectively). The veneering options include gorgeous exotic woods such as rosewood, ebony, grey sukupira, as well as seven kinds of natural and stained oak and walnut.

The handles (in Bellavista’s product catalog they are named MAN-14) are made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish. Quite like MAN-05 handles, used for HAMILTON wardrobe, MAN-14 bear an outline of a cute hippopotamus.

Among optional features are motion activated LED lights and a bottom insert for the shelves, made of saddle-leather is of a nice color called ‘Caffè; it’s decorated with matching stitches.

ERMES Easy and ERMES Project wardrobes are pretty similar. They both have base detail in brass and their structure consists of two modular sections.  In HERMES EASY, they are 120 cm. wide, so this wardrobe is 240 x 240 centimeters (94.5 inches), and 65.3 cm (25.7 in.) deep.

Modular sections of ERMES PROJECT wary in width: they could be 90 cm (35.4 inches) or 120 cm (47.2 in) wide. Both are 61 cm (24 in) deep. As you see, both ERMES wardrobes are quite spacious. For both ERMES wardrobes, optional motion-activated LED lights, mirrors, and drawer units are offered.

All in all, whatever wardrobe you pick, you can be sure it will be a perfect fit for your bedroom – thanks to their superb design, quality natural materials, and golden hands of Bellavista’s craftsmen.



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