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Furniture and Lighting: Two Parts of a Whole

Furnishing a room is not all about furniture – even people whose vocation is far from interior design will agree with it. A perfectly furnished home includes a number of other characteristics, and well-though-out lighting is one of the most important ones.

To begin with, lighting a room properly doesn’t mean lighting it brightly. Generally speaking, too bright lighting is just as bad as poor: along with harming your eyesight, it increases your electricity bill for nothing.

It means that when you think what lighting fixtures to pick for your room, you should consider the purpose of this room in the first place. A larger room is more likely to need more than one light source – for example, a living room will require a combination of overhead lighting (e.g. a chandelier) and task lighting (i.e. lighting fixtures that highlight particular areas, e.g. sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps).

You will find a good selection of all these lighting fixtures at Bellavista Collection’s website. Although this brand specializes mostly in Italian luxury furniture, it offers a lot of items no interior can do without decorative pieces, boiserie, mirrors, and, of course, a variety of stylish designer lamps.

Fashionable chandeliers, lovely sconces, elegant but functional table and floor lamps, as well as candle holders for a romantic candlelit dinner – all these pieces are waiting for you at Bellavista’s website, in a separate product category called LIGHTING.

Pendant Luminaires for Your Ceiling 

LIGHTING product category includes a number of sub-categories, one of which is CHANDELIERS. As it is easy to guess, this sub-category contains pendant lighting fixtures. If you sort the articles in this sub-category by popularity, the first will be CHAO-LI, a nice-looking pendant lamp designed in 2019.

Its structure is made of brass with antique bronze finish (the most commonly used material for metal details in Bellavista, by the way). What makes this lamp special is its lampshade, made of maple wood (you can choose between natural or moka stained maple) with inserts of Vienna straw. This lamp fits best for ceilings from 2.70 to 3.20 meters high. With its cylindrical lampshade 45 cm high (17.7 inches) and 37.3 cm (14.8 in.) in diameter, CHAO-LI is rather compact. So, it will be well suited for a dining room or a smaller living room.

The same is true for ELECTRA, a lovely suspended luminaire with a fabric lampshade. You can choose both the material of the lampshade (polyester or linen) and its color (white, beige, or grey).

Or… what would you say of a shade made of perforated metal? OLYMPIA ceiling lamp looks modern and elegant with its perforated antique bronze lampshade and opaline glass diffuser.

If you love designs with a touch of high-tech and your room is large enough, you’ll surely appreciate VELAS. This modern-looking chandelier is really massive: the structure made of matte black nickel is 180 x 36 x 90 cm. (70.9 x 14.2 x 35.4 in.). LED lights placed in five vases of satin glass or clear glass serve as light sources.

Want a chandelier that will instantly grab everybody’s attention? Take a look at PEOPLE. This pending lamp is decorated with small cast brass statuettes with antique bronze finish, which depict different people: two standing girls, a young man sitting on the edge of the base, an old man walking with his dog… Such a chandelier simply has no chance of going unnoticed. Besides, it’s available in three size options.

 Cozy Spots of Light: Lamps for Task Lighting

In fact, PEOPLE isn’t the only lamp from Bellavista Collection with nice-looking brass figures, making it look like a work of modern art.  A table lamp named 4STAGIONI is also decorated with small statuettes, depicting four beautiful naked women.  Most likely, they symbolize four seasons of the year: the word “stagioni” means “seasons” in Italian.

Floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces from Bellavista are very beautiful, extremely diverse, and very popular with customers. Such lighting fixtures are indispensable at home, especially in living rooms and bedrooms: they highlight particular areas, such as an armchair where you read or a table you play games at. Also, with these lamps and sconces, any room feels really comfy.

Lamps with Dimmers for Coziness and Relaxation

Nowadays, many people prefer lighting fixtures equipped with dimmers – special devices that adjust brightness of electric light. No wonder that a good share of Bellavista’s lamps designed in 2019 have dimmers. For example, floor lamps named ADALPINA and FAROLITO both have two-way power switches with dimmers. Both lamps were showcased at the last edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile and became bestsellers shortly after the event.

It’s quite understandable: in addition to elegant design and high quality, these floor lamps are very practical. A handy tray makes each of these lamps a great choice for, say, a reading corner. Place it near your armchair – and you will never wonder where to place a cup of coffee, a notepad with a pen, or a cell phone.  If you are tired so much that everything you want is to sit back and get some rest, the dimmer will come in handy: cozy dim light will help you relax and quickly restore your vigor.

All in all, any lighting fixture is much more than a source of light. It is an equal member of the ensemble; well-chosen lamps make design of the room feel complete. Bellavista Collection knows it well. At each edition of iSaloni, Bellavista’s exhibitor booth resembles a real home, furnished from A to Z with remarkable pieces from this brand. And each time lighting fixtures from Bellavista Collection perfectly blend in the luxurious interior, re-created in the brand’s booth.

It’s still unknown what lamps you will soon see at the upcoming edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile: Bellavista’s future exhibits are traditionally kept in secret before the event. The only thing we can be sure about is that these lamps will definitely be well-designed, made of quality materials and just beautiful.

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